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Rezamid Acne Lotion

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Rezamid is a premium, medicated acne lotion combined with a tint-adjustable, water-based makeup. While preventing breakouts, Rezamid quickly dries, heals, and conceals. More

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The process of healing and preventing acne can make it difficult to feel confident in your own skin. Many make-up products trap dirt, oil and contribute other pore-clogging irritants, making it hard for the skin to heal and causing further breakouts. With Rezamid Acne Lotion, it’s possible to cover pimples while simultaneously healing them. Rezamid is a medicated cover-up that actually makes a difference by concealing AND healing acne. Its premium cosmetic formulation gives a smooth and even appearance. With its active ingredients of 5% sulfur and 2% resorcinol, Rezamid is a gentle pustular acne-fighting medication that’s safe and effective.

Luxurious Cosmetic Base That Hides Acne Lesions

Rezamid provides the powerful combination of strength and coverage that you need and deserve.  Its Color Matcher™ liquid tint was created especially to match your individual skin tone.  Rezamid conceals with elegance while delivering effective, active ingredients to dry and clear acne pimples.

An Excellent Alternative to Benzoyl Peroxide Medications

Rezamid is gentle and is recommended for patients sensitive or allergic to benzoyl peroxide. Rezamid will not discolor fabrics like shirts, pillowcases, and sheets like benzoyl peroxide, making it an ideal treatment for back, chest, and shoulder acne without the concern for bleaching.

More than Just a Cover Up – Dries & Clears Acne Lesions

Rezamid contains 5% sulfur and 2% resorcinol, combined to reduce the number of pustules and pimples and allow the skin to heal. Rezamid is our most powerful acne medication and a welcome alternative for adults still plagued by acne. It’s hard on pimples and soft on skin while providing complete coverage.

Which Acne Product Should I Choose?

Liquimat: Primarily a make-up with acne medication.

Rezamid: A stronger acne medication, but also a makeup.

Both Liquimat and Rezamid are tint-adjustable so you can make it match your skin tone!


With Rezamid, it’s possible to cover pimples while simultaneously healing them.

  1. Clean your skin thoroughly before applying Rezamid.
  2. Shake product well before using.
  3. Cover the entire affected area with a thin layer of Rezamid 1 to 3 times a day. Start with one and then gradually increase if needed to avoid excessive drying of the skin.
  4. If dryness or peeling occurs, reduce application to once a day or every other day.


Active Ingredients

Sulfur 5%
Resorcinol 2%

Inactive Ingredient

water, SD-40 alcohol 28%, zinc oxide talc, titanium dioxide, propylene glycol, attpulgite, lauramide DEA, iron oxides, sodium bisulfite, PEG-8 laurate, parachlorometaxylenol, hydroxyethylcellulose, codium chloride, sodium polynapthalene sulfonate, EDTA, methyl paraben, xanthuan gum, utylparaben, fragrance, simethicone.

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  1. Lola

    The only product I have found that dries my pimples and blends in with my skin tone