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DermaNail Nail Conditioner

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For treatment of Brittle Nails

Used by dermatologists for brittle, splitting or peeling nails. We use a unique, patented technology that is unlike any other nail conditioner on the market. Takes 8 to 16 weeks to yield results.  Your patience will be rewarded. Unconditional satisfaction guarantee. More

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Product Description

Your secret solution for nail problems!
Created by leading dermatologists to help with common cosmetic problems including nail cracking, chipping, peeling, splitting, breaking, brittle, thin, or weak nails associated with a variety of conditions. DermaNail’s patented formula improves the appearance of nails.

Benefits of DermaNail Nail Conditioner

  • Helps control nail cracking, chipping, peeling, splitting, breaking, brittle, thin, or weak nails
  • Improves appearance and growth of nails
  • Dermatologist approved

How to Apply DermaNail


Step 1   Apply a drop or two of DermaNail to the base of your nails, allowing it to be absorbed where the nail grows out from the cuticle.


Step 2   Moisturize your cuticles with Cutemol Emollient Cream. A free sample is included with every purchase!

Using DermaNail


Isopropyl Alcohol (82%), Butylene Glycol, and Acetyl Mandelic Acid

Brittle Nail Symptoms

Common nail problems include chipping, cracking, breaking, brittle, peeling, splitting, thin, and weak nails. This is known medically as Onychoschizia and is more common in women.

Brittle nails are most commonly caused by chemical or environmental challenges, such as repeated wetting and drying of the nails. This can be caused by frequent hand washing, dishwashing, and/or swimming. Less frequently, brittle nails can be caused by deficiencies or underlying diseases.

Nails that are overexposed to chemicals, such as cleaners, detergents/soaps, and nail products can also become brittle. Nail polish removers can severely dry out your nails which can be a common cause of brittle toenails and fingernails.

Whether you have brittle nails or a different kind of skin condition, Summers Laboratories is here to help! Shop all of our skincare products and find the right solution for you!

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Based on 96 reviews
  1. MLRB

    My nails were in deplorable condition–constant peeling; my dermatologist told me that my nail beds were severly dry and she recommended DermaNail. She told me
    that I would not have immediate improvement using the product, that it would take several weeks, and advised me to be persistent with the regiment of applying it twice a day; she added that she had other patients who were pleased with the end results. I started using the product in June and, yes, persistence is the key; after three months of twice daily applications, I can honestly write that as of September 1, my nails are almost 100% back to normal. During the process, I did not use any fingernail polish; I frequently massaged Cutemol cream into my nails during the day; it moisturized my nails and at the same time it temporarily improved their appearance; when you purchase DermaNail, a small tube of Cutemol is included in the box. The worse part for me was my struggle to keep up the DermaNail applications when I did not see any major improvement after a few weeks; however, my nails were such an embarrassment to me that I persisted with the treatment; I can honestly write that the DermaNail does work and I am happy with the results.

  2. Tanner

    I have been using the nail conditioner for about 3 months and it’s working very well.

  3. Mimi

    I am so pleased with the condition my nail have become they were so bad from years of artificial nails

  4. Mcmain1

    The only product that really works and the only way I can have nice nails. This and Cutemol are the very best.

  5. 3168

    Purchased on recommendation by my dermatologist. Used per directions for several weeks. I saw no change to my nails. Tedious ritual.

  6. KikiB

    After years of not being able to grow nails, this product made my nails healthier and not dry and brittle. I use it on my toenails too!

  7. Chris54

    After 6 to 8 weeks of using this product with cutemol cream, my nails stopped splitting. SO GLAD my dermatologist recommended these products.

  8. Terri

    My nails were a mess from using gel for months. I have been using Dermanail for7 months. My nails are now stronger than ever and back to normal!

  9. mary 01

    I have been using dermanail for several years and the only trouble I have had is they tend to break easily months after a health problem or surgery.

  10. Lynn

    I have been using DermaNail for over 6 weeks. I can’t get over having nice, strong nails. For the first time ever. I recommend it to all of my friends.