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Rich emollient base with natural beeswax is free of fragrance, parabens, and lanolin derivatives for the most severe dry and sensitive skin. This unique formulation with natural beeswax is proven effective and stays on the skin longer and leaves a protective barrier, which helps manage the skin’s water loss and to maintain the natural skin barrier. Dermatologist recommended for moderate to severe dry hands from frequent washing, cracked fingertips, soles, heels, and severe dryness associated with eczema and psoriasis.

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Cutemol’s rich and unique formula offers moisturizing not found in other products… until now. Just like original Cutemol, Cutemol Sensitive Emollient Cream is designed to quench parched skin and leave it feeling soft, supple, and renewed.

Rich emollient base with natural beeswax is free of fragrance, parabens, and lanolin derivatives for the most severe dry and sensitive skin.

Cutemol Emollient Cream Features:

Helps heal dry, cracked skin
Protects and helps heal skin damaged by frequent hand washing
Helps heal damaged cuticles
Prevents flaking after application
Long lasting


Purified Water, Mineral Oil, Microcrystalline Wax, White Beeswax, PEG-5 Pentaerythrityl Ether, PPG-5 Pentaerythrityl Ether, Glycine Soya (Soybean) Sterols, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Isopropyl Myristate, Sodium Chloride, Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate, Calcium Gluconate, Allantoin


Apply Cūtemol Sensitive liberally to affected areas as often as needed and at bedtime, or as directed by your healthcare provider.

Tips from Dermatologists…

For Frequently-Washed Hands:
Apply Cūtemol Sensitive while hands are still damp. Then, gently pat dry with a soft towel.

For Dry, Cracked Hands or Feet:
1. Dampen them before bed.
2. Apply a generous layer of Cūtemol Sensitive.
3. Add cotton gloves or socks for an intensive, healing experience.

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101 reviews for Cutemol Sensitive Emollient Cream

  1. Rebeccajord

    I am incredibly picky about the lotion we use in our house as me and my three babes have extra sensitive skin plus living in a cold climate for majority of the year we need a lotion that will work well. So, when I recieved this lotion as part of the stellar product testing panel I was very excited to try it! My youngest son constantly gets a small dry patch on his skin that never seems to go away, however, using this lotion on him every night before bed and it has vanished! I have used it on all of the kids after bath and it has helped extra dry areas such as knees and calves! I struggle with cracked heels year round and I was amazed at how well this lotion helped to heal the cracks when I applied it before bedtime. I look forward to using this lotion this winter for our hands when they start to crack from negative temperatures!!

  2. GillianV

    I received this product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. This lotion has been awesome for my dry hands and elbows! My skin gets super dry from constantly washing my hands and doing dishes. This lotion has been a dream! It’s the perfect creamy consistency and doesn’t feel greasy like many other lotions tend to do.

  3. Mollee72

    I developed eczema on my hands when I became pregnant with my first 4 years ago. Add in my lifestyle of gardening, tending to our chickens and pigs, chasing around 2 toddlers, and cleaning up after all of these, I thought my dry, cracked hands were a lost cause. I consistently use a prescription steroid cream, and have tried several different kinds of eczema lotions, but my hands are often cracked, flaky, and itchy. After a month of 2-3 times daily application of Cutemol Sensitive, the cracks on my fingers have fully healed, my skin is no longer flaky, and my hands are becoming smoother. I am delighted at this transformation of my skin, and especially since it didn’t take harsh chemicals or steroids to achieve this! My smooth, healthy skin is proof the Cutemol Sensitive is a great product. Thank you to Stellar Product Testing for sending me this lotion. Now on to my farm-girl feet!

  4. Katterinspurling

    It is summer time and I have been spending as much time at the beach and in my garden as possible! These places lift my mood, but wreak havoc on my hands and feet! And don’t get me started on the covid hand washing! Enter Cutemol Sensitive! I received this wonderful lotion to try from the Steller Product Testing Panel just in time. This is a safe and effective reparative lotion that is paracetamol, fragrance and lanolin free. I have been using it on my cracked heels and dry hands. It goes on a little thick, but soaks in to my skin really well. If I am using a lot over my whole foot I usually put socks on for 5-10 minutes to let it soak in on the go. Hand sanitizers, dishwashing and gardening all do a number on my poor digits, but Cutemol brings them a lot of comfort while speeding up the healing process. I have been using this ultra-rich moisturizer all summer long and will definitely buy it again. This past week I got a toe blister from new shoes. I put Cutemol on before bed with socks and the next day my skin was no longer raw or tender! My husband just started using it as well, he is usually not a lotion fan but he likes this one on his hands and feet! I love that Cutemol Sensitive has safe and effective ingredients like mineral oils, beeswax and soy, without unnecessary additives or fillers that tend to cause skin reactions for me. This lotion really works, it is easy to find online and in stores, and I highly recommend you try it yourself!

  5. Jackie

    I only used the product ones just to see if It wasn’t sticky or felt nasty to have on, also to see if it had a bad smell to it but honestly it felt nice, and it didn’t smell bad at all. I tried it before my husband because he’s really picky with what he puts on his body and so far he’s been loving the Cutemol Sensitive lotion. He’s been having a problem with his knees and elbows being really dry, especially because he used to play soccer and now he works construction he would always spent money on all kinds of lotions that would help him out but none of them would work and he tells me how happy he is that he’s actually seeing a difference with this lotion! The ingredients give me some piece in mind that they are safe for not just me to use but also my husband. Thank you to stellar product testing panel for letting me try this product out.

  6. Surina

    When I first tried Cutemol Sensitive, I wasn’t entirely impressed. As I spread the cream all over my hand, I found it to be very thick to the point that it was hard to use. However, 5 minutes later I completely changed my opinion. Within a few minutes, my hand was left very hydrated. However, it didn’t leave any greasy feel. I also noticed that when I wash my hands after I wear the cream, my hands did not feel so dry. The cream seems to leave a protective barrier on the skin so the soap does not dry the skin as much. This is now my mother’s go-to after she works in the kitchen. She said she can see the difference from dry scaly skin to a very moisturized one. Since then I have started putting the cream all over. Hands, elbows, heels. It works well anywhere. I even gave it to my husband because his heel was severely cracked and it hurt him like crazy every time he walked. One night, and he already could tell a marked difference on the heel. This is good stuff. And I am very happy to see that the ingredients are so much safer with no parabens and other additives. Thank you for the opportunity to review this product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I will absolutely buy this again when it becomes available in the market.

  7. ShinyEMT

    Stellar product panel provided me with a free bottle of Cutemol Sensitive to try out and review. I used this product for 2 weeks and I must say I’m impressed. I am an EMT so I am constantly washing and sanitizing my hands. Also being in boots all the time does no favors for my feet. I was so happy when I tried this product it goes on thick, clear,doesn’t burn, and actually revitalizes my hands and feet. I also used it on my hands and knees as well as a problem spot on my leg that nothing else could heal. I have sensitive skin with fluctuates between oily and very dry on a regular basis. Some products that claim to be sensitive will burn my skin however the chemicals in Cutemol Sensitive are not harsh but rather very gentle and do not further irritate my skin.Some days I used it every day ,some days every couple days but each time I used it, the dry skin cleared right up. Absolutely recommend this product anyone but especially people who are constantly washing their hands or on their feet on a regular basis.

  8. Cbbroxson

    I received the product through the Stellar Product Testing Panel! I have always struggled with rough feet and elbows for practically forever! I have tried lots of different lotions and remedies but I saw very little of any difference. First, what I like about this cream is that it doesn’t have an overpowering fragrance. I have sensitive skin so that was really important to me. Plus I’m Not big on a smell good stuff anyway. I just like to smell clean and use non fragrance type lotions. After a few days of use, I noticed my hands and elbows were really improving. I did not intentionally use it on my hands but because I used my hands to apply it normally got some, too. My elbows felt smoother and silky! After some time (I used at night and in the morning after showers) my feet started to feel smoother too! I am really happy with the results! I don’t have man feet and elbows anymore and feel more feminine because of it. I also love that all the ingredients are safe and that is important to me as well. Overall, great product with great results!

  9. M1210

    I have really dry skin to begin with, but since this pandemic, it has gotten much worse with the constant hand-washing and sanitizing. I also have really cracked heels from walking around either barefoot or in flip flops all of the time. I love that this cream is double duty- it works great for my hands (and elbows), but also performs really well for my super dry, cracked heels. Even better than its fragrance- and paraben-free. So many creams are heavily scented which can give me headaches as well as burn my sensitive, dry and cracked skin. This cream does not smell or burn at all! My hands feel so silky soft and it softened up my feet so much! I apply to my hands a couple times a day while still a little bit damp from washing and I apply to my feet at bedtime after I bathe or shower and immediately slip on some soft socks to seal in the moisture. I’m really happy with this cream and it’s definitely part of my daily self-care lineup. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this emollient.

  10. Abby W.

    I loved Cutemol Lotion! This lotion was thick, but easy to rub in and it absorbed in just a few minutes and didn’t leave a greasy residue once absorbed! I find myself reaching for this more than aquaphor, since it isn’t as greasy ultimately! It’s helping to heal my VERY dry cuticles! Definitely recommend and will be purchasing when I run out! I received the product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel

  11. tdubb

    Thank you so much to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending this to me to try! I have struggled all my life with dry, cracked cuticles no matter what time of year and during the winter my hands get so dry the skin cracks and bleeds. Other creams sting and don’t do nearly enough and the thicker balms are so greasy and smell awful. The Cutemol Sensitive is neither greasy or smelly and it doesn’t sting when I put it one. I was expecting to use the cream before bed and that it would take all night to absorb. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it absorbs quickly and works so well! My hands have never looked better despite gardening and frequent hand washing. I am amazed at how well this cream works and how quickly!

  12. Tasha2485

    I really enjoyed trying out this Cutemol Sensitive cream! I get very dry skin on my heels, elbows and hands. I used this several nights on my heels, and in the morning they felt soft and smooth instead of rough! I also used it on my elbows and really liked how this cream helped the dryness. I appreciate how they didn’t use parabens and fragrances in the ingredients, I often try to avoid scents when searching for products that the whole family can use. I plan to continue using this product to help keep my skin moisturized! I received this emollient from the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  13. BayAreaDad

    I really enjoyed using this cream. I’ve often suffered from dry skin on my elbows, hands, and feet. This was further exacerbated moving from a humid Southern climate to an arid dry Californian climate. My feet have also become extra dry because I am home all the time now due to COVID.

    I’ve tried many different moisturizers in the past, but there has always been some drawback that led me to stop using it. Some would be too oily, some would be not very effective for longer periods. I found Cutemol very easy to use. It has a nice thickness to the cream, almost paste-like that allowed me to spread it easily onto dry patches I had without it being runny. I found it extremely emollient and long-lasting on my skin. The areas I used it, I found dramatic improvements the following day. While I received this product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel, I am really looking forward to getting the larger size of this when I run out!

  14. Christina M

    Applying this cream every evening before bed has quickly become my new favorite daily ritual! I take time to unwind as I slowly apply the cream and rub my feet, elbows and hands. Not only do I feel like I am pampering myself a bit, but I am also seeing significant improvements to my dry, cracked skin. My husband actually commented that my heels don’t feel like sandpaper anymore! And, since I am washing my hands so much these days, using this cream daily has really soothed them and has prevented them from drying out. My grandma once told me that key to staying young is having smooth, soft hands, and now I feel like I finally found the product to help me do so – even as I age! And, for me as an added bonus, I really love the natural ingredients in the cream, since I am handling my little ones all the time. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this emollient.

  15. Linda

    I love that I got to try the Cutemol Sensitive cream for my feet by the Stellar Product Testing Panel. Because of this opportunity, I found my new and better foot cream for cracked skin relief. I always wear sandals and my feet get so chapped by them, so using the Cutemol Sensitive cream helped my feet come back to life! It was a little strange to have wet feet first while placing on the product, but I understood immediately once I left it on that following night. The wetness gets trapped by the cream, cause it’s thick and then creates a softening affect on the skin. I really enjoyed the Cutemol Sensitive cream, it’s gotten into my skin care routine.

  16. Lauren

    Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this emollient. My son and I both not only have dry skin… It is also sensitive.. AND we have eczema on our hands! My son’s eczema is very severe and mine can range from mild to severe. Even in summer, we experience cracking and bleeding. So even when products are marketed as sensitive friendly and on the more natural or hypoallergenic side, we are hesitant. My son has more severe break-outs from products that contain almond and coconut so we have to be very careful for this as well! Coconut is incredibly difficult to avoid because they use byproducts of this ingredient in nearly everything and it’s hard to catch because they use varying scientific terms. NOT good for people with allergies! My son with the severe allergies is 5 so I help him a lot through his day and need to be very careful with what I use as well.

    I read the label of ingredients several times on this product. 1- it is not a long list which is SO refreshing! 2- most of the ingredients are easy to understand and 3- it DOESN’T contain our allergens! Yippee!!!! We can use it!

    So now… time to give it a tray and……… (drum-roll, please)
    OH MY GOSH- it feels amazing. It is deeply nourishing. It is a thick product but it soaks in and doesn’t leave the hands feeling sticky or oily after you give it a little time. I am used to accepting oiliness because that is sometimes just necessary due to the type of skincare we need but this amazing cream does not have oily residue after using it and letting it soak in.

    My son has burning due to all his open sores from the eczema after using almost any cream based moisturizer. The first time he used this product, he had no burning. The second time he did have a small amount of burning. This is just part of what happens for my little guy. BUT… we would be thrilled to try an ointment by the same company if that is ever available as well! For now- with how fast we go through moisturizers, I am sure we will be looking to purchase more of this very soon!

    Thank you very much for coming up with a product that is on the natural side that actually helps people like my son and I with our skincare!

  17. SeeKateRWR

    I have eczema on my hands, aggravated by cleaning products and hand-washing, which as you can imagine makes life especially frustrating right now during the pandemic. I am always looking for a good cream, and this one (which I received as a member of the Stellar Product Testing Panel) is fantastic. It is heavier than I expected, but I was shocked by how quickly it settled into my skin! I put it on my 4-year-old son’s chapped lips and not only did he not complain of any stinging but it looks markedly better in the morning when he woke up! I wish I had taken before and after pictures! Overall, this will be a staple in our house, especially in winter. I would absolutely recommend this to hand cream snobs, like myself.

  18. Ali

    I’ve been using Cutemol Sensitive cream for several weeks now, thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel and really love it! I have super dry feet that also get calluses very easily. I’ve been using the cream on my feet at night, after I shower, and my feet are so much softer! It hasn’t gotten rid of the calluses but the calluses are so much softer to touch and my skin feels so moisturized. I also use it on my hands since my hands get super dry from hand washing. I love how quickly the cream is absorbed! I don’t feel greasy at all. I have found with other creams, I need to wear socks after putting it on because it’s so greasy that it would get over my sheets or make me slip when I’m walking. I haven’t had any issues with this cream and never put socks on after applying.

  19. kas1723

    This cream works amazingly well. I have very sensitive skin and was excited to find a product with no fragrance or lanolin derivatives that works.

    I applied this cream to my feet before bed and put socks on. After the first night, I saw a noticeable difference with my dry, cracked heels. I continued nightly use after that for a week and my heels are smoother than they have been in years. I also get dry patches on my knees occasionally and this remedied that after one use. I use this cream during the day when my hands start to feel dry after repeated washing.

    The cream is very thick and heavy, but not greasy. It smells slightly of wax when you initially apply it, but that fades quickly. I was given this emollient to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel, but I will definitely purchase this product going forward.

  20. Tara

    When I first tried the Cutemol Sensitive cream I was skeptical, but eager. It’s getting harder and harder to find skin cream made with safe, gentle, and kind ingredients that actually deliver results. Both my toddlers and myself have sensitive skin, so we have to be diligent about ingredients and have found too often that most lotions aren’t as sensitive as they claim to be.

    Having been let down before, I was very neutral in my expectations for my new Cutemol Sensitive regimen. After steady use, however, I completely changed me tune.

    You see, this past weekend the whole family went camping. 105 degree heat, lots of dirt and rocks, nowhere to swim. It was HOT. The kids had a blast, but my skin’s problem areas (hands, feet, cuticles) were taking a vicious beating. My feet and fingers were cracked, painful, and dry. I brought my Cutemol Sensitive cream along and OH MY GOSH I am SO GLAD I did. This ultra-rich cream seriously saved my sanity. You can’t even tell my hands were cracked and bleeding, and my feet look and feel ten times better than they were 24 hours ago.

    If you are looking for a cream with medicinal qualities in its results, this is it. After steady use for one month I feel like my hands and feet look ten years younger, and it provided so much relief in our harsh camping conditions.

    While I received my Cutemol Sensitive emollient skin cream from the Stellar Product Testing Panel, I plan on purchasing more to keep around the house. It has become a “must-have” product in our house. If you want a skin cream that is made with safer ingredients, that will actually work and make a noticeable difference in the look and feel of your skin, I highly recommend you give Cutemol Sensitive emollient skin cream a try.

  21. kwkich

    I’ve been using this product for a few weeks for dry patches and cracked heals, even for severe chaffing on thighs, and small eczema flareups. The product is very thick, stays put and covers the irritated skin with ease. After a few days you can really tell that it’s working and the chaffing and dry patches were visibly healing and the skin was softer and less discolored. My only issue with the product was that it seemed to separate in the tube and a few times just oils ran out of the tube. Overall it’s a good product that I’d definitely recommend. ** I received this product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel, but all options are my own.

  22. patapan

    I have always had terribly dry cracked heels and tried countless lotions and oils without much success. I was impressed with how well Cutemol worked to reduce the visibility of the cracks and dryness on my heels. It also works well on for eczema on my hands. Overall this is a great choice for those with very dry skin. My thanks to the Stellar product testing panel for allowing me to test this product.

  23. Momof3

    I love that this hand emollient is fragrance free. I apply it before bed and wake up with nice soft hands. It’s a little on the thick side, takes a little effort to rub in, and leaves hands tacky, but that’s why I apply it at night.
    This product is very effective at softening dry cracked hands. The ingredients are effective for eczema prone skin. Along with washing my hands more frequently due to the pandemic, I have a new puppy that has digestive upset and I’ve been washing my hands even more. My hands have been rough, tight, dry, and painful. Applying this every night helped to heal them quickly. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this emollient.

  24. Spanos

    I was thrilled to try out the Cutemol Sensitive cream because I have eczema on my hands and feet. After using it for a few days at nighttime, I definitely noticed a difference… My hands and feet were softer and less dry. I also liked how it melts into your skin rather than leaving a sticky residue like other creams I’ve used. It has a light but not overpowering scent too. I’ll definitely be repurchasing it. Thanks Stellar Product Testing Panel for having me try out this cream!

  25. Nece777

    I absolutely loved this cream. I had never heard of the brand before and wasn’t sure about it. I wash my hands at least 20x a day and so my hands are always dry and there really no point in reapplying lotion after the initial application as it always washes off. I also walk barefoot at home a ton so my feet have some dry spots as well. So I used this cream on both my hands and feet. The cream is nice and moderately thick but thin enough to spread with ease. It’s perfect. After applying the cream it’s not greasy and doesn’t feel like you’re going to drop things. It just feels like your skin is protected. Even after washing your hands a few times. You can still feel the product protecting your skin. It’s doesn’t feel like a residue. It feels more like you’ve washed your hands with moisturizing soap afterwards. I must say I’m a fan and love it. Your skin also feels smoother. Due to sensitive skin I also love the fact that it’s fragrant free and made with ingredients catered towards people with sensitive skin. Thank you to the Stellar Product testing panel for letting me test this amazing product.

  26. Lalanie24

    Having dry feet has always been an issue for me, and typical lotions never solve the problem. Cutemol Sensitive Emollient Cream is probably one of the best creams I have ever used for my feet! The texture is very thick like a paste and it also repels water (it still washes with soap just fine though). The texture might take some getting used to, but it’s the only cream that I’ve found to give me immediate results that consistently keep my feet moisturized and soft all day. It also works like a charm on hands too! I also love that there aren’t any parabens, fragrances, or lanolin. Safe ingredients are very important to me for all the products I buy, for everyone in my household. Thank you WeeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this emollient cream to test and review!

  27. Mama925

    Just when I had another cream in my Amazon cart Stellar Product Testing Panel sent me this emollient and I’m so thankful they did!
    Like so many of us, I’ve been washing my hands a lot more than normal which has caused dry, cracking hands. My husband who works a lot with his hands has also had really bad cracking on his fingers. We both have been using the Cutemol for a couple weeks now and I can see and feel a massive difference. This emollient is thick like an ointment so may feel greasy at first but I found that it needs to be really rubbed in and try to let it set into the skin before washing your hands again so I night and morning application worked best for us. At night wearing a pair of socks over my hands or feet after applying for a few hours also helped lock the moisture in. I loved the non harsh ingredients and neutral to no smell / fragrance.

  28. Rachel

    I used this for dry, cracked hands and heels of my feet. I found that it went on thick and a bit heavy, but it absorbed after a bit and kept my skin moisturized well between hand washings and showers. This was really important to me since I wash my hands a lot, and especially now due to COVID concerns.

    I also liked that this product was made for sensitive skin and did not have any added fragrance or extra unnecessary ingredients since I have eczema and those types of additives can cause flare-ups. I’ve noticed no issues with my eczema and it has helped some of those dry patches I already had.

    Overall I thought this was a good and effective moisturizer that kept my hands from cracking and bleeding. I received this moisturizer as a part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel but that didn’t influence my review.

  29. Breanne

    I have very dry skin, especially on my hands and feet so I’ve tried a lot of products on the market. I really love this Cutemol Sensitive cream! It is thick and luxurious feeling but soaks in quickly so it doesn’t leave any sticky feeling behind. It made a huge difference after just one application on my dry cracked heels. It really soothed my skin and had results that lasted beyond just when I was applying the cream. It also helped soften the skin on my hands and elbows. As a very frequent hand washer, I’m impressed with how well this seemed to continue working even after I washed my hands. I really love that it doesn’t bother my sensitive skin at all and isn’t heavily fragranced. I’m thrilled to have a product that works so well! I was given this emollient to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  30. Dani Crag

    I received Cutemol Sensitive as part of a Stellar Product Testing Panel. I am pretty particular about what goes in and on my body and I felt very comfortable trying this product. It is extremely thick, so I recommend for nighttime use. My hands and feet have been fairly beat up recently with constant sandal usage and (not proud) cuticle anxiety picking on my hands. This really makes a huge difference. I love using it after a shower to seal in the moisture. I even used some on my 3 year old after he looked rashy from being in a bathing suit all day and his skin was clear by morning. My extremely sensitive skin loved this and I felt really comfortable using this on my toddler too.

  31. Darcy P

    I was sent this product to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing. I was a bit skeptical because cream is cream right? However, I was really and pleasantly surprised by the Cutemol Sensitive cream!

    Because of Shelter in Place, I haven’t had a pedicure in about 6 months, and my heels and bottoms of my feet are in horrible condition. I have really dry and cracked heels, and the skin on the balls of my feet start peeling and flaking, and it gets painful.

    I also suffer from eczema on my hands, so I always tend to also have really dry, chapped, and cracking skin on my fingers, which can get quite painful.

    I tried out the Cutemol on both my feet and hands and just found it amazing! No joke! It’s a thick cream and it felt great to put on my heels and the balls of my feet. I started to notice a difference after the first use. I appreciated that it was a very thick cream, but had no scent to it, and while thick, it did not leave a thick sticky residue or very long. It absorbed into my skin quickly. Other creams I have used in the past, have remained sticky or greasy so you either transfer it everywhere or have to rub it off to go about your business. The biggest yes factor for me was the fact that it absorbed in so quickly.

    I also put it on my hands, not expecting much as I have to use a medicated cream on them. I would put it on at night before going to bed. Again, I was pleasantly surprised. It absorbed into my skin quickly, so I wasn’t getting cream all over the sheets, and while it didn’t magically heal my hands, it did go a long way to softening and moisturizing the normally chapped skin.

    I am a big fan of this cream, and would highly recommend it.

  32. KT

    We live in a really dry climate and are always dealing with dry, cracked, bleeding hands and feet. Cutemol Sensitive is thick and creamy and got right down into the dry, cracked areas…and didn’t sting! It’s much thicker than other creams I’ve tried–it almost felt like I was rubbing school glue into my skin (but without the ickiness). Even better, my son has extremely sensitive skin–any kind of lotion stings and makes him cry. With Cutemol Sensitive HE DIDN’T CRY! It’s worked really well on my summer flip-flop heels–I’m excited to have it during the winter for our family’s cracked and bleeding knuckles and fingertips.
    Thanks so much to Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending me this cream to try. We’re lifelong customers now!

  33. Steph

    The Cutemol sensitive cream to me is one of the top creams to use for very dry and cracked skin. The container is the perfect size to have as you can slip the cream in your purse, diaper bag, work bag or even your pocket. This cream does not have an odor that works for people who have sensitive reactions to scents. Once applied it’s not sticky and has a nice thick texture which keeps your hands and even foot heels smooth and moisturized for hours. This cream can be applied before or after showing and is very convenient if you are on the go and need to moisturize your hands. I found this cream is perfect for dry hands after washing them so much during the day. Overall, this is a great, cream to have and I am recommending everyone to try it. Thanks to Stellar product testing panel for providing me this cream to test out and review it’s amazing!

  34. Araecali

    I received Cutemol Sensitive to test as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I have psoriasis and I get patches on my hands when I get them wet too often. I have a prescription for it but I’m only to use it once a day. For the in between times I can use Cutemol Sensitive whenever I want. The cream is very soothing and helped minimize the psoriasis patches. It doesn’t feel tacky either like most creams do. My only complaint is that the smell isn’t the best.

  35. LR

    I really like this cream. It works so well at moisturizing my super dry heels. It takes a little effort to rub in and take a minute or two to absorb, but it isn’t greasy. It feels super thick and a tiny bit goes a loooong way. The results last for a few days, far better than any other lotion I have tried. My feet aren’t even as bad as usual in the photos (believe it or not haha) since I had used this Cutemol a few days before but I had been to the pool and chlorinated water is so drying. A few minutes after applying, what a difference! Ok, not foot model ready but still, I can wear sandals with out being worried.

    Great for my dry hands too. I cannot wait to use this in the winter to combat the cracked skin I get on my hands.

    There is no scent which is great. Limited ingredient list that checks out well; super low/no toxicity or yucky other things.

    Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for the chance to test out this product.

  36. WifeMomLove

    My husband and I both have dry skin. My husband has such dry skin that it will crack and bleed daily. His dermatologist recommended a lotion which he has used but nothing has compared to how well this cream worked for him. He did one application on his feet, put socks on and went to bed. He woke up the next morning and the first thing he said to me was, “That stuff is awesome!! I’ve never felt relief so quickly and I can actually walk on my feet without pain.” He’s hooked!

    As for my dry skin, my hands and especially my knuckles can get really dry from washing my hands constantly with changing diapers, and everyday mom life. We recently moved and my hands took a beating from the cardboard boxes. They were the driest I’ve ever had. Knuckles were hard and flaking and my palms have even gotten dry. After applying, my hands instantly looked better and felt smoother. We keep it right in the kitchen for easy access. My only gripe is that it can feel greasy if you use too much so it took some time to figure out what amount worked best for my skin. Don’t get discouraged. It’s amazing to find a product that uses safe ingredients the whole family can use to see results. I included a photo of my palm before applying and after. I have been using the cream awhile so it’s not nearly as dry as when I started. Thank you Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  37. Jenn

    Although I received the Cutemol Sensitive cream for free through the Stellar Product Testing Panel, everything stated in this review is my own.

    The Cutemol Sensitive cream comes out rich and thick. It doesn’t take much to cover both hands (a little more than pea-size amount for me). It’s quick to sooth dry, itchy spots and provides relief for several hours. I especially liked using this at night on my feet to moisturize and sooth my dry, cracked skin. It instantly relieved the itchiness I get from dry skin. After a few nights, I began to see improvement in my skins overall dryness. This has also been a huge relief on my hands from all the hand washing. When it’s first put on it does feel a little slippery; however, this quickly goes away, leaving your skin feeling smooth.

    My favorite part about this cream are the ingredients. This cream is fragrance free and contains healthy ingredients! I break out to so many creams, lotions, and all fragrances — but this cream didn’t bother me at all! My skin actually has the chance to heal from daily life with this cream. During a a time when my skin is under a lot of wear from hand washing, I love having this cream as part of my routine to soothe and encourage healing at the end of the day. This cream is long lasting, healing, and gives my skin that sweet relief we all need after a long day.

  38. denvermomto3

    I was really impressed by the Cutemol Sensitive cream. My hands get very dry and my skin cracks, mainly because I work as a cashier. I use my hands constantly and use hand sanitizer between every customer. Using Cutemol Sensitive at night has really healed my skin. I look forward to using it during the winter too! I will definitely purchase this again and again. It works great and I know that the ingredients are well-thought-out and safe. Thank you to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for letting me try this product.

  39. CV

    I have dry hands, with eczema, that is worse in the winter and with frequent handwashing. My hands can be itchy and painful at times and it is important that I keep them moisturized. I have been using Cutemol Sensitive for a few weeks now. I find that if I use it 2-3 times a day after washing my hands, my hands stay moisturized and my eczema is much better. It is thick and moisturizing and stays on better than other hand creams. It is a little greasy at first, but that seems to go away after a few minutes. I also like that it is fragrance and paraben free.

    I received this product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  40. Sara G.

    This cream is amazing and it works! My daily routine and job includes washing my hands a lot and that leaves them dry at the knuckles (especially during winter). I’ve tried lots of different creams but this one is the ONLY one that I’ve used that works and doesn’t include some sort of irritating fragrance and didn’t leave me feeling greasy after application.
    I used the cream at night and after I showered on my hands and my elbows and I felt and saw results after that first use. A little goes a long way with each application and I’m happy to say I’m not embarrassed by rough and dry hands anymore. I recommend trying this cream out, especially if you have sensitive skin! Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing this product to me to review.

  41. Dorit

    I wasn’t sure what would make this cream better than others… and with all the handwashing, sanitizing, and cracked skin I felt kind of desperate. Cutemol Sensitive is magic. It truly is. It’s rich and thick and just wraps your skin up in this moisturizing cocoon. I put it on the super dry spots on my fingers, and on my cracked heels and immediately felt a difference from one day to the next. There were a couple of days here and there within a matter of a few weeks that I didn’t apply it and my skin went back to the dry cracked mess that it was. On my heels I would apply and put socks on and my heels are back to normal. As soon as this is done I will definitely get more and will probably send some to friends too who could use it. Fragrance free which made me happy and the ingredients seemed ok to me – nothing felt unsafe or terrible for my skin. I feel like nothing else will compare to how great this cream is and the price is super reasonable for how effective this is…I won’t go back to anything else after this. I received the product through the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  42. Aloha_EC

    Love how thick and moisturizing this cream is! I used for my dry elbows and heels and knees and it really helped. They are no longer cracked which is amazing! My favorite result is on my feet – they were super dry and cracked and now they are smooth and starting to look prettier! I will definitely purchase more to continue the excellent progress. I like the ingredients and appreciate the safer ingredients. Now that I am pregnant again I want to ensure everything is safe! Thank you so much to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending me this product to test and review!

  43. Eduncan

    I received this product to review from the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I like products with a simple ingredient list and was excited to try Cutemol sensitive. My knees are always chapped and dry, but after the first night of use saw immediate improvement. I’m looking forward to trying it in the winter months too when my hands are chapped and dry.

  44. Brookewprice

    I adore this stuff! We recently moved to high altitude and I was struggling with dry skin. Enter the most emollient, non-greasy, quick absorbing cream ever!!! I used this everywhere from my feet to my hands to my elbows and also on dry patches on my chin and forehead. I didn’t get any clogged pores on my face and the dry patches were gone by morning. I was able to test this through the Stellar Panel Parent Program.

  45. ejohnston

    As a family who struggles with eczema & very dry skin, year round, I was so excited to use the Cutemol Sensitive emollient skin cream. Lately, I have personally been washing my hands so much more and the area around my ring has become very dry and irritated. After using Cutemol Sensitive on the area for just a day I noticed a huge difference in how moisturized it was and less irritated the area was. Over a few weeks of using it the sensitive areas have decreased and I hardly noticed them now. For our kiddos who struggle with eczema (on areas like legs, elbows, creases on arms, etc.) it has been a huge help to how irritated the skin was getting and reduced the redness. I am so impressed. Also, I love that there are no fragrances & parabens added, as this is something I watch out for in products I use and I use on my kids. I recommend this product to anyone who struggles with dry skin or eczema. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this emollient.

  46. KYost

    I am always a skeptic, especially when it comes to moisturizers as I have tried hundreds in my lifetime and rarely found one that met all of my expectations. So, when I Tried Cutemol Sensitive through the Stellar Product Testing Panel, I didn’t have much hope for the product. Before using, it met my high standards for ingredients, using nothing that would be harmful or toxic for my body. I put it on my problem areas (hands and heels) at night and woke up to literally new skin. My cuticles were smooth and strong. My heels were still soft and smooth! I really couldn’t believe it. I now use it nightly and no longer get tears in my cuticles and the cracks in my heel’s skin are rapidly disappearing. I am amazed and a total convert. I’m now using this cream on my entire body and I have the skin of my youth back.

  47. NRod84

    When I first opened the tube, I expected a cream or ointment type, but instead it almost felt like diaper rash cream, which I guess makes sense since diaper rash cream is meant to stay on while to help heal damaged skin even while baby has a diaper on. It’s super thick and a bit sticky. A little goes a long way. I would definitely use this at night, especially if you plan to use it on your feet. My heels and feet have been super dry, so I put some on after a shower and then covered my feet with socks. When I woke up the next morning, my feet were softer than before. Occasionally I’d apply it to my elbows or knees, but just a tiny bit to avoid the tackiness. I used it several nights in a row and I will say that my feet got a lot softer than they had with other products. The trick though, is using it at night with socks. If you hate sleeping with socks, this might not be for you! Overall, it does what it says and moisturizes and soothes dry, cracked skin. I received this product through Stellar Product Testing Panel in exchange for my honest review.

  48. Ronareviews

    I received this product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I recently moved from a nice humid climate to an extremely dry one rendering me vulnerable to cracked heels and dry knees, elbows, and hands. After trying the Cutemol Sensitve cream only once, I saw an incredible difference in the texture of my elbows and knees! I also tried doing the sock treatment recommended on the back and it made a noticeable difference in my heels. It didn’t completely get rid of the cracked heel, but it definitely made it softer. The cream doesn’t have any parabens or fragrances, which is something I look for in the products I use and is a huge plus! The only aspect I just couldn’t stand is the smell. Typically, I’m not too concerned about the smell, but it smelled something akin to gasoline. Overall, I would still recommend it to friends and family for its effectiveness alone!

  49. Liz

    This cream was nice to use and I thank the Stellar Product Testing Panel for allowing me to try it. I noticed that when I used it right after a shower that it absorbed much easier and didn’t leave my skin feeling oily, but unfortunately when I would use it other times during the day I was left feeling oily. It did seem to help with the extreme dryness but I didn’t like the oily feeling.

  50. agollie

    If you’re looking for an emollient without all the nasty ingredients that actually works, Cumetol Sensitive is for you. I am super sensitive to fragrances and this product has none. My feet have always been horrible despite my constant care. Lotions, petroleum jelly, homemade concoctions offer little relief. When Stellar Panel asked if I was interested in reviewing a new emollient I was skeptical, but Cumetol Sensitive instantly put any negative thoughts out of mind. My feet were severely cracked and calloused upon first use. I followed the suggested directions and when I woke up the next morning my feet were nearly healed. Continued use had my summer bare feet looking spa good in no time! This emollient is the perfect creamy thickness and a little goes a long way. This product won a place in my nighttime routine. I received this product in return for my unbiased review from the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  51. Julie

    Thanks to Stellar Panel for sending this emollient to me to try. I think the cream is phenomenally rich. It certainly moisturized my poor heels and elbows. It is very heavy for my taste personally, but if you are asking if it works then I can easily answer that with an affirmative “YES IT WORKS!”. I use it at night after showering, then immediately putting on socks. Come morning I can’t believe that I still can feel the cream on my feet, it is that effective. I like that the ingredients are safe, and there are no harsh fragrances.

  52. Sarah

    I was thankful to be given the opportunity to review this product for the Stellar Product Testing Panel. After all of the hand washing as of late, my hands could definitely use some extra moisture. I also needed a good cream for elbows and heels. After using Cutemol Sensitive for several weeks, I definitely noticed a difference in my skin. The cracks went away and my skin was much more moisturized and stayed that way. I didn’t need to continuously reapply which was great. One negative would be the texture of the cream. It was more on the sticky side which was a little bothersome. Because of this, I preferred to use the Cutemol at night. Overall, the cream made a positive difference but the texture could use a little work!

  53. Gina P

    I received this product Cutemol sensitive moisturizing cream through Stellar product testing panel to test. I used this cream on my feet, elbows and hands. It kept my skin moisturized for hours. I wash my hands constantly at work so this cream really helped with my dry hands. As far as putting the cream on your feet. I would suggest doing at night before bed as the cream is very thick. I like that the ingredients are safe to use and for sensitive skin since I do have sensitive skin. Since the product is fragrance free the cream didn’t smell nice but it wasn’t a bad smell either.

  54. lizh945

    My hands are always super dry, they get cracks and I also get eczema on my fingers. They need an extra strength moisturizer, something that will keep them moisturized for a while that won’t irritate my sensitive skin. I mainly used Cutemol Sensitive on my hands, I’d put it on at night and by morning my hands were noticeably softer. My dry patches were less rough too. My eczema was slightly improved as well. However, the formula is like glue! It’s hard to rub in and just feels very weird on your hands. Maybe it has to be that way to do what it does but I couldn’t get past it. I will use up my tube but I don’t know if I’ll get another one just because of this. I think this product is great if you have sensitive skin and need a good hand moisturizer, but be prepared for the formula. Thank you to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this product.

  55. RiRo_5

    I received this product as a sample from Stellar product testing, the consistency was the first thing I noticed it was almost like a thick ointment without the “melting” it spread on thickly and creamy and was not at all greasy. I wasn’t too sure since honestly the label on it wasn’t that inviting

  56. AlissaT

    I have super dry hands and this is the first product I’ve found that truly makes a noticable difference. It is a bit greasier than I am use to, which took some getting use to. But aside from that, it has done wonders for my hands. I’ve also used it on my dry elbows and ankles. The dry red patches I typically have, have been greatly reduced. I’m definitely a big fan! I also like that the ingredients are on the ‘safer’ side. This is very important to myself and my family. I received this product through the Stellar Product Testing Panel in exchange for my honest review

  57. P&JsMom

    Cutemol Sensitive Emollient Skin Cream is an excellent bedtime moisturizing product. I used it on my hands, elbows, feet, and heels and immediately notified softer skin. And with repeated use my hands became softer, my heals became less cracked, and my skin overall less dry.
    I like that there aren’t any acids, like with some, no parabens, and no added fragrance. The first four ingredients are water, mineral oil, wax, and beeswax and it has a nice, natural smell.
    The one draw back for me was because of the thickness and consistency, it’s not an anytime use cream. But other than that I think it is a great product.
    I received this product through the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  58. Nguyen717

    Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel, I got rid of some very sensitive dry skin patches while testing the Cutemol Sensitive emollient. I’ve always had relatively dry skin, with concentrated rough patches on my feet, knees, and arms. With the increase in hand washing and cleaning, I’ve noticed my hands were getting very rough and dry as well. When I received the Cutemol, I tried it on all of my dry patches and noticed the relief from the moisture immediately. However, I realized I couldn’t use it after every wash like a hand cream due to its emollient, thick texture; it takes a while to absorb fully so I found it best applied at night before bed. My skin has improved significantly in 2-3 weeks! No more scaly, peeling rough patches!

  59. MelissaHG

    I was given this emollient to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. As someone who has suffered from dry skin and eczema for the last 20 years of my life, I am always on the hunt for great moisturizing creams to help with my severely dry skin. My main problem areas are my hands (from frequent hand sanitizer exposure due to my work in healthcare) and my heels. I was excited to receive this product and try it out to see if it helped! This cream is thick and applies easily to any area. It seems to be designed not to soak into the skin, but rather create a barrier to hold in moisture. While it helped somewhat with my dry skin, it was fairly greasy, making it difficult to use during the day and only suitable for applying prior to sleeping. There was no fragrance to the cream which is a must for anyone with sensitive skin like mine. Overall, this cream was a good addition to my night time routine, however will not be replacing my daytime moisturizers due to its greasy feeling once applied.

  60. AParis3

    I had dry, rough patches on my knees that would drink up any other lotion or balm that I tried until Cutemol Sensitive! I slathered this emollient on thick right out of the shower at nighttime and woke up to soft knees for the first time ever! I have even convinced my husband to use some on his hobbit feet and it has made a world of difference. Because it is so thick, it is difficult to completely rub in the white color, which is why I prefer to use it at night. But that’s the only drawback. I’m so grateful to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for allowing me to try this emollient and I cannot wait for it to hit shelves so I can stock up!

  61. Laurel_Olivia

    I deal with dry peeling fingers, dry heels and toes, and dry flaky skin on my ankles and elbows and was given this product to try tbrough the Stellar Product Testing Panel. It works pretty well at providing long-lasting moisture in my dry skin. I felt like it worked best on my dry feet. Its very thick and reminds me of the texture of school glue but didn’t leave a greasy feel once it was rubbed in. The package reccommends applying to damp skin so I found the best results when I applied right after a shower, then leaving on overnight. I try to avoid fragrance in skin products so I appreciate the formula geared towards sensitive skin.

  62. BusyTwinMom

    With twin babies, I spend waaaay too much time washing bottles, dishes, pump parts, and toys thrown on the ground. Even though I tried switching dish soaps and lotions, my hands were
    awful. They were SO dry and scaly, and sometimes they would crack (ouch!).

    That’s why I was excited to try cūtemol sensitive emollient skin cream as part of Stellar Product’s Testing Panel. I put cūtemol sensitive on at bedtime, and after a few days, my hands were once again soft and moisturized. The ingredients aren’t quite as “natural” as I prefer, but desperate times call for desperate measures. But they don’t use any parabens, fragrances, or lanolin derivatives, which is reassuring.

    I’m definitely going to keep using cūtemol sensitive when my hands need some extra TLC.

  63. emily346

    I received this product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

    This cream is awesome! It acts like a super thick ointment but is thinner like a cream. I used it on my very dry, cracked heels and it made all the difference. Gone was the white, gross, dry skin and hello to the shiny, healthy looking heels. I loved how they looked in sandals. I’ve always struggled with them, and this product was one of the best.

    The only downside is that it is slippery when walking barefoot. It is summer now, while i’m testing this, so obviously it wouldn’t be a problem in winter boots.

    Overall, I loved the cream & will most certainly continue to use it in the future.

  64. Caitlyn B

    I received this product for a fair and honest review. This lotion was perfect for dry cracked hands after using so much sanitizer lately. It is a thick texture but comes out of tube smoothly and goes on hands same way. Deeply moisturizes hands and between fingers for a very soft feeling. There is no smell which is great. Will definitely be buying again.

  65. Susie

    I received this cream to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. This is now one of my top favorite creams for healing extremely dry cracked skin. I started using this cream on my hands, elbows and feet as these are my general problem areas. You can actually start to see the difference from the day you start applying it.

    It is for sensitive skin and is free of any harmful chemicals so I can use it with ease knowing I’m putting a safe high quality product on and I’m not lathering up with harmful chemicals. Also, there’s no scent which is great and allows me to take it to work with me. I work in a call center & there’s a strict no scent policy to help those with scent sensitivities. So that’s a big plus.

    After about a week of daily use, my dry cracked hands, elbows and heels softened up. For the first time in a while I didn’t have dry peeling cuticles on my fingers & my elbows didn’t scratch against my clothes while dressing. My heels had a significant improvement, maybe once summer is over and it’s no longer flip flop/ sandal season I’ll get completely smooth heels but right now, I live in AZ & it’s too hot to wear regular shoes so my heels are always exposed and stay on the rougher side. I did notice a level of change though.

    The only downside is that it is very greasy. I did read on the instructions that you can wet you’re hands before applying to reduce some of the greasiness. I did that, it did help a little, but it still had left a heavy greasy feel. It did get absorbed quickly so it wasn’t too bad to deal with. But I couldn’t really use it like when I was at my desk at work or I was about to leave and needed to be able to open doors and stuff.

    Overall, I love the cream & if it wasn’t for the greasiness, I’d give it 5 stars. I wouldn’t use it as a daily go to, but definitely would be my go to when my skin got severely dry and started cracking.

  66. Ragepotter

    Due to the COVID pandemic and frequent hand washing, my hands have become extremely dry and I actually developed ezcema. I was so excited to receive Cutemol Sensitive moisturizer from Stellar Panel to try. This lotion is thick and does a great job keeping my dry hands very moisturized for a long time. I put this on at night before bed, and my hands and feet still feel moisturized in the morning. I love that there are no parabens and other harmful products, as I have a young one at home. The only thing I don’t like that much is that it does take a while for it to absorb, and so my hands feel quite oily for a while after putting this on. But I guess that’s exactly what you need to tackle those dry hands!

  67. Mamabear14

    I have been using Cutemol Sensitive after the shower on my feet, elbows and knees as well as some other small patches of dryness. It is extremely emollient which makes it a very thick bit is not greasy or sticky. My sensitive skin does not do well with artificial fragrances or parabens and this is free of both. It does take a little while to absorb bit it does not block my pores like similar products. The packaging is underwhelming but don’t let that deter you from trying this for your sensitive and dry skin. I received this as per of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. My review is unbiased and I will be returning to this product when I run out of my first bottle.

  68. Arck26

    Overall, this cream moisturizes as promised. It is greasy at first, but overall it absorbs better than I anticipated based on the thick texture. I initially used it on my hands and elbows throughout the day. My hands get red, dry and irritated from very frequent hand-washing, and this cream did not sting or burn when applying. It was soothing and felt like it provided protection. However, I found that I was often having to wipe my palms afterward in order to complete most activities.

    As I said, it’s very thick and difficult to spread, even more so on dry hands, so I started using it more as a nighttime treatment on my heels. The instructions do state that the product will spread more easily on damp skin (i.e. immediately after washing hands, after showering) which I absolutely found to be true, but this made the cream less versatile, and it seemed more appropriate to use it as a “treatment” rather than a moisturizer to use frequently throughout the day. It worked well on my heels when applied after a shower and followed by socks overnight (again, suggested by the instructions). This softened the dry and rough skin on my heels over several days with very consistent use.

    I like that this cream has no parabens or artificial fragrances. I like for any cream I use on my hands especially to be fragrance free, as I care for my small children throughout the day, and it’s important for me to not expose them to artificial fragrances. I also appreciated the easy flip top on the tube, which makes it easy to access even when my hands had already had cream applied.

    Overall, this is an effective cream that I found to be more appropriate for use as a daily treatment for dry skin, rather than for multiple applications throughout the day that might require quick absorption and little residue. Thank you to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing this product for me to review.

  69. Estrout

    Due to being a type 1 diabetic and living in the Alaskan weather, dry skin is a year-round problem for me. I have tried everything from serums to lotions to oils, but none have worked as well as Cutemol Sensitive Emollient Skin Cream. Because it was made with safer ingredients, which is very important due to having sensitive skin, I didn’t have any reactions to it. Usually, I have to slowly incorporate new products into my regimen but with Cutemol Sensitive I was able to use it right away with no side effects. I have used it on my hands, elbows, knees, and the whole of my foot. It moisturized every area that I put it on very well. It is a very thick cream so it only went where I was meaning it to go instead of dripping everywhere. However, it was very oily feeling once applied. The box says to use at night and that should be taken seriously. The first time I put it on was in the afternoon and I felt like it took hours to absorb into my skin. After that experience, I only applied at night. I liked to put it on my feet and then sleep with socks on. My feet felt so hydrated when I woke up and it helped me feel confident wearing sandals again without dried out feet. I just wish I didn’t feel stuck to night use and would be able to use whenever I wanted an extra boost of hydration. Overall this product is fantastic for hydrating those extra rough areas and I highly recommend it. Thank you Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending me this excellent product to test out.

  70. texasmama5

    Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this emollient. I have lived in a humid and dry climate but still end up with dry areas particularly my hands and severely cracked heels. Overall, this cream works! It did the job and helped my hands feel soft again and my heels are no longer cracked. It truly works! I wanted to use it on other less severe dry spots such as my elbows and knees but didn’t consistently apply in these areas because the cream was so greasy. I didn’t like the greasy, oily feel of the cream. I wanted to apply it more often throughout the day or on other problem spots but it was too greasy to apply during the day and left me feeling like I needed to wash my hands so I only applied the cream before bed and then put socks on my hands and feet while sleeping so that my bed didn’t end up greasy. My favorite part is that my hands and feet are soft again. The ingredients are safe and somewhat natural and I appreciated the unscented aspect as I value safety in what I put on my body. I highly recommend this cream as a nighttime cream and just wish it weren’t so greasy so I could use it during the day as well.

  71. Katie

    So this stuff is so incredibly thick that it’s weird putting it on at first. Make sure your skin is wet and it goes on better. Definitely great to use at night on feet and then cover with socks overnight. I’ve always had a problem with my heels being so rough and dry. Nothing ever worked well enough for me to continue using it until I met cutemol. It is difficult to use during the day because of its thickness but is great overnight. It has really improved my skin (hands and feet) and I will always use it! I also use it on my daughter’s eczema and it has drastically improved those itchy red patches and I trust the ingredients to be able to use it on her. I have a feeling this will be a lifesaver come winter time! I only gave it four stars because of the thickness and that it’s a bit messy to apply. I received this product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  72. Nashmom

    I was excited to receive Cutemol Senditive cream from the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I have notoriously dry hands, feet, and knees and alsobhave very sensitive skin. I used this product on dry, cracked skin at night and it definitely provides a thick layer of protection and I could feel a noticeable difference after a few days. The only downside is the cream initially comes out very watery so I always had to open it over the sink.

  73. Kburgess

    When you’re in the midst of a global pandemic and can’t get your bi-weekly pedicures, cue Cutemol Sensitive! Stellar Product Testing Panel came through at the perfect time, sending me this cream to help cure dry and cracked skin. I was really excited to try out this product because I have constant dry heels. Especially since nail salons have been closed, my poor heels have been taking a hit. They are almost incurable! When I first used this product, the texture had me hooked. It is thick and glides on smooth. You can feel the instant effects of relief of dryness and cracked skin. I used it on my heels mostly, but rubbed any excess all over. I kept this cream in my nightstand so I could have easy access to it right before bed. I would apply it on thick and when I woke up it the morning, I was always pleased to see smoother heels. A little bit goes a long way, which I believe is important when it comes to beauty products. If you are using cleaner ingredients in your products, you should be having to use less. I am a huge proponent for clean beauty, so safer ingredients is a huge win in my book. The only reason I took off one star for this product was due to the fact that a few times I would go to use it and a clear water-like liquid would come out. The product is thick, so shaking it up didn’t really do much. I am not sure if ingredients settled a certain way, or if it is a flaw in the formula. This was the only negative point to Cutemol Sensitive. I would buy this product again regardless and I would absolutley refer it to my friends. Hey, I might even start bringing it along to my next pedicure appointment!

  74. Love JoJo

    I received this product for free as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel in exchange for my honest review. I have really dry and chapped hands because I was my hands alot. I’m not fond of using lotion besides one brand I found that doesn’t leave my skin sticky and greasy after using it. I was excited to try this Cutemol product and see if it really works. My first impression was that the label one the box looked generic and not very appealing to want to buy it. Per the directions you must use it when your skin is damp so I used it after I showered the first time. When I squeezed out the cream it reminded me of the waxy butt creams for babies. The feel wasn’t as pleasant thats why it is rated 4 stars. I applied the cream vigorously onto my hands and forearms and it was leaving white waxy streaks. I didn’t like the waxy feeling too but I gave it time and after 5 minutes of waiting my hands were moisturized and soft! The waxy feeling also disappeared! It didn’t feel like i had put anything on my hands which I love love love! I used it for a whole week straight and I really like it besides the waxy feeling when you first apply it. I’ve also started using it on my 1 year olds face because he has bad eczema and everything i tried isn’t working. So far it is working well which I’m very happy. I love the natural ingredients too where I know what is in it. I’d say if I can get passed that icky waxy feeling in the beginning anyone can too and will like this product.

  75. TheOtherDre

    I have always suffered from dry skin! Being a mom seemed to worsen things as I felt like I was washing my hands 10x as often! I have some eczema flare ups and I used this lotion to help with some of those spots on my hands and feet.

    It wasn’t an overnight miracle of course…but I noticed improvement with continued use! It was a little challenging to rub it in,sometimes leaving a bit or a residue. But it definitely helped!

    I also used it on my heels to help soften the skin their between pedicures and it worked great. I’d recommend this to others who need more intense moisture for some tough spots on your hands and feet.

    Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this emollient.

  76. Holly52

    I received this product through the Stellar Product Testing Panel.
    This stuff really works, I have a plethora of dry skin, my heels, knees, elbows and hands. I used this cutemol luotion primarily on my hands knees and elbows.
    I did not put it on my heels as much as I would have liked, mostly because I have live in sandals right now and dry heels will happen no matter what.
    Anyways, this lotion has really reduced my dry skin and added softness back into my hands, knees and elbows. The more I used it, the better the results. My hands have never been soft since I am a fitness junkie and love to lift weights. But my calluses on my hands are gone. My knees are no longer rough and my elbows no longer cut someone if I rub against them. Thanks to cutemol lotion.
    Only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because to the waxy feeling residue it leaves on the skin for a little bit. Although I’m sure that’s the reason it works so well is that protective layer it leaves behind to help moisturize.

  77. starr5678

    For the most part, I liked Cutemol Sensitive. I used it mostly on my feet, applying after a shower and then putting socks on. It left my feet soft and moisturized. I appreciate that the ingredients are noncomedogenic and without any of the bad stuff like paraben. I like that it’s unscented. I did try this on my extremely acne-prone face one night – it definitely moisturized and did not break me out. The one thing that I really dislike about Cutemol Sensitive is that it left a greasy film on my skin. I had to wear socks so I didn’t slide all over the bathroom floor after applying it. I hated the greasy feeling on my face, and while it didn’t break me out (a small miracle), I would not put it on my face again due to the greasiness.

    I was given this emollient to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  78. slb975

    I was given this emollient to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. The product was thick so I knew it was going to do the job of fixing the cracks in my hands from too much washing and sanitizing. The lack of scent was a huge positive for me. I am always looking for unscented products. The emollient does leave a bit of a greasy feel until it has fully dried. I walked around with my hands up for a while after applying so as not to transfer any of it to clothing or household items. I also used this on my heels and it really softened them. Overall this product works very well. My favorite result is that my hands that were looking old and crepey (I am not that old) looked smooth after use.

  79. SMathew

    I was excited for the opportunity to try the new Cutemol Sensitive Emollient Skin Cream as I often have dry skin concerns. The Stellar Product Testing panel provided me a bottle to try but it did not impress me. I work in the healthcare industry and wash my hands over 10 times a day – as this takes a toll on my skin I was looking forward to using a cream that would help alleviate my skin issues. Upon dispensing the cream, a weird amount of fluid would come out as well. I have not used many moisturizers that separate into cream and clear liquid. I tried seeing if shaking the bottle would help but I really did not. Every time I tried to take some of the cream, liquid would spurt out as well. The cream portion itself does not have any odd scent and does moisturize my skin, but it also ends up feeling oily and even waxy at times. This type of moisturizer makes it difficult to don gloves as needed and does not leave a nice feeling throughout the day. I could see it being more beneficial for use prior to bedtime to allow the moisturizer to heal the skin. It did not cause any skin irritation, but I do not recommend it for regular use outside our prior to bedtime.

  80. LadyElven

    Super thick and takes a while to absorb. Skin feels protected after applying, but benefits don’t last after washing hands. Might work better for someone who can reapply consistently after washing hands.
    I was given this emollient to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  81. Satost

    Cutemol Sensitive is excellent for moisturizing and protecting very dry, cracked skin. I used it on my feet, hands, and elbows and it definitely improved the look and feel of my skin. The cream has beeswax and no parabens or fragrances which I appreciate. It is very greasy, so I do not recommend using it unless you can put on socks immediately or wear gloves if using it on feet/hands. So, because of this I only used it at bedtime after a shower and by morning it made a big difference. I did remove the socks and gloves at some point during the night and they weren’t greasy anymore.
    Overally, I would recommend this product for use at bedtime only if using on hands. But as long as you can cover the area with socks, etc, then it’s an excellent moisturizer and protectant. This will be amazing to use during those winter months when my skin cracks and bleeds.
    I was given this emollient to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  82. Deb

    With all of the hand-washing we’ve been doing lately (+ potty training!!), my eczema on my hands is off the charts. So I’ve been hoping for a miracle lotion. Cutemol Sensitive is very thick and definitely stays put on my hands and didn’t aggravate my eczema or sting like some lotions. However, I found it just too sticky to use frequently. I think it might be good at night, under gloves. The smell and stickiness reminded me a lot of pure lanolin, although it doesn’t contain any. Even though I decided this isn’t the lotion for me, I appreciate the opportunity to try it, thanks to my sample from the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  83. MamaBlamer

    The cutemol sensitive emollient skin cream has a nice smooth texture. I like that cream is thick feeling. It has a waxy smell to it but its not too bad. The cream does have a tendency to separate in the tube. I like that the cream is not sticky and doesnt contain petroleum. The ingredients being more natural is very nice. I used the cream on my dry cracked heels. They are my most troublesome area with dry skin. I used the cream with wet feet and dry feet. I didnt see much differnce using this cream. I used it several times a day without much improvement. I have this problem with many products that just dont help. So i cant say this wont work on someone else it just doesnt work for me. I recived this product free as part of the Stellar Reviews Testing Panel.

  84. NYCMom

    I have very dry skin, especially on my hands, so I have tried many different creams over the years. I like this one overall, but I find it a bit too greasy for frequent use. It is nice and thick, and provides immediate relief for my hands when they feel chapped and tight. Because of the ingredients (or lack of bad ingredients), I feel comfortable using this often, even on places where I have small cracks. But it doesn’t absorb very quickly, so my hands are left feeling a bit greasy. I have also used the cream on my feet with socks over it, and my feet are still a bit greasy/slippery in the morning. But not a problem if you put on shoes!

    Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this emollient.

  85. Asell09

    I really wanted to like this cream. I have eczema and dry patches on my feet and elbows and I thought it would be great to clear it up, but it was just messy. I may have gotten a bad batch but my lotion kept seperating and I would end up with the oil leaking through my fingers and the actual lotion would stay in the container. I would try to mix up the lotion and shake it but it kept separating. When it did stay together it was really thick going on and hard to get into my skin. Smell wasn’t bad though and it did moisturize. Thank you to the steller product testing panel for sending me the product to review.

  86. cmbarnaby

    The product does do as it indicates, but is a tad too thick. It also feels sticky for quite some time after use. I was surprised at the packaging as it seems a bit out dated. Perhaps a newer photo would represent the quality better. I am grateful for the opportunity to test the product thanks to Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  87. Heykrayk

    I personally did not like this product due to the greasy feeling it leaves behind on my hands. I would prefer it to absorb a little better. I received this product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel in exchange for my honest review.

  88. Jjjb579

    While this skin cream is very moisturizing, it is even more sticky. I like that there isn’t an overwhelming scent that a lot of lotions can have. It did help my dry elbows, but definitely err on the side of less product while using. I received this emollient from the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  89. Eprissel

    Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for giving me this cream to test. I have some very tough dry-skin areas on my arms, feet, and hands. With all the sanitizer and hand-washing lately, my hands are drier than ever! I found this cream really did a great job on these tough areas. However, the feel of it wasn’t great for regular use. I used some at night before bed and it helped my ankles and the “chicken skin” on the back of my arms. I couldn’t handle it on my hands unless I mixed it with regular lotion. I didn’t mind the smell, but my husband really disliked it, so that made things difficult when I wore it to bed. I think the high ingredient of mineral oil was very helpful in moisturizing without giving me any unwanted skin reactions. Overall, for anyone with a real skin struggle, I would recommend this, but it is not for casual dry hands or regular/daily use

  90. Fitness Coach

    I am torn between liking and disliking the thickness of the cream. For night use, I think the thickness is great because it feels like it would give long lasting moisture throughout the night. During the day it is way too greasy to have on my hands. I do not like the film it leaves behind at all. The cream did help my cracked hands and feet so the product definitely does at it says. It also worked to help dryness on my elbows and the tips of my fingers due to washing my hands frequently. My favorite results from using the cream was the difference I saw in the heals of my feet. A lot of the dryness I had in my heals from wearing sandals frequently has drastically improved. I love the ingredients of the cream, especially the contents that are lacking such as parabens, fragrance, and lanolin. The one thing I did not like about the ingredients was the smell. I prefer products with little to no smell, but this cream had a very waxy smell that I did not enjoy. I received this product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  91. Malybee

    My feet are dry and cracked year round so I was excited to try this product out and was really happy about the ingredients, but the consistency took me by surprise. The packaging looked familiar and I noticed this company also makes triple paste (the only diaper cream that has worked for our family) and while I really wanted to love it, the consistency is the same as triple paste diaper cream. I didn’t have immediate results, and the consistency unfortunately kept me from reaching for it on a regular basis. Keep socks nearby when you apply on your feet because you wouldn’t want this stuff on your floor. I didn’t try this on other areas of my body, but judging by how long it takes to rub the remaining product into your hands it may not be worth it. I was given this emollient to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  92. IsabellaH

    I’ve been using this cream for a few days on my really dry elbows and heels and also on my hands. I use it after I shower every night, just before bed.

    I love how rich the formula is and how a little bit goes a long way. I also love how it’s not greasy and never stained my clothes or bedsheets.

    My favorite thing about it and the reason for 3 stars was the fact that it quickly healed the skin on my elbows that got so dry, it hurt. I have dry skin but not usually to the point it hurts, so having this cream handy was great relief.

    It didn’t go past that though. My skin still can’t hold onto any moisture and my heels are still quite cracked and dry.

    That being said, this cream was more like a rescue plan than a sustainable routine.
    If that was what I was looking for, I’d give it 5 starts for how efficiently it worked to bring my skin back from extremely dry to just dry. But I’m in search of a product that will consistently deliver daily moisture to my skin.
    I received this product from the Stellar Product Testing Panel in exchange for my honest opinion on how it worked for me.

  93. Heather L

    My skin is always dry. The summer heat and frequent washing makes it much worst to the point where my knuckles and heels crack. I was excited to have to opportunity to try this cream as I had never heard of the brand before. My skin is extremely sensitive and while the ingredients aren’t as natural as I usually look for they are reasonably safe. The first use is weird because this cream is as thick as peanut butter, but it does eventually soak in. Wearing socks and applying it right before bed is the best method. I would shower then rub it in after just lightly patting my skin dry. There needs to be some moisture already on your skin to get the full effect. The first morning after use my hands were in better shape but my heels were still very dry. It took about a week to really notice a difference in my heels but it did help some. I wouldn’t say I was blown away by the improvement. This would probably work well for someone who washes their hands a lot to seal in moisture after washing. It wasn’t quite enough for my dry, cracked heels. My heels are really bad though and I haven’t found anything else that works on them so I wasn’t terribly surprised that it wasn’t able to fix that issue. My hands are definitely back to the way they should be and I haven’t had any sort of reaction despite my skins sensitivity. Thanks to Stellar Panel and Cutemol for the opportunity to try this out for free.

  94. TaliA

    I received this Cutemol Sensitive emollient from the Stellar Product Testing Panel to try. I appreciated some of the ingredients, or lack of ingredients – no parabens. The thick cream also did help my very dry heels. However, there were some downsides to the cream that kept me from using it on my hands or elbows. The cream is very sticky and doesn’t absorb very quickly. It also has a sort of medicinal smell (probably from the lack of fragrance) that I couldn’t get over. These two qualities were what kept me from using it on my hands and elbows, and I even had to wash my hands after using. I did use the cream on my feet and covered with some fluffy socks, which worked very well. I would consider buying this again for that purpose, otherwise I think I would have to just stick with another product.

  95. Conni

    I tried the new Cutemol Sensitive lotion, but sadly am unable to give a glowing positive review for this product. I tried using this product exclusively for a couple of weeks and forgoing all other moisturizing products so that I could see how Cutemol Sensitive worked for me. I am hypersensitive to perfumes and thankfully that was not a problem as the scent for Cutemol Sensitive is very mild and unobtrusive. And I loved how the lotion felt when I applied it to my hands and heels. It really felt like it could be a game changer kind of lotion. Unfortunately, with continued use the dryness of my hands actually worsened to the point that they were red and enflamed. Thank you so much to the Stellar Product Testing Panel and Cutemol for sending me the Cutemol Sensitive lotion to try out. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to try this product, but am unable to personally recommend it.

  96. Gingerbunny

    This does not fit my lifestyle. I need a hand cream that can absorb quickly so I can get back to what I am doing. I ad high hopes for this as I have very dry sensitive skin that cracks and tends to rashes. I have to wash my hands what seems like a hundred times a day due to our current pandemic situation in the US. I need to apply a hand cream after each hand washing and this one takes several minutes to absorb and lose it’s sticky texture. I unfortunately cannot wait several minutes doing nothing while I wait for my hand cream to dry. I can see the use if you are applying it overnight with those moisturizing gloves or socks. It did moisturize when put on before bed but did not do much better than my current hand creams. The packing was to “medicinal” for my taste also, this feels like a pharmaceutical product rather than a skincare product and does not fit in with the pretty packaged clean beauty products in my bathroom. This is a shallow reason not to like a product, but if it was a better product I wouldn’t care what the packaging looked like. May be useful for people with more time on there hands, or who only use something at night, but this didn’t work for me. I received this to try from Steller panel in exchange for an honest review.

  97. lpjschweizer

    Thank you to the stellar parent panel for sending me this product to test out! I personally did not love this product. I felt that it wasn’t as thick as it should have been and even felt a little greasy. I used it specifically on my heels (mind you I have very dry ones) and they did not change with daily use for a week. My hands may have gotten a little softer while applying to my feet though, so maybe if your dry skin isn’t severe this would be a good choice? The ingredients in a product are very important to me and I appreciate the brand trying to eliminate some of the toxic stuff but it’s still not a super clean formula. Overall it just was not for me!

  98. Drea

    I received the product through the Stellar Product Testing Panel and boy I couldn’t be happier!! With everything going on in the world today and constant hand washing and sanitizing my hands were beginning to look like snake skin and hurt!! One use of this product and all that changed! It absorbs quickly and doesn’t have a smell to it although I do think a 2nd line with a scent would be a great addition. It’s a great product and I would buy again!

  99. Laura (verified owner)

  100. Mark E. (verified owner)

    Product is good, my wife has a serious skin condition and your cream is the only thing that helps. Wish this was also in tub form. We are not getting the discount we use to get and you eliminated the point program – both disappointing.

  101. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product for feet and nails

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