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Liquimat Medium

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For treatment of Acne

Liquimat is a tint-adjustable, water-based makeup combined with a premium, medicated acne lotion. Liquimat helps to keep you looking good while simultaneously being an acne fighting foundation. More

Size 1.5 oz

An Acne Fighting Foundation

Liquimat is the medicated makeup that makes a difference. Most makeup does nothing for your skin. In fact, some makeup may actually cause acne.  Liquimat is a water-based, oil-free acne fighting foundation that treats acne with 4% sulfur while helping you look your best.

Does Your Makeup Work for You?

Is your makeup part of your acne treatment, or is it part of the problem?  At best, your makeup is non-comedogenic (doesn’t cause acne).  At worst, your makeup may be responsible for some or many of your pimples.  Liquimat works hard to heal current pimples and prevent new ones.  Liquimat is water-based, oil-free, and tint adjustable to match your skin tone.

Looking Good is Easy with Liquimat!

Liquimat is a quality makeup and hard-working acne fighting foundation all in one product.  The active agent in Liquimat is 4% sulfur, a gentle yet effective acne fighting medication.  It is so gentle that it is recommended for patients who are sensitive or allergic to benzoyl peroxide.

Liquimat: Color-Matched Makeup that Heals Your Skin Behind the Scenes

Liquimat includes Color Matcher™, a concentrated, liquid tint created to match your individual skin tone.  Add a few drops of Color Matcher to Liquimat to create a slightly darker shade.  Add several more drops to make the shade even darker.

To look better now and later, replace your non-medicated makeup with Liquimat!  Not only is it a wonderful cover-up for acne, it also works to heal and prevent acne from occurring later.

Choosing an Acne Product

Liquimat: Primarily a makeup with acne medication.

Rezamid: A stronger acne medication, but also a makeup.

Both Liquimat and Rezamid are tint-adjustable so you can make it match your skin tone!

Applying Liquimat

After cleansing your skin thoroughly with a gentle cleanser, apply a thin layer of  Liquimat to the affected area 1 to 3 times daily. Use up to 3 times daily or as directed by your doctor. If dryness or peeling occurs, reduce the frequency of application to once a day or every other day.


Active Ingredients:

4% Sulfur

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  1. Jamiej

    I love that I can wear it as a primer and it has some coverage.

  2. TJ123

    Came quicker than I thought and works just as good as it did years ago thanks for not changing the thing. Kind of pricey though.

  3. Sunshine

    Been using for years!
    It’s gotten more expensive, but will last for a long time.
    I use on spot-on break outs and it dries them till gone

  4. Judy111

    I have used this product for approximately 40 years. I like that you can choose the color depth you want. One can be used for summer and one can be used for winter. It covers nicely without feeling you have a heavy coat on. It has a drying effect.

  5. Lori18

    I’ve applied this for a couple of days. Haven’t noticed any new breakouts after wearing, so far. I do notice that it rubs off easily. Today I used a “sealer” spray after applying makeup. I also used a makeup brush to apply. I find it lays it on kinda heavy. I’m 50 years old and have oily skin with hormonal acne around my chin,cheeks, jaw line and neck. I hope this stuff helps with that.

  6. Sad Jack

    I have used Liquimat in the Light shade for many years. Recently the light shade was no longer available. As the Medium shade is too dark for me, I will no longer be able to wear Liquimat. I wish Summer Labs offered an additive I could use to lighten to make the Medium shade lighter, but I was told, when I called, that there is no way to lighten the Medium shade. It’s an excellent product, but no longer works for me.