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Acetyl Mandelic Acid solution works by binding the corneocyte cells in your nails and making the nail plate harder. The harder nail plate will help prevent brittle nails, chipping, peeling, and other cosmetic problems of the nail. This is not a lacquer to only protect, the acetyl mandelic acid conditions the nail throughout for better results. Use alone or with Cutemol® Emollient Cream (packaged with trial size Cutemol® Cream sample) to hydrate the nail and cuticle.

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Your secret solution for nail problems!
Created by leading dermatologists to help with common cosmetic nail problems including chipping, cracking, peeling, splitting, breaking, brittle, thin, or weak nails associated with a variety of conditions. DermaNail’s patented formula improves the cosmetic appearance of their nails.

Benefits of DermaNail

  • Helps control chipping, cracking, peeling, splitting, breaking, brittle, thin, or weak nails
  • Improves appearance and growth of nails
  • Dermatologist approved

DermaNail Before & After Treatment Photos

How to Apply DermaNail


Step 1   Apply a few drops of DermaNail to the base of your nails, allowing it to be absorbed where the nail grows out from the cuticle.

Step 2   Moisturize your cuticles with Cutemol Emollient Cream. A free sample is included with every purchase!



Isopropyl Alcohol (82%), Butylene Glycol, and Acetyl Mandelic Acid

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176 reviews for DermaNail

  1. Cjde09

    I bought this product after reading a review on a blog and I was skeptical as my nail has been like this for years. But wow – after 8 weeks what a difference! I’m not self conscious about it any more and it’s worth sticking with it for the duration.
    Thank you!

  2. Tmoreiko

    I have been buying Derma Nail for several years now. It has cured my peeling nails, even my thumbs which were constantly peeling as soon as there was any nail growth. It is supremely easy to use and I especially love that you can still use it if you are wearing nail polish. I also really appreciated that the information from the company was realistic and not overly dramatic. It does require consistent use over several months to cure peeling nails – for me. I suspect it is because that time is required to grow out the peeled nails.

  3. Patsy

    I had a nail on my thumb that had split vertically and would not heal or mend no matter what I tried to fix it. I showed it to my dermatologist at my next visit, and he actually recommended Derma Nail. I didn’t find it at my pharmacy, but searched online and ordered it. I was skeptical at first, but diligently followed the directions to give it a chance. Well, was I ever surprised when my nail finally started to heal. I was so happy that I actually recommended it to a friend who had the same problem I had. I would highly recommend this product. You should follow the directions and have the same results I did. You won’t be disappointed! I now maintain my nails with this product. I think it’s great!

  4. Belt4

    I purchased this product six months ago and I have used it everyday. I have definitely seen a change in the condition of my nails.

  5. CentCJ

    My nails took a nosedive within the past year that has been turned around with DermaNail! They were cracking, peeling, had ridges and nearly crumbled on contact. I’m not sure what the source of the problem is (medication, declining estrogen, not enough positive feedback) but I had tried changing back to the more-expensive and effective Cooper Complete Dermatologic Health (love this) from other vitamin brands and a two-step program from one of the “leading” nail polish vendors. It turns out the nail polish vendor brush-on product was part of the problem as it was peeling off and taking the strength of my nail with it. I’ve been using DermaNail for 2 months and have nails again.

  6. Andrea

    My nails used to bend backwards all the time. But that stopped using dermanail. It took several months to notice a difference, and when I’m lazy for a few weeks about applying it twice daily, my nails start bending again.It takes me about 9-10 months to finish a bottle. The applicator picks up way too much product, so I wipe it on the neck of the bottle before applying it.A little tube of cutemol cuticle cream comes with each bottle. That stuff is impressive, but too strongly scented so I give it to a friend. I use my regular cuticle cream instead.

  7. Hoopybunny

    I’m 63 and was having trouble growing my nails. But not anymore!!! Look at these beauties! They still have ridges but am hoping the longer I use dermanail, the more the ridges will grow out. Love from Canada!

  8. No More Painful Nails

    For those of us who really suffer with peeling, cracked, and splitting nails — mine were painful ALL THE TIME! — despite spending our wasting several fortunes on other always-inferior products, including all sorts of orally-taken nail supplements, be assured: DermaNail is fantastic!It goes on almost like water and instantly lays down — and keeps down! — severe peeling, while repairing and preventing cracking and splitting.I follow DermaNail applications with (stupendous) Cutemol, to moisturize my nails and cuticles, as it affords flexibility and acts an essential barrier against the elements.I’m convinced, there’s NO cure but this cure, and I’m a licensed manicurist, so I’m ultimately serious about my comments on these Summer Labs sublime products.Thank you, Summer Labs, thank you!!

  9. BeautyAddict

    I had been using a hair/skin/nail vitamin for about 8 months but my nails continued to break and peel and were like paper and my finger tips even hurt so I went to a dermatologist 6 months ago and she said that DermaNail might help me. I used it every single day both in the morning and before bed following with Cutemol. Now, it is nearly 6 months later and I can say that my nails (all but one!) are in the best condition ever, so much harder and growing plus they don’t hurt now. The persistence of using this product has really paid off and I’ll continue using it. I also have continued using vitamins which may or may not be helping but hey, I have positive results.

  10. herself4455

    This product was recommended by my dermatologist, years ago. I have NEVER had strong or long nails. They were thin, flaked or broke easily and NOTHING worked. The nail polishes and removers made things worse.
    I have been extremely satisfied with this product. It is NOT a quick fix but more of a permanent solution when used regularly. I’m a nurse; hand washing is an ongoing situation through out the day. THIS PRODUCT WORKS. I have shared it with friends several times. Don’t stop making it. Price is deceptive as the product lasts for 2-3 months when used as directed. worth every penny.

  11. Yolanda

    I bugth since tree years ago, and use once a day, I habe dry, wick and broken nails, and had a good develop with your product. Derma Nail Conditioner and Cutemol skin cream. I tell to my friends that must use it.

  12. Happy nails

    This product healed my nails. However, w a couple of my nails it took a year! My other nails healed w/ two containers. So I was determined to heal the other two. I figured out w both these nails my cuticle was grown over the nail and when I removed them it helped. I also included biotin as well. I’m a post menopausal woman who had destroyed nail beds from acrylic nails. From destroyed nails to now to healthy nails. Don’t hesitate to use this product!

  13. MW96813

    I have damage in one of my cuticle beds which causes the nail to split vertically up the middle of my thumb. When the nail grows out it often snags on my clothes and looks very unattractive. I’ve seen a dermatologist who said there is no ultimate fix for this, but he did recommend DermaNail to help keep it under control. It really does work. When I use it consistently, the nail does not split at all. It’s wonderful. When I use it on my other fingernails, I can tell they get stronger and healthier also. I love this product.

  14. AutumnGrove37

    I have very soft nails, my family doctor said there is nothing deficient in my diet and nothing to be done about my nails – that is just the way they are, along with my thin fragile skin. Then, about 5 years ago, I saw a brochure in my dermatologist’s office for DermaNail and decided to order the Nail Conditioner and Cutemol, although the doctor wouldn’t tell me that it would help. It worked! It took almost a year, but finally my nails got a little better and they have kept getting better. I still don’t have fantastic nails, but they look nice now, and I can get manicures. Before, they were always broken off so deeply that I didn’t want anything to draw attention to them, now I love getting color on them. I recommend it highly, but be prepared to wait for about 6 months if you have really soft nails. I still have to use it and am so happy that it is available!

  15. veryvancouvert

    I have been using DermaNail for several months. I have healthy strong nails now. I will never stop using it. It even works with nail polish. Thanks Summers Lab.

  16. Susan age 67

    My dermatologist recommended DermaNail. I used it daily as directed as well as taking biotin supplements. Biotin alone had done nothing in the past 24 months. In less than 60 days, the persistent lengthwise split is gone. I did protect the nail with bandaids while using the easy treatment. Wish I had taken before and after photos. Will not hesitate to purchase again to maintain. Used it on every fingernail even though only one had the annoying split. They all appear healthy & I’m very happy !

  17. Gnimma

    For many years I’ve used every nail product I could find with zero results! My nails were always weak and brittle, and split in layers. I tried acrylic nails and loved how elegant my hands looked compared to my usual pitiful nails, but anyone who has had acrylics knows about the down-side. Then, I found a brochure about DermaNail in a dermatologist’s office & decided to try it. After all, I’ve tried everything else, what can it hurt? Well, according to the packaging, you won’t see discernible results for several months and this was the case, but even early on, I noticed my index fingernails seemed stronger. (Those were my weakest nails). After about 3 months, I could see such improvement that I felt I could be a hand model! This is an amazing product & I heartily recommend it to any one who can sing my same sad song.

  18. Juls

    I bought this about 5 months ago, finally I am getting the results that I wanted. It is working fine

  19. SusieQ

    I have been using it for about 3 months, and it has not done anything for me. So disappointed.

  20. Impertets

    When I’m really diligent and using it twice a day (and moisturizing like crazy), my nails will be fantastic a few months down the road from when I started (it’s not a quick fix). And if I slack off (but still moisturize like crazy, as always!) they go back to breaking and being terrible again. So I will definitely be using it consistently now after going on/off a couple of times and noticing the same pattern. The bottle lasts a long time, about 6 months. I started up again a few weeks ago and I’ll try to remember to post a before and after.

  21. PenPen

    I spent many years in the nail salon having my nails done because of the poor condition of them. Nail salons are now a part of my past. My nails now grow rapidly. They do not split nor crack at all. I owe the fabulous condition of my
    nails to Derma Nail. I now look at my nails and smile to myself. I do not even
    have to use polish to enhance their beauty.

  22. Diane

    This stuff really works! As everyone else has said, it takes a while. For me, the full effect occured after 3-4 months. But it was well worth it. My nails were starting to get flaky and soft. In addition, I had a verticle split that was getting worse with time. My nails are now strong and I can keep them long as a want without any breaking or splitting.

  23. LongIslandShopper

    DurmaNail does wonders for my nails which have a tendency to break, crack, peel. However, unless I follow the directions to use twice a day, the product is not as effective. Also, once my nails finally look good again, I have to keep using the product or my nails go back to their original horrible state.

  24. Barbara1602R

    My dermatologist recommended Dermanail and I’ve been using it twice daily for over 10 years. It completely eliminates the deep horizontal ridges on my thumbnails. I’ve discontinued usage for a few wks at a time and the ridges come right back. I’ve tried other products, but nothing works like Dermanail!

  25. Handwashing NP

    I have been using DermaNail and Cutemol for over one year now. I have had problems with my nails (formerly beautiful) since starting nursing school over 16 years ago. All that hand washing/alcohol just destroyed my nails. I tried EVERYTHING. Vicks, antifungals, vinegar, gentian violet…. NOTHING worked. My dermatologist diagnosed “distal subungul onychiolysis” which is just descriptive of my distal nails separating from the nail bed. It was painful, too! Using DermaNail and Cutemol over the last year has improved my nails to the point that I am no longer ashamed to show my hands/nails. What a relief!My nails are not perfect (yet) … I plan on continuing use for at least another year. I won’t be without these products. I wish I had before and after pics.

  26. alvesgw

    I first tried this 9 years ago, and after about 4 months of use, got thick, strong nails for the first time in my life. But I couldn’t continue using it while living overseas. When I returned to the US a few years ago, I started using it again, but absolutely no results.

  27. Frglvr

    My Dermatologist recommended this product to me when he noticed my nails had ridges. I am currently taking Chemo meds and my nails have really suffered. This product is saving my nails. The ridges are gone and my nails are growing. Life saver!

  28. Star

    It will be 16 weeks on the 27th of July that I have been using DermaNail, it has helped my nails a little, I expected my nails to grow stronger but no, they hardly grow at all and my nails seem to be fading away. They are just a little better.

  29. Choose Jesus

    I’ve been using the dermanail for a month now, and I can see a great improvement in my nails. Before dermanail when my nail would get any growth on it, the top layer would always split from the bottom layer. Making my nail so thin that I had to keep them cut off short down to the pink part of my nail. Now they are growing without splitting into layers, still not 100% back to normal, but what an improvement in only a months time, can’t wait to see
    how much more they improve in 8 to 16 weeks.

  30. AlyseLm

    Before DermaNail, the nails on two of my fingers kept splitting and cracking. I tried everything my friends and I could think of. Finally I found a little brochure about DermaNail at my dermatologist’s office. I decided to try it. I used it all over my nails instead of just the cuticle area. Within two weeks, no more splitting and cracking. That was three years ago. I just put it on once a month to maintain it. This is the best product for dry cracked nails I have ever found.

  31. CarolineK

    I ordered this at the start of the year. The nails on my thumbs and first fingers have always been soft and flaky. They also get splits just below the “crescent” whenever the nail gets to even minimal length. I was very disciplined in applying DermaNail before bed and one other time in the day, every day for 6 weeks. And guess what … all my nails are stronger, have a slight sheen they never had. As for my thumb and first finger nails … it is now the first week of March, and I have continued applying once a day, and so far, not one of the four nails has flaked or split. This is amazing in it’s own right, but I have been doing house renovations the last four weeks, and the nails have survived this, including scratching as paint spots. I am very, very pleased with the results. Now I just need to remember to manicure these new found nails!

  32. Hsubydoo

    I’ve been using this for 3 weeks (shooting for twice a day but many days just getting one app in) and I’m amazed by the results. I’m not typically one to really notice beauty results but my nails were stronger in the first week. I’m not sure that is possible since I thought this affects the nail bed and would need for the nail to grow out.
    Anyway, I’m sold and planning to give some to my friend who also has a nail splitting problem.

  33. Wiggy

    My ring finger nail has a ridge down the middle and will eventually split down the middle on growing. I was told nothing would help until my friend told me about DermaNail that had been recommended to her by her dermatologist. The rest is history. I still can’t grow a long nail, but I CAN grow decent nails. BUT you MUST use it daily ALL the time! I have been using DermaNail now about 25 yr. And I have my own nails.

  34. Biedronka

    I bought this a months ago. I start use it right away and after month and a half I was pleased of appearing my nails. They got brighter and stronger. I need to wait about 8-10 weeks to see the full result. Wort it! My nails got great, hard without splits and breaks. I highly recommended this products. I used tons of others products for nails and I do not have such a results! Bay it !This is the best product in the market.

  35. lindav

    I stopped getting my nails done a couple yeas ago because nothing would work – gels, etc. I found out about DermaNail and started using it. It said it would take up to 16 weeks to see results and I started seeing results in 8 weeks. I had 2 nails in particular that just wouldn’t grow without splitting. The splitting stopped – I didn’t think I would ever have nice looking nails again. I recommend this product to everyone!

  36. suesox

    My dermatologist recommended DermaNail and made sure I knew that it takes a few weeks to see improvements. I’ve been applying it regularly, and my nails have definitely gotten stronger. Things didn’t start out too well for me, but that’s because I knocked over the bottle the night I opened it and spilled half of it. That was upsetting, but even the half bottle I was left with was worth the money. I will be reordering.

  37. GRuss

    I have used this for many years originally on recommendation from my dermatologist and while my nails have lots of old-age ridges, they never break or chip or peel. It goes on quickly, colorless and odorless and I believe it is the only product of its kind. The cream included with it is also great for moisturizing and protecting nails, and some people I know buy large tubes of that and use it on their hands.

  38. Ruthie03

    I’ve been using this product for a month now and do see some results. The nails are still splitting and cracking but not as much as before. They are actually getting better and longer but not to the point that I can cut them . They are still splitting and cracking there. But I will continue to use the two products together and look forward to having a better nails that I can cut, file and polish again!!

  39. GLORIA

    Upon the recommendation of my dermatologist, I’ve been using DermaNail for several years, and long ago it totally eliminated horizontal ridges I was getting on my nails. I never get those ridges anymore, and at this point I only apply it before bedtime. I wish there was something, though, to eliminate vertical lines, or flaws, that weaken nails, which this product isn’t designed for.

  40. thrilled10

    After trying everything seemingly available for years, six months at a time, my Dermatologist suggested DermaNail. I have used the product as instructed for 9 months now and still smile every time I need to cut my nails because they are too long! Yes the product takes time and consistent use, but if you have struggled for years as I have, I assure you Dermanail is worth the effort!

  41. Finally Happy Nails

    This product stopped splitting, cracking, peeling ugly nails. After 7 months my nails became strong and all my problems were gone. After a life time of ugly nails I now have nails I can show off with nail polish or I can go without wearing polish. Something I never before would do. After trying many products this product works. Just give it time and see your nails transform.

  42. moonbeam

    This product was recommended years ago by my initial dermatologist. She was a very intelligent woman. Although I have used here and there and not quite as directed for some years, I began to use as directed 2 months ago after biting my nails horrendously during a very stressful situation. It has done an amazing job and my nails look better than they ever have. I thank you.

  43. Honey

    I had a split thumb nail. My doctor said it was dry nails often caused by age. I am 72. I used the product for 1 month and the split is almost gone. Even the ridges have gone down considerably. With more time, I think all the ridges will disappear. My nails feel stronger and less brittle. I also bought some for a friend and she agrees that her nails are less brittle.

  44. Luck100

    For years I have had trouble with the cuticles not separating from the nail on both thumbnails and especially on my right, second finger. After weeks of using “Dermanail” the problem is improving. The cuticles are separating, the nail surface is smoothing out, it’s starting to look like normal fingernails. We are talking serious improvement!!!

  45. Shamus

    I’ve been using this for about 7 months. It is a slow process for mr but I can see that it’s working as I can actually see where the ridges and damage has lessened as the nail grows out. Right now, the damaged nail is half way excited to keep seeing my progress. My nails were so bad and this miracle liquid is actually fixing them.

  46. Michele

    I have tried many many products over many years (too many to admit) and finally found something that works. I was very skeptical at first, used it night after night and then BOOM about 4 weeks later my nails started to grow, stopped peeling, and became hard. I am so pleased! Now I wear any color nail polish and my hands look great!!!

  47. Tigger

    I have always had good nails but they would break at the beginning of the nail bed! With continued use as directed, the problem has gotten much better! Just remember this is not an overnight treatment, it takes time! However if you stick with the product, it will work and gets better the longer you use it. Would highly recommend.

  48. Elizabeth

    Wow! This is a super great product – it works! My nails get to a certain length and break from the side of the nail with a jagged tear across because they are not strong. I applied this product as instructed (twice a day) followed with the cutemol cream. Instructions state not to wash hands for at least an hour, so best time for me is at bedtime and at mid-day. My nails grew and stayed longer than ever before. I still may break one, but now, when the break begins at the side of the nail, there is a smooth straight tear on the nail and with a little soft filing, the nail looks great vice the short jagged and sore nail when not using this product. The only downfall with the product – not enough cutemol crème to last with the bottle! The cutemol crème softens the cuticle too and overall, nails have a finished look. While cutemol can be an added purchase, I now use my tree tea oil and argon oil and still get the same results. Will continue to use this product!

  49. Nail disaster

    I’ve had nail problems and tried prescription products for years. Nothing helped until my Dermatologist recommended that I try Derma Nail. All I could tell the doctor on a 3 month followup was OMG. I’m thrilled that I am not suffering from nails that just were destroyed and split and not allowing any healthy growth.

  50. Gabby45

    Derma-Nail is an outstanding product. I’m so glad my dermatologist recommended it. I thought my fingernails were permanently damaged, but after 7 wks., they have returned to almost perfect. I will continue to use it daily as it is so easy to use and my nails have never been in this good of shape. A great find.

  51. DianeM1203

    Have used this before with great results. Needed it again. Just remember, it’s a treatment, not hardener! Use it twice a day after you’re done with washing your hands for awhile. You’ll see a difference in two to three weeks. Use moisturizer on your nails as well. It’s pricey but are your nails worth it?

  52. Blondie

    I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical at first when my dermatologist recommended DermaNail for my fragile nails dues to menopause; never been so happy with a product! Within a couple of months my nails began to grow in length and strength; I really can grow nails in the first time in my life! Love the product!

  53. Swim

    DermaNail cured my nails splitting at the tips. After 5 yrs of trying products, including biotin, I finally have a fingernail!!! No longer need to trim my nails super short, to the extent of actually no nail. We all know how much we use our nails to pry up, open objects!!! Now I can do that again

  54. Dott

    I have been using this product for decades now. I not only put in on my nail cuticles, but also I cover my nails with it. I used to always have broken or splitting nails, and now I grow great nails. I cannot stop using it, because if I do my nails start to break and split again. It’s worth it!

  55. Chujck83

    I bought 2 jars of the DermaNail as it said it may take 8-16 weeks for the effect to show up. I have had problems with brittle nails and several splitting. The worst one is on my right thumb and I try to keep my nail short so it doesn’t catch on every thing as I use it. I figure that it will take a longer period of time for my nail to grow out stronger with the DermaNail before I start seeing any results. I started using it on Feb 23, 2016 and started using the 2nd bottle on May 29, 2016. The first bottle is not empty but is fairly low. I’ll pour them together when the 2nd bottle goes down. I have been faithfully putting it on all my nails 2 times a day and I believe that my nails are not quite as brittle, but I don’t know about the splits yet. The one on my right thumb is about 1/4 inch into my thumb when I have the nail cut short. I’m hoping that as the nail strengthens and if I can keep from catching the split on things, I’ll see the split getting shorter as my nail grows out.

  56. Charlotte

    My dermatologist recommended Dermanail over a year ago. I have been using it regularly to reestablish my badly damaged nails (possibly caused by osteoarthritis in my hands). After about 6 months, the improvement was obvious and I am delighted with the results. I continue to use it every day.

  57. Margie

    My doctor recommeded Derma Nail Conditioner and Cutemol for my salon damaged nails. Using the products 3 – 4 times a day, my nails grew back beautifully. I have learned to use gloves while cleaning and doing dishes, but still reapply the products to maintain a beautiful sheen to my nails!

  58. Mango

    I have been using DermaNail for approx. 14 yrs. You must use as directed and the results have been wonderful. If you stop using the product your nails will return to their original state but if used correctly you will have good results. I have been on and off and still love this product.

  59. Healthier

    My doctor recommended this product. My chronic pain had caused my nails to lift from the nail bed and we e breaking below the quick. They have taken a few months to grow out, but I am certain that using DermaNail has helped my nails become stronger as well as grow back correctly.

  60. Meesie

    I have been using derma nail conditioner for a few months now and my results are very satisfying and total surprising even to my manicurist! She was so surprised & pleased because she now had nails to work with!! And I had lovely nails to look at!
    Thank you for this product!

  61. crash2

    so glade that I ordered dermanail my nails were so bad they split in layers and cracked so much that they would bleed iv been using it for about four months now it is very much worth it, I will continue to use it…..They look like they did when I was so much younger. Thank you

  62. Trudles

    I have been using this for about 5 weeks and I could see a difference in my nails in 2 weeks. They feel much more moisturized and they are no longer cracking down the middle or chipping on the edges. I did not expect a good result so quickly. I do recommend this product.

  63. Doreen

    My nails pretty much peeled right off, but they have grown a lot in the past year and continue to do so. I’m almost finished with the bottle of DermaNail and will continue until it’s finished, but think it did the trick, along with using Coconut Oil every morning and night.

  64. Rita

    I had given up on my fingernails till my dermatologist told me about DERMA NAIL!
    Its the best thing i have ever found for nails!! Now i actually have very nice nails!
    They are long and hard…..i also use Cutemol skin cream with it….I recommend it to all my friends!!

  65. Zenith

    I have a nail that splits vertically. Have tried several other products with little success. When I use DermaNail morning and night regularly, the split clears up.
    If I get busy and fail to use it in the morning, the split appears again; but regular use works for me.

  66. Dart

    I seen a difference in 5 weeks. My nails looked great!

  67. hills

    If used according to directions, which I did, I saw changes in 4 weeks. A couple of nails have broken but that’s because I had a gel manicure which I think is the worst thing you can do. Enough of those. I am still 2 weeks shy of the 8 week limit and will keep using

  68. emes

    I started using it in September for a nail that kept breaking at the same place, very low, the past 3 years. This was my right hand index finger and the constant loss of this useful nail was a bummer. The nail has not broken since and now I have a useful nail.

  69. Tracey43

    My results have been slow because I have never gotten into the routine of applying two times a day. However, given enough time, once a day really has made a difference in my nails. Thank yoU!

  70. Happy Camper

    My Dermatologist recommended this product to me many years ago. I’ve been using it ever since. My nails are stronger, way less brittle – especially in the winter – break less and don’t peel.

  71. LynneS

    I finally found a product it really does what it says Dermanail is great just follow the instructions and y’all won’t believe your nails will grow beautifully and long. It really really works

  72. lizg

    I have bought two bottles now and this is the only product that has ever worked to help my splitting and brittle nails-my mom has the same problem and she is convinced this works for her too!

  73. KarenW

    I have been using DermaNail for about 6 years. It really helps my nails stay in good condition. I work with my hands a lot, so no long nails for me. But my nails are strong.
    I love it.

  74. reformer55

    After suffering with thin nails i started using DermaNail. Using twice daily for 3 months my nails are no longer thin just healthy . Amazing product i will not stop using it a fan forever!

  75. JanS

    I have only been using DermaNail for a few weeks and I already notice stronger nails. my dermatologist said it might take 6 months to see a change so I am thrilled to see a change so soon.

  76. Teri

    I got results very quickly I was hesitant buying the product since it did say it could take months but I saw a difference in weeks.So happy with the product I recommended to several people

  77. Carol70

    I have been using DermaNail just over one month and have had excellent results. I saw results within a few days and I have passed on the information and website to several of my friends.

  78. Pattio

    I have been using DermaNail since 2004. I use it daily, on my cuticles and on my nails themselves. My cuticles are healthy and my nails are strong, as long as I continue to use DermaNail!

  79. Mama Nanc

    I purchased DermaNail from my dermatologist last week. Wow I already see results, my nails were ruined by gel nail polish. This product is working already after only a week.

  80. Dave

    I lived with finger nails that never grew long enough to be cut. Now I clip my nails regularly like everyone else. It’s the best advice I every got from my dermatologist.



  82. Lainey

    I’ve used derma nail many times through the years. My dermatologist recommended it to me. It definitely makes my nails stronger and less brittle! Love this product!

  83. Jvdben

    I have been using twice a day for 6 months and am finally see results. No Dr knew what to do except for my Detmatologist. I love ordering direct, great products!

  84. Becky

    I have been using for a month and am seeing improvement as the nails grow out. I am curious to see how they are in another few weeks when the whole nail is new!

  85. Roxie

    My dermatologist suggested that I try derma nails, it does work, but it does take some time. Also the cutemol cream works great using it with derma nails .

  86. Kath

    Every day 8 weeks great improvement, 12 weeks even better. Don’t givevup. I’ve never been able to keep nails from peeling and layering until now. Thank you!

  87. Lynn

    I have been using DermaNail for over 6 weeks. I can’t get over having nice, strong nails. For the first time ever. I recommend it to all of my friends.

  88. mary 01

    I have been using dermanail for several years and the only trouble I have had is they tend to break easily months after a health problem or surgery.

  89. Terri

    My nails were a mess from using gel for months. I have been using Dermanail for7 months. My nails are now stronger than ever and back to normal!

  90. Chris54

    After 6 to 8 weeks of using this product with cutemol cream, my nails stopped splitting. SO GLAD my dermatologist recommended these products.

  91. KikiB

    After years of not being able to grow nails, this product made my nails healthier and not dry and brittle. I use it on my toenails too!

  92. 3168

    Purchased on recommendation by my dermatologist. Used per directions for several weeks. I saw no change to my nails. Tedious ritual.

  93. Mcmain1

    The only product that really works and the only way I can have nice nails. This and Cutemol are the very best.

  94. Mimi

    I am so pleased with the condition my nail have become they were so bad from years of artificial nails

  95. Tanner

    I have been using the nail conditioner for about 3 months and it’s working very well.

  96. MLRB

    My nails were in deplorable condition–constant peeling; my dermatologist told me that my nail beds were severly dry and she recommended DermaNail. She told me
    that I would not have immediate improvement using the product, that it would take several weeks, and advised me to be persistent with the regiment of applying it twice a day; she added that she had other patients who were pleased with the end results. I started using the product in June and, yes, persistence is the key; after three months of twice daily applications, I can honestly write that as of September 1, my nails are almost 100% back to normal. During the process, I did not use any fingernail polish; I frequently massaged Cutemol cream into my nails during the day; it moisturized my nails and at the same time it temporarily improved their appearance; when you purchase DermaNail, a small tube of Cutemol is included in the box. The worse part for me was my struggle to keep up the DermaNail applications when I did not see any major improvement after a few weeks; however, my nails were such an embarrassment to me that I persisted with the treatment; I can honestly write that the DermaNail does work and I am happy with the results.

  97. Laura (verified owner)

    DermaNail really strengthens my nails. and makes them feel healthier!

  98. Elizabeth Fagan (verified owner)

    Great product – use as directed and you will see improved nails.

  99. Anonymous (verified owner)

  100. Rebecca F. (verified owner)

    I noticed improvement within 2 weeks! Years of dipped nails, I was very doubtful. I’m seeing real change at 4 weeks. I’ll continue to use this god sure!

  101. Terri (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Be patient and results are evident.

  102. June B. (verified owner)

    Best product I have ever used.

  103. Nicole L. (verified owner)

    This is my third order of this product. My first one was purchased a few years ago. I am on the second of my own bottles. After using nearly every product in Ulta, I finally decided to try this, and I have never looked back.

    This purchase was a Christmas gift for a family member who complained about the mess her nails were in. I checked with her about a week or two later and she was very happy with the results.

    My mom is also a fan of this product, and I think she’s on her second (or third) bottle by now.

    If you’ve tried everything else, try this. You won’t need to try anything else. This magic potion works wonders!

  104. Lynda (verified owner)

  105. Barbara Conrad (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and the product seems to really be working! ?

  106. Laura (verified owner)

  107. Judy (verified owner)

    I hope it works as well as in the past. Am using it every day.

  108. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I used it for a month and my nails got worse ?

  109. Rebecca F. (verified owner)

    I’ve used numerous products that claim to improve nails. DermaNail was the first one that delivered! It took less time to see results than they advertise! Worth every penny!

  110. Alexander Rodriguez (verified owner)

  111. Cindi (verified owner)

  112. Helen S. (verified owner)

    Not what we expected. No brush applicator. All we wanted was a healthy clear polish. Derm recommended this…

  113. Helen Varacallo (verified owner)

    Still waiting on the Cutemol that was on back order. No update from company

  114. Karen B. (verified owner)

    I have not used the product long enough to see results.

  115. Elaine A. (verified owner)

    The nail strengthener seems to be working but it takes time to tell as nails grow out. The lotion works well.

  116. Eileen (verified owner)

  117. Virginia D. (verified owner)

  118. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Dermanail works great! Delivery charge was excessive for a one ounce bottle, and could have been a little faster.

  119. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My product arrived quickly, it is a wonderful product, my nails are finally growing and are nice and strong with no chips or splitting. Would highly recommend. Just understand it doesn’t work overnight, it takes time and dedication.

  120. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This product works! I use it daily on my cuticles and all over my nails. I stopped during Covid, and my nails started splitting and breaking again. I couple of weeks after starting to use DermaNail daily again, my nails were growing and looking fine.

  121. Phyllis (verified owner)

    I’ve been using DERMA NAIL and Cutemol consistently for a year now! My peeling, cracking and breaking nails are finally healthy again. It took about 4.5 months to achieve the results I was hoping for, but was so worth the effort. I still use these products because it feels like they are insurance to protect my hands and nails. Thanks Summers Laboratories!

  122. Elise M. (verified owner)

    My dermatologist recommended derma nail for my splitting nails-only been one month but it seems to have helped; one bottle goes a LONG way
    Don’t care for the moisturizer though-way too thick and heavy

  123. Denise (verified owner)

    Recommended by my dermatologist. Easy and pleasant to use. It’s a little soon to tell, but I think it’s starting to work on my nails as they are growing out!

  124. Bonnie Hamby (verified owner)

  125. Margo H. (verified owner)

    Nails are regrowing but areas around thumb are very dry.
    ease of use of product is good and ease of purchasing very good. will wind up getting more cutemol.

  126. Mary D. (verified owner)

  127. Marcia (verified owner)

    Shipping was fast but my nails have not grown out sufficiently to decide if this product works. I still have chipping and many splits….but it has only been a 7 weeks.

  128. Lynne (verified owner)

  129. Anonymous (verified owner)

  130. Karen L. (verified owner)

    I am anxiously awaiting the 16 week growth period so I can see how much my nails have improved!!

  131. Claudia D. (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with the results I got from DermaNail. I was very consistent using it. I plan to keep using it.

  132. Joy Ramler (verified owner)

    It doesn’t seem to be doing anything. It simply smells like rubbing alcohol. And I’m out $50. ?

  133. Susan (verified owner)

    These products work! It has taken six months, but my nails are finally looking good again.

  134. William T Doss (verified owner)

    Didn’t do the job but helped me a bit

  135. Denise (verified owner)

    Easy to use, no odor and my nails are definitely looking better!

  136. Patricia (verified owner)

    Derma Nail is the only product that has kept my thumbnail from splitting! It can now grow to a length that matches my other nails, which it has not done for years. Great product!

  137. Anonymous (verified owner)

  138. Stephen (verified owner)

    I have tried hardeners and even acrylic nails to keep my fingernails from splitting, but they did not work for one reason or another, not to mention not cheap and time consuming to maintain. DermaNail has so far worked very well. I play guitar in a band on weekends so my nails get lots of abuse.

  139. Lois Pruitt (verified owner)

    This product that my dermatologist recommended works so well! It is the first thing that has ever helped with my vertically split nails. I was skeptical but kept up with the twice daily application for the recommended lengthy timeframe (I did 12-16 weeks). And the results are definitely worth it! I ordered another bottle to continue using it on an every other day or once weekly maintenance basis because I’m so pleased with the results. I highly recommend DermaNail!!

  140. Linda Z. (verified owner)

    Thank you for shipping Derma Nail to me so quickly! It is such a great product!

  141. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    I LOVE this product! I also appreciate the free sample of Cutemol included.

  142. Marisela Betancur (verified owner)

    These products are PHENOMENAL!!! My nails grow pretty long but always chipped on the sides!!! Not anymore!!! They look healthy and long!! I’ve been consistent everyday At least twice a day and I can definitely see the difference!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

  143. Deborah T. (verified owner)

  144. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    The nail strengthener and emollient cream are amazing. For the first time in many years, I have been able to grow my nails. They are much less fragile and much less subject to breakage.

  145. Connie Poust (verified owner)

  146. Jeanette (verified owner)

    It fixed my thumbnail that kept splitting!

  147. Margo Marbut (verified owner)

    DermaNail is excellent, a real antidote to peeling, chipping nails. I use it twice a day!

  148. Anonymous (verified owner)

    When applied each day, it helps sooth and protect in the case of excemza in fingers and nails. But, it doesn’t help with brittle nails or for nail growth.

  149. Linda V. (verified owner)

  150. Eileen Todd (verified owner)

  151. Nancy Lazzaro – Comer (verified owner)

    My nails were peeling and wouldn’t grow. I was embarrassed for anyone to see my nails. Since I been using DermNail my nails are growing. I would recommend this product to anyone.

  152. Brittany M. (verified owner)

    Product is easy to use, but I have not been very good at putting the DermaNail on nightly. That said, I have been putting it on every other night or so but there’s zero difference in my brittle, peeling nails. Like others have mentioned, to see a difference I probably need to use this very consistently over a long period of time.
    I’m also not a fan of how greasy the Cutemol cream is that this comes with, nor the amount of time it takes to absorb into the skin. It does help with cracking skin, but I really dislike using it.

  153. Anonymous (verified owner)

  154. Barbara J. (verified owner)

    This product really seems to strengthen my nails. I’ve used it for years! Just wish it wasn’t so costly>

  155. D Noll (verified owner)

    This product helps my nails to look normal. When I use it as directed my nails get stronger and do not split or crack as much. As for the Cutemol I’ve recommended it to many people for various skin irritations.

  156. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I think DermaNail is going to be helpful, but it will take the nails a while to grow. Also the Cutemol tube, which came in the package, was virtually empty, so I haven’t really tried that yet.

  157. CATHY UTNE (verified owner)

    Tube of cream was MAYBE filled 25%

  158. Tara Moreiko (verified owner)

    This conditioner works miracles! I have chronically peeling nails, particulary my thumbs. Anytime I apply this conditioner regularly my nails stop peeling! My nails also begin to re-attach to the hyponichium (my nail beds grow toward the tip of my finger nail – I have really short nail beds). This conditioner is a necessity for me!

  159. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My doctor told me to purchase this product to heal a split down the middle of my nail. I called the company after purchase and reading the materials to ask if nail polish was allowed on top, etc. Turns out that it will not heal this fingernail, so I did not use it and wasted my money. Doc’s fault, not yours. I cannot speak to what it is supposed to do.

  160. Charlotte M. (verified owner)

  161. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Since beginning to use Dermanail, my nails have stopped cracking at the tips and appear stronger and healthier. I am grateful!

  162. Diann C. (verified owner)

    It really made a difference in my nails!

  163. Urszula J. (verified owner)

    After a few weeks of applying the product morning and evening, my nails are looking lot better. I would recommend it.

  164. Barbara (verified owner)

  165. Theresa Prestipino (verified owner)

  166. Rita (verified owner)

    It’s a little early to know the results — I’ve only been using this on my cuticlfor a couple of weeks. I’m hoping it will stop my nails from tearing & breaking.

  167. Sharon C (verified owner)

    Is essentially “snake oil.” Maybe glycerine? But no significant positive ingredients such as keratin or the like. Aside from “may take weeks and weeks” to see results at the end of which you have NO idea how much you paid or where this came from. . .YOU WILL HAVE DONE MORE DAMAGE TO YOUR NAILS AS THESE PRODUCTS CONTAIN ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL WHICH BASICALLY IS A “DESSICANT” AS IN IT DRIES OUT THE NAILS TO KEEP THEM “BACTERIA FREE”. . . MAYBE? 🙂

  168. Rosemary (verified owner)

    As it is stated, it takes a long time to see results. I’m on month 4, still waiting for results. Will hang in there. the Lotion is VERY thick, but works well.

  169. Tara Moreiko (verified owner)

    This product really works, the key is to use it consistently. This product is the only thing that stops my nails from peeling and helps them grow. I highly recommend this.

  170. Janet (verified owner)

    This is really helping with psoriatic nails, have only been using for couple months, but in that time I see improvement in nails that seemed too far gone. I am very hopeful.

  171. michele (verified owner)

    too soon to tell yet

  172. Rosella A (verified owner)

    It’s very easy to use. but results will take a few months to see

  173. Diana L. (verified owner)

    I am waiting to see the results in 8-16 weeks.

  174. Amy (verified owner)

    Recommended by my dermatologist, this completely helped bring my nails back to health after removal of acrylics and gel nails leaving severe damage.

  175. Anonymous (verified owner)

  176. Hannelore Liberatore (verified owner)

    It’s a great product for brittle fingernails! Also the cream helps for nails and much more

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