Allergic Diaper Rash

Understanding Your Baby’s Allergic Reaction Diaper Rash

Is your baby struggling with a diaper rash that comes and goes? While most diaper rashes are caused by friction, prolonged exposure to moisture, or even yeast infections, some diaper rashes may be caused by an allergic reaction. There could be a variety of allergens causing your baby’s rash, but irritating cleansers and food sensitivities are among the most common. Allergic diaper rash symptoms are very similar to those of other rashes, making it difficult to determine the cause of the rash. Read on to learn more about possible allergic reactions that cause diaper rashes, symptoms, and how to help relieve your baby’s rash.

What Does An Allergic Diaper Rash Look Like?

Allergic diaper rash symptoms are very similar to the more common contact diaper rash. To see if your baby’s rash is caused by an allergic reaction, look for the following symptoms:

  • Spotty red skin near the diaper region
  • Peeling skin
  • Tenderness to the touch
  • Redness surrounding the anus and/or mouth
  • An increase in diarrhea and/or irregular bowel movements

Can Food Allergies Cause A Diaper Rash?

As your baby grows up and his or her diet changes, it is completely normal to see a change in their bowel movements. Some children transition to solid foods without missing a beat, while others struggle with some food sensitivities.  Food sensitivities and allergies can cause irritations for your baby’s bottom. Here are the things you may consider changing if your baby is experiencing diaper rashes caused by food sensitivities/allergies:

Avoid Acidic Foods

Acidic foods like citrus fruits, juices, tart/sour treats, tomatoes, and others can cause diarrhea or irritating bowel movements for young children.  If your baby’s diaper rash comes and goes, these foods may be causing their diaper rash. Look for redness surrounding the bottom, anus, and upper legs, as well as redness surrounding the mouth.  If this redness persists, cutting acidic foods out of your baby’s diet may reduce or relieve the diaper rash.

See if you can come up with a list of suspected allergens.  You may wish to limit these one by one to determine which one(s) are affecting your child, so you do not have to limit your baby’s diet more than necessary.

Allergens In Breast Milk

Sometimes babies can have a food allergy/sensitivity to foods that are part of their mother’s diet passed on through breast feeding.  If this is the case, these foods commonly include dairy , eggs, nuts, soy, wheat, and others. If your baby hasn’t transitioned to solid foods, but still struggles with a persistent diaper rash, removing these foods from your diet may reduce your child’s symptoms.  For more information about which foods could be causing your child’s diaper rash, contact your pediatrician.

Other Causes Of Allergic Diaper Rashes

While food allergies may be causing your baby’s allergic reaction diaper rash, they shouldn’t be your only consideration. Contact allergies to the following items may also be irritating your baby’s skin:

  • Disposable diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Cleansing products, soaps, and bubble bath
  • Lotions, moisturizers, and/or ointments
  • Medications

What To Do If Your Baby Has An Allergic Reaction Diaper Rash

Determining the cause of your child’s diaper rash may require some good detective work!

Start With Healthy Diaper Habits – Before worrying about allergies or allergic reactions, we recommend treating your baby’s diaper rash with a foundation of healthy diaper habits. Change diapers as soon as possible, keep your baby’s bottom clean, and allow for daily diaper-free time.  Use Triple Paste regularly to help keep your baby’s bottom happy.

Try Different Baby Skincare Products – Many allergic reaction diaper rashes are caused or worsened by skincare products or disposable diapers irritating your baby’s skin.  Once you’ve established healthy diaper habits, start testing the products that come in contact with your baby’s bottom. Changing the cleaning wipes, baby soap, disposable diapers, or other products that you use may help relieve the rash.  We offer an assortment of skincare products specially formulated for sensitive skin, such as Triple Wash and Triple Soap.

Look For Food Allergies/Sensitivities – If all else fails, look for allergens in either your diet or in your baby’s diet that may be causing or worsening the irritation.  Pediatricians and Dermatologists can help you identify your child’s food sensitivities.

Treating Your Baby’s Allergic Reaction Diaper Rash

At Summers Laboratories, we’re committed to providing parents with gentle, effective skin care products for the whole family.

With a variety of baby skin care products available, ranging from soaps to diaper rash ointments to products made for sensitive skin, we can help you gently and effectively relieve your baby’s diaper rash symptoms and protect their sensitive skin.