Keralyt 5 Gel Psoriasis Medication


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Beta-hydroxy acid exfoliating gel is formulated to help improve the appearance of scaling and roughness associated with moderate to severe skin conditions such as Plaque Psoriasis. Applicator tip provides accurate coverage for scalp or body.

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Remove thick, dry patches with this exfoliating treatment. This unique non-prescription Beta Hydroxy Acid exfoliating Gel (5% salicylic acid) helps exfoliate thick crusted scales, plaques and hyperkeratotic skin. Use it alone or with Keralyt®5 Shampoo as a full program to leave skin and scalp noticeably smoother. Applicator tip provides accurate coverage for scalp or body.


For the scalp:

Apply directly to affected areas of the scalp and wash off with Keralyt 5 Shampoo or warm water after 10 to 20 minutes. As treatment progresses or if directed by your doctor, the formula can be left on for up to one hour. Avoid contact with normal skin or hair. Use daily until your scalp improves, then once or twice weekly or as needed.

For rough or scaly skin:

Apply the gel directly to affected areas one to four times daily or as directed by your doctor.


Propylene glycol, SD-40 alcohol (21%), water, salicylic acid, hydropropylcellulose.


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60 g

14 reviews for Keralyt 5 Gel Psoriasis Medication

  1. liza

    Product seems to help a little bit, but it is very hard to get out of the bottle, and the bottle is small for the price. I would like to have more product in the container, and also make it easier to get the product out of the container! I have resorted to storing it upside down, because it is so hard to get out….

  2. PeterH

    My dermatologist had prescribed this at the 6% strength. Using it only about 4 times a week after showering helped significantly. It would probably be a lot more effective if I used it twice daily as recommended. The Rx strength went off formulary and costs about $100 for a 30g tube. The 5% is much cheaper, and just as effective.

  3. Patricia

    My only reason for giving a 3 star rating is because of the bottle. I like the product, but if I have difficulty getting the gel out, that’s a problem. I was told by one of your customer service people to turn it upside side. That’s a little difficult since the bottle has a pointed top. A remedy might be to keep the box. Seriously though, this is a problem.

  4. ageless

    My doctor suggested I use this along with my prescription cream. It is worth the extra step. My skin is much clearer

  5. pari

    About 20 years ago I experienced serious skin cracking on the soles of my feet. My dermatologist wrote a prescription for Keralyte gel and the cracking ended. I have used it daily ever since and had no more cracking problems.

  6. KayKay

    I’m a regular user of this product. I put it on at night and leave on as I sleep. By the morning, any bumps are gone.

  7. cmrwi

    Recommended by my dermatologist and within 20 days of daily use, my scalp psoriasis was gone

  8. John Rotella (verified owner)

  9. Sandra P. (verified owner)

    It really works for scalp psoriasis

  10. Robert Moses (verified owner)

  11. Virginia Caracappa (verified owner)

  12. Nancy (verified owner)

    Sorry. Does not work for me😕

  13. Glen Jackson (verified owner)

  14. Clyde Hopkins (verified owner)

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