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This daily moisturizing lotion is cosmetically elegant, fragrance-free, non-greasy and can be used all over the body. It is designed to moisturize, hydrate, protect, and relieve dry skin.

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Cutemol moisturizing lotion helps preserve the skin’s natural moisture and is most effective for, but not limited to, dry hands from frequent washing. This honey beeswax-based emollient lotion uses nature’s beeswax to lock in moisture and prevent flaking. Cutemol is a great body lotion for sensitive skin, delivering powerful hydration and sealing moisture to create an ideal environment to promote healing. Cutemol helps with the most severe cases of dry skin from eczema and psoriasis.

Cutemol Moisturizing Lotion Features:

  • Protects and helps heal skin damaged by frequent hand washing
  • Provides cuticle care and helps heal them
  • Prevents flaking after application
  • Long-lasting

How to Apply

For moisturizing and soothing dry skin, apply liberally as often as needed.

  1. Gently rub a small amount of Cutemol Moisturizing Lotion over the affected area 3 to 4 times daily and at bedtime. 
  2. For dry hands from frequent washing, use a small amount of Cutemol emollient skin cream after each wash.
  3. If using DermaNail for dry, broken, cracked, or brittle nails, apply a small amount of Cutemol cream to your cuticles after application.


  • Deionized water
  • Petrolatum
  • Glycerin
  • Dimethicone
  • Steareth-2
  • Cetyl alcohol 
  • Laureth-23 
  • Benzoyl Alcohol 
  • Carbomer
  • Potassium Sorbate 
  • Magnesium Aluminum Silicate 
  • Sodium Hydroxide

Preventing Dry Skin

Summers Laboratories is dedicated to providing the skin care products you need to keep your skin happy and healthy. In order to avoid dehydrated skin, Cutemol lotion is a great place to start. Check out our other body skin care products to help prevent dry skin and get the relief you need.

100 reviews for Cutemol Moisturizing Lotion

  1. njweimer

    After trialing this product for just 4 days, there was a clear difference in the appearance and feel of my skin. I would use this morning and night and it would last throughout the day. My only dislike was that it was hard to rub into the cracks of my skin at times. I received this product as a member of the Stellar Product Panel testing, and it was complimentary in return for my honest review.

  2. Dani Crager

    Great everyday lotion for the whole family. I received this lotion through the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I immediately did a little back to back of hand comparison, and I could really feel the difference. Goes on easy and sinks in fast. I felt comfortable using this on my 4 year old when they complained of itchy skin, we both have very sensitive skin and had no reactions. Even my husband started using it because it is truly scent free. I love that we are all happy with one bottle of lotion. This also happens to be a fairly local company to me, and I am happy that I can support them.

  3. miller78

    Dry, rough and cracked skin on my hands were the norm for me…trying everything to replenish my sandpapery hands. I was hesitant to try yet another, but Cutemol actually did the trick. It goes on smooth, and doesn’t take much. I used at least daily for one week and was pleasantly surprised with the smooth texture and feel that it left behind. Washing my hands many (MANY) many times a day is normal for me, as well as hand sanitizing, and spraying chemicals for cleaning up. This lotion does last through and feels like it protects the skin.

    Any mom would benefit from this as a go to lotion next to the sink, in the laundry room, and in the car. I look forward to finding a travel size to keep in my purse. I know I will use this all the time!

    Thank you to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this lotion. It is now a staple in our home.

  4. Maier

    Thanks to Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this lotion. Cutemol Moisturizing Lotion helped me relieve my dry skin after winter. I love that it is fragrance-free and non-greasy moisturizer that I can use daily after showering to hydrate my skin and support protective skin barrier. I have noticed significant reduction in skin dryness especially on my problem areas of elbows and knees, but it”s great for whole body to keep skin looking and feeling smooth. The packaging is simple, but don”t let that fool you, this lotion works great and deserves a try!

  5. PGMcD

    As someone with consistently dry skin, I”m always trying to find great lotions. I have a few that I keep coming back to and I will absolutely be adding this Cutemol lotion to that list. This is a great daily use lotion for multiple areas. I use it on my hands a few times a day, on my heels before bed, and after showering as a body lotion. The formula is very lightweight but not greasy or watery. The consistency is pretty ideal and it”s absorbed very quickly. I feel like some lotions can go on thickly and take forever to absorb, but I could put a good amount of this on my legs and not have residue on any pants I put on after. I also appreciated that it is not heavily fragranced. I loved the way my skin felt the following day after using it and I felt like I noticed a difference in how moisturized and smooth it was. I received this lotion through the Stellar Product Testing Panel and would highly recommend.

  6. Jh0109

    I absolutely love the Cutemol lotion I received as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I”ve steered clear of fragrances and extra junk in products ever since being pregnant and having my children so I”ve been pretty picky when it comes to lotion! This lotion is thick enough but not sticky or hard to spread, has almost no smell to it at all, and is lightweight enough to wear before exercising or sweating. It is my absolute new favorite and go to! Even my husband can use it since it doesn”t smell so girly so that”s an extra win for him. You”ll love this stuff!

  7. Sara G

    I have had problematic skin for most of my life and it’s hard to find a good all over moisturizer that works for me. Cutemol Lotion did the trick and absorbed nicely and didn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or gross. My cracked knuckles and bumpy, patches on my arms don’t look or feel dry after using the lotion twice a day (in the morning and at night before bed). I love that my skin feels hydrated and smooth.
    Also, if you have sensitive skin this lotion is fragrance free (yaaaay)! I would definitely recommend giving this lotion a try if you are looking for a nice body lotion to help even out and hydrate your skin without feeling greasy. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this lotion.

  8. bluedisney85

    Every winter and some time in summer when it’s dry, my eczema would flare up on my legs and hands. This lotion helps greatly – the product is thick enough to contain moisture through the night and it does not feel greasy. It absorbs into the skin immediately and the skin feels moisturized. Also, I like that the product do not have fragrance, which can sometimes make the eczema worse. I really did enjoy the product and will continue to use this when it is in the market. Thank you Stellar Panel for the opportunity to test these wonderful product.

  9. Frvrdancgrl

    I received Cutemol Lotion from the Stellar product testing panel in exchange for my honest review. Cutemol lotion helped my skin feel soft and refreshed. My skin gets very dry in the winter, but after a week of using this lotion twice a day the dryness was gone. I liked the neutral scent and the lotion was very thick and substantial
    with only a little lotion. I would definitely recommend Cutemol lotion to anyone in need of a good moisturizer!

  10. Lacie C.

    I use Cutemol Lotion after showering in the morning and at night because I have extremely dry skin, especially during cold weather. I use the lotion as a daily moisturizer and apply to my legs, arms, back and stomach. I like how fast the lotion absorbs into my skin and how it keeps my skin hydrated all day without needing to reapply. Some lotions make my skin greasy when I sweat, but Cutemol does not. The lightweight, non-greasy formula is ideal for where I live in Tennessee where it gets really hot and humid in summer. I also appreciate that it is scent-free because I am sensitive to strong smells and get headaches from perfumes. My favorite result after using this lotion is that my skin no longer has dry, itchy patches. Additionally, I have been using the lotion on my toddler when she has itchy skin. It seems to soothe her skin immediately. I would highly recommend this lotion to anyone who suffers from dry skin. I received this lotion from the Stellar Product Testing Panel, and I am very satisfied with this product.

  11. Blessedrwe

    This Cutemol lotion brought relief and moisture to my dry, cracking hands. I love how it really mosturizies, my skin and leaves it feeling soft.. I apply in the morning, before and after washing dishes and hands. I recommend this lotion. Thanks to the Stellar Product testing Panel for this product to try out.

  12. SMcGarv412

    I have made this lotion a permanent part of my after-shower bedtime routine. I love the lightweight consistency which makes it so easily absorbed into the skin. I apply to arms, legs, and body once daily. It is not heavy, thick, or greasy like so many lotions for dry skin and is gentle on dry, compromised skin. Also, I am very sensitive to fragrance so I love that it is unscented. It is not the best product for softening tough skin like heels or callouses (which for me require a product containing acid) but I think it is ideal for your run-of-the-mill dry skin. I definitely notice that my skin looks better in the morning after I apply this lotion at night, particularly on my lower legs and arms which get very dry in colder weather months. I received this product as part of Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  13. kirstikimberly

    This lotion checks all the boxes for me! It is fragrance free and has a short, simple ingredient list. It is easy to apply and does not feel greasy. The lotion absorbs quickly and keeps my skin moisturized all day. I”m even able to use it on my toddler to keep his eczema flares at bay! Thank you to the Stellar Product Testing Panel
    for providing this product for me to review!

  14. Bananacash

    I”m so glad I discovered this lotion! It moisturized my sensitive dry skin and left it feeling smooth and soft. It instantly absorbs into the skin. I would say it”s the fastest absorbing lotion I”ve ever used. I used it after showering and several times throughout the day after washing my hands. For those that need keep their hands moisturized without any greasy feeling, this lotion is perfect. I can”t wait to get more and have my whole family use it.
    I received this lotion from Stellar Product Testing Panel for my honest opinion.

  15. Rckclmbrjess

    This cutemol moisturizing lotion feels amazing and really has helped hydrate, protect, and soothe my dry winter skin!! A huge thanks to Stellar product testing panel for providing me the opportunity to test this non-greasy, fragrance-free moisturizer!

    I have been able to use this lotion daily and sometimes even multiple times a day! I have used it after my hot showers & it really does make my skin feel as soft as butter. I can feel such a difference using this moisturizing lotion to support my dry skin. I have used this particularly on my dry heels & my hands, as well as on my elbows and knees. It works well for the entire body. My daughter has loved using it on her cuticles!

    My favorite thing about this lotion is the hydration and the non-greasy feel. It is lightweight and leaves your skin looking healthy and does an amazing job to help support protective skin barrier.

    I would definitely, without hesitation, recommend giving this “proven formulation” a try for yourself! I feel 100% confident that this lotion will keep my skin hydrated this spring, as well as all year long! @stellarreviewers

    #stellarreviews #cutemollotion #hydration #skincare #crackedheels #soothing #moisturizing #freeforreview

  16. Cathy J

    When I first got this lotion I was so skeptical, but I was so wrong. The best part of this lotion is how well it works. It seems to find all of the cracks and crevices that my thicker hand creams just didn”t see to help. Whether I was using this on my over-washed and sanitized hands or my winter dry knees and elbows it made my skin so soft and look so much better. I also loved that it was great for everyone in my family. My husband gets all sorts of oils, fluids, and solvents on his hands every day. They were so cracked and painful and nothing seemed to help. This lotion had his hands looking like he wasn”t around any of that in just a few days. I even felt safe using it on my toddlers. They both gets dry patches on their legs, arms, and with my daughter behind her ears. Literally, overnight it was like the dry skin was never there. I love the lack of fragrance. My husband says he can smell it, but it doesn”t bother him. Even though I was given the opportunity to test Cutemol from the Stellar Product Testing Panel, I will be buying it again.

  17. MommaLincoln

    Cutemol Moisturizing Lotion is great! It is easily spreadable & does not feel greasy going on. It’s nice and light, yet very hydrating. It’s perfect daily lotion for year round use, especially for those stubborn areas (elbows, knees, heels) in the driest part of winter. I like to use this lotion over my whole body after a shower and I apply to my hands multiple times a day. I definitely recommend this lotion if you’re looking for something lightweight, non-greasy, and hydrating for daily use! Special thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending me this Cutemol lotion to test out & review!

  18. Mwall100

    I”ve been using Cutemol lotion on incredibly dry adult skin and incredibly sensitive baby skin for nearly two months (thanks to the stellar product testing panel) and I am so impressed! I wanted to really put it to the test so haven”t used other lotions or tools on my feet during the time I”ve been using it. It goes on easily-not greasy at all and only feels “thick” if you will, for about 30-45 seconds. Then it soaks in and does it”s work. A combo of dry weather and heavy use make the heels of my feet pretty brutalized and then there”s my baby who”s had a visible skin reaction to nearly everything I”ve tried on him- except this! No reaction and soft skin are all I need to continue using it. I highly recommend!

  19. LaurelOlivia

    This lotion is lightweight but so moisturizing to my dry skin. It rubs in easily and does not leave my skin feeling wet or sticky or greasy… just soft and moisturized! I have been applying morning and night for several weeks and I see a major difference in typically dry areas like my elbows and ankles. My children love it too and putting lotion on is their favorite part of the bedtime routine. I love that it is fragrance free, gentle, and lightweight. I can comfortably apply to myself and my kids without worry. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this lotion.

  20. Neech83

    This lotion feels so good on my hands! I am a nurse and I”m constantly washing my hands or using hand sanitizer, so my hands get extremely dry even to the point of cracking. I have always struggled to find a lotion that battles the dryness, but this lotion does exactly that. My hands feel soft and it puts a protective barrier over them so the next time I wash my hands they are protected. This is the perfect lotion for nurses!

  21. Octoberbaby79

    I was gifted the Cutemol moisturizing lotion by the Stellar Product Testing Panel and I am so happy to receive it. The winter months made my skin severely dry. This product arrived just in time to give my skin the moisture it needed so badly. The item is fragrance free and is non-greasy. This item made my skin look and feel incredible. I definitely will recommend this item.

  22. Tiredmomof4

    I definitely recommend Cutemol! I”ve had a huge problem finding a body lotion that both moisturizes and absorbs into my skin. I generally moisturize daily after a shower, but with other lotions, I could always feel it sitting on top of my skin and it would make it difficult to get dressed after. This lotion, however, actually absorbed right into my skin! It felt soft and hydrated all day, and I never felt dry and itchy.

    The number one selling point for me though was it”s effectiveness on my heels and ankles. I do a lot of trail running and my feet and ankles usually have a lot of dry and dead skin. I”ve noticed an improvement in my heels, and even more so on my ankles! They”re totally soft and not scratchy anymore! Definitely recommend!

    I received this product through the Stellar Product Testing Panel, all opinions are my own.

  23. MJH

    I’m always looking for beauty products that contain minimal ingredients and no fragrance. And had yet to find a product that would help moisturize my insanely dry elbows and knees. FINALLY, this Cutemol lotion did the trick. I would apply it when I woke up in the morning and then again before I went to bed. After 24 hours, I started to see improvement in dryness and itchiness. And within a week of use, the improvement was astonishing. I would definitely recommend this lotion!
    Thank you to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me the lotion to try.

  24. Kates

    I received this lotion as part of the Stellar
    Product Testing Panel. I had never seen this before but after almost a year of the pandemic my hands were raw from all of the washing and hand sanitizer being used daily. After only the first use my hands felt so much smoother and less dry. I use on my elbows and other dry areas also but every single day I use it on my hands at least once. My husband, who is a healthcare worker, has been trying to steal it for his office. It is not greasy, is absorbed very quickly, has almost no scent and has become my go-to! My skin looks so much healthier!

  25. bananas

    I received Cutemol Lotion for free from the Stellar Product Testing Panel in exchange for my honest review, and I honestly love it. I have very dry skin, so I’m very picky with my lotions. Cutemol Lotion is so moisturizing that I almost teared up at how well it works. During my first application, the lotion absorbed into my skin super fast. I thought that that meant my skin was extra dry and I needed to keep putting more on. I soon realized that I didn’t have to keep putting more lotion on, Cutemol really just absorbs that fast. It doesn’t leave any residue or sticky feeling either, which is great because I hate feeling my lotion after I put it on. I’d say within a minute the lotion is fully absorbed. My elbows are so dry they feel like sandpaper, and for the first time in my life I actually have smooth elbows.

  26. Lbkaiss

    After quarantine and this past winter season, I’ve tried to prioritize my skincare this past year, but also found it absolutely necessary to combat all the extra handwashing and regular hand sanitizer use. I’m so grateful to the stellar products testing panel for sending me a bottle of cutemol lotion to try. I’ve been using it at least once a day on my hands, heels, legs or any patch of dry skin and it is hands down the best lotion I’ve ever tried. It works SO well and is shockingly moisturizing for a light weight lotion. When I’ve used this bottle I will absolutely be buying more as this is my go to now.

  27. K_camp

    Finally, a lotion that is lightweight, unscented and provides moisture that lasts all day! I suffer from dry skin year round and am always looking for a great lotion that will help. I used this lotion every morning and found that the look and feel of my skin improved. This lotion absorbs so well into the skin and doesn”t leave behind any sticky or greasy residue. My husband also loves to use this lotion because it”s unscented. I would highly recommend giving this lotion a try if you suffer from dry skin like I do. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this lotion.

  28. Shariborba

    This lotion was a great find. I received it as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. It was not sticky and went on smoothly and helped my dry skin immensely. I used it once a day and found a noticeable difference in how moisturized my skin felt. I am sensitive to fragrance so the fact that this lotion did not bother my senses there is also a big plus in my book. I would recommend this lotion to a friend.

  29. Leeshann

    I absolutely loved the feel of this lotion, as applying it felt silky and smooth after application no residue was left behind it also felt very light on. This lotion was very moisturizing and soothed my dry itchy skin. I did use this lotion daily for my whole body and then multiple uses during the day for my hands and elbows especially. I loved how long my skin felt moisturized and hydrated. I definitely will be recommending this to people I know. I dod received this product for free through the Stellar Product Testing Panel, for a honest review.

  30. MountainMomof4

    This lotion changed my skin! I used it as an everyday moisturizer after getting out of the shower. I mostly used it on my arms and legs. I had dry flaky skin that returned to dry flaky skin every morning. Once I started to use this moisturizer my skin started to feel softer even before adding the lotion and the dry flakiness was gone. I continue to use it on a daily basis but I”ve noticed I don”t need to use as much quantity as my skin has been able to maintain the moisture and softness. I usually don”t enjoy coating my body with lotion but this was lightweight and non greasy, soaking in very quickly. I like that there is not any fragrance and I didn”t have any issues using it with my sensitive skin. I highly recommend this if you”re looking for a great everyday body lotion! Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this lotion to try!

  31. Topazandice

    Ok. I am not a lotion wearer for the most part. I will sometimes use some scented lotion, or I’ll put lotion on my legs if I’m wearing a dress but that’s it. I typically hate the greasy or sticky feeling lotion leaves when I wear it. When I received this lotion as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel, I figured it would be like the other lotions I’ve used over the years.

    I am so glad to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this lotion! I have used it nearly daily for the past few weeks, and I love how it makes my skin look and feel. There is NO sticky or greasy feeling afterward, just soft and smooth skin. I also like that it is unscented so there is no worries of myself or anyone I’m around being affected by the scent.

    I will continue to use this lotion and I’m looking forward to purchasing and trying other products by Cutemol!

    Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this lotion.

  32. luckymomof3

    I received the Cutemol Lotion through the stellar product testing panel and have been using it as a daily lotion. It is a great product with a great feel that you can use over and over throughout the day without feeling greasy, and does a great job! I am a healthcare professional and wash my hands constantly throughout the day. My hands get very dry and irritated. With continuous use of the Cutemol Lotion I have smooth moisturized hands that I am not embarrassed about. Additionally, I have used the lotion for my sons cheeks when they were chapped and with one application his cheeks were better. I already recommended this lotion to my sister! Cutemol Lotion is a great product!

  33. Emtwins

    This lotion is amazing! I have very dry skin and keratosis pilaris and I am used to needing thick creams. This lotion is very smooth and goes on easily. It absorbs quickly and does not require rubbing. My skin felt softer after the first use. I didn”t need to use it more than once a day to keep my skin moisturized. The most noticeable difference was the texture of my skin was smoother on my arms. The lotion is very gentle and I even used it on my 2 year old who has dry skin and mild eczema. It was perfect because it goes on so easily and left him moisturized. Fragrance free is also a must for us. I would definitely recommend this lotion. It is a perfect daily moisturizer, even for those with very dry skin. Thank you Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing this product.

  34. Murray8675

    Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this lotion.

    Cūtemol moisturizing lotion is amazing and does everything it promises! Working in healthcare, those 12 hour shifts with constant hand washing and hand sanitizer use leave hands cracked, dry, and painful. This lotion not only soothed those sore hands, but protected them as well and could use it as much as I wanted (3-4 times a shift and at night).

    I usually shower at night and apply lotion before climbing into bed. I end up greasy and sticking to my sheets with most lotions. Cūtemol lotion is fast absorbing and not greasy- I haven”t stuck to clothing or sheets yet! I also only have to use half the lotion I normally would.

    This lotion is definitely worth it, and has now become part of my daily routine.

  35. Carried

    Cutemol lotion did everything it says it does. It”s light, fragrant free, non greasy, and super moisturizing. It absorbs instantly into the skin, either after a shower or onto dry skin. It”s simple and works. I use it it on me and my toddlers. Applying to them is easy because it doesn”t make them slippery or hard to put on their clothes after. It”s great for when wearing perfume, I don”t like to wear too many scents so this does not over power any perfume you put on over it. It doesn”t make you sweat and slimy. It doesn”t compromise quality either. I”m very impressed. I received this lotion as a part of the Stellar product testing panel in exchange for an honest review.

  36. JulieZ

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  37. Arbecar

    I am so happy I was able to try this lotion. I use it everytime I get out of the shower which is usually the only time I put lotion on. I really like that it has no scent and it soaked into my skin really fast. I definately felt moisturized throughout the day even when waking up after putting it on at night. I would definately recommend it to others wanting to give it a try.
    I was lucky enough to be selected to receive a bottle of Cutemol Lotion from Stellar Product Testing Panel in exchange for an honest review.

  38. KaileeO

    I received Cutemol lotion from the Stellar Product Testing Panel to try out and I’m glad I did! I struggle with dry hands that crack and bleed, and it’s been especially bad with all of the extra hand washing and sanitizing. Within a few days of trying, my hands were no longer feeling extremely dry and my hands feel so much better. I used the lotion several times a day, but especially in the morning, after shower and before bed. I usually have sensitive skin after I shave and I was able to use Cutemol right after and it didn’t burn or cause any issues, it was great! I will say it took me a minute to get used to the texture as it feels tacky when you put it on, but that feeling good away pretty quickly and leaves your skin feeling hydrated. I would highly recommend this product.

  39. moira

    This lotion has been super helpful for dry skin! Winter is always pretty harsh on my skin and this has helped a lot with keeping my skin moisturized and healthy. I would definitely recommend it to anyone needing a good lotion. I did receive this product as part of the Stellar Product testing panel but would absolutely purchase again.

  40. Aderrickmomma

    I received Cutemol Lotion through the Stellar Product Testing Panel. When I received it my husband had just gotten surgery completed on his foot. Due to being in a full foot cast for weeks his skin was cracking and peeling once it was removed. I decided to try to Cutemol Lotion on his foot. I was amazed that after two used my husbands foot started looking moisturized and almost fully healed. After 5 uses over the course of 3 days you could not tell it was cracked or peeling in the days prior. My husband is very picky with any lotion I use on him as he does not like scented, heavy, or oily lotion. Cutemol checked off all his boxes and did not leave a heavy or oily residue and did not have a powerful or lingering scent. I received this product to test in perfect time and I am so glad I did. We will be buying this as a staple in our home.

  41. Banjobel

    I was surprised how much I like Cutemol lotion. I have very sensitive skin and can”t handle perfumes. In the past I”ve purchased quite a few lotions that sat on my shelf because they were too greasy, sticky, or strongly scented. However, Cutemol is lightweight and non-greasy and soothes my dry itchy skin right away. I use it daily after showers as a head to toe body lotion. I also use it on my toddler”s chapped cheeks. It works wonders and she likes that it isn”t sticky like petrolatum based products. I”m glad to find a new addition to our daily self-care routine. I”m thankful to have received this product to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  42. Whereskate

    This lotion feels like silk on the skin. The scent is very, very mild. With all of the hand washing and sanitizing, my hands are incredibly dry. This truly hydrates and relieves my dry skin. It absorbs thoroughly and doesn”t leave any of the residue I”ve experienced with other lotions. I really enjoy using and actually keep the bottle on the counter next to the sink and apply a little after washing to keep my hands moisturized and hydrated. With continued use, I”m FINALLY getting control of the dryness and pain I was previously experiencing. I highly recommend anyone else who is looking for a moisturizing, protective lotion for their skin to try using cūtemol.
    I did receive a sample of this lotion from Stellar product testing panel in exchange for my honest review and opinion.

  43. Marj F

    I received the Cutemol lotion from Stellar Product testing panel for review. I really enjoyed that the lotion did not have a strong scent which I prefer for everyday lotion. I enjoyed that the texture of the Cutemol lotion was very creamy and did not leave a greasy feeling on my skin. The lotion absorbs into the skin well and left my skin feeling soft and moisturized. It definitely made a difference in my hands and elbows which are my problem areas.

  44. vintagegrl81

    This lotion is amazing for the bitter cold winter months, and for keeping skin on hands from cracking and bleeding. I enjoyed using this lotion for the benefit, but did not like the scent of it. It works extremely well, and stopped my hands from cracking and bleeding, and it also softened my elbows and feet. I used this twice a day, consistently for a month, and loved the results I got from the lotion.

    The texture and weight of the lotion is perfect – not greasy, and rubs in very well without leaving a greasy residue after applying it, even when I put a ton of it on problem areas.

    The one thing I did not like about this lotion was the scent – it smelled very medical, and chemical, which was a little disappointing, but it doesn”t linger so it is easy to get past this after applying, because it works!

    I received this product through Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  45. A Georgevich

    I enjoyed using this lotion. It has a light, non-greasy feeling when applied to the skin. My skin stayed noticeably less dry after applying Cutemol. I applied this lotion all over everyday after showering, and was able to apply it again before bed.

    I also used it throughout the day on my hands. With the increased amount of hand washing due to the pandemic, Cutemol did a great job keeping my hands from drying or chaffing. I love how easy this lotion is to apply, and my only complaint is that it is that is a little bit “thin” feeling. If it was thicker though, it probably would not be quite as easy to apply. Overall, Cutemol is an excellent, easy to apply, moisturizing lotion. Thank you to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for the opportunity to try this lotion in exchange for an honest review.

  46. Sheepish

    I was given this lotion to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. When I first got the lotion, my feet were very dry and cracking in some spots. After 3 weeks of using Cutemol twice a day, my feet look and feel better. I like the lighter weight of this lotion. I think it would probably be a great summer moisturizer. It doesn”t provide the deepest moisture, but it”s definitely noticeable. I imagine continuing to use Cutemol throughout the summer would keep my feet healthy through wearing flip flops all season. I will say that while I realize nothing can truly be without a scent, there was a slightly noticeable scent to this lotion. I”ve tried to place the smell and the closest I could come is the interior of an early 90s car. Not a bad smell, not strong, but definitely left on my hands after applying.

  47. mjudge921

    I was given Cutemol lotion to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. Cutemol lotion feels good on the skin – not greasy. I used it mainly as a spot treatment for my really rough, dry patches of skin – elbows, hands, knees – and it worked very well. I usually applied twice a day. I had very, very cracked skin around the base of my fingers and it healed it within a couple weeks! I would recommend this lotion for anyone looking for a good lotion for those rough, dry trouble patches of skin.

  48. Jaclyn B.

    I was pleased to receive this lotion from the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I have very dry skin with eczema that flares up during the winter months, and since receiving this, I have been exclusively using this lotion to moisturize my skin. The lotion is a great consistency-not too thick or too greasy, and it is really easy to rub in. I use the lotion on my entire body after my morning shower and before bed. I really feel like it lasts all day and through the night. My skin feels very soft and I can notice a decrease in my eczema.
    My favorite part of this lotion is that there are very minimal extra ingredients so I can feel comfortable with what I am rubbing into my skin. I also can use it on my toddler which is convenient! There is no added fragrance which is important to me. I would love to see this lotion come in a pump-style bottle as I feel that is easier to use as my hands can be slippery when using the current style. I would recommend this product to anyone with dry skin!

  49. LindsaySull1

    This lotion is lightweight and hydrating! I used it on myself and my toddler which was awesome because the less products to manage the better. It absorbed quickly so I could get dressed and not have clothes stuck on the lotion. I am currently pregnant too so I found that it helped a lot with my itchy skin. The only thing I would change is by adding a pump. I received the product through the Stellar Product Testing Panel!

  50. AbbyG26

    I was given this lotion to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I have pretty dry hands and thought the lotion was nice and light and not greasy. Unfortunately, I felt like it mostly provided a protective barrier for my skin, rather than actually moisturizing.

    My dad, on the other hand, has psoriasis on his hands, and he tried it and said it was the only thing that had made his hands feel better in this cold weather. Prior to using, his hands were red and cracked, and afterwards, they looked much better.

  51. Flmom

    This is a pretty good lotion. I dont like lotions that are too thin or runny. And this one was not. It was the perfect consistency. The lotion also rubs in really well there is no greasy or oily feeling from it.
    It is fragrance free, but still has a smell. Its not great. That was the only thing I didnt like about it. I feel like the odor didnt last and wasn’t overpowering. But my husband did comment that they should just make it scented. I didnt use this on my face so the smell didnt stop me from using it.
    Overall this is a good lotion. After using it daily I saw a difference in my feet and hands. And I preferred it to other lotions I have.
    I received this as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  52. Brittany

    Everyone on my house hold tends to have dry skin, but my skin is extremely dry and sensitive which means I have to be careful what I use. This lotion solves both issues by being fragrance free and great for moisturizing super dry or cracked skin. I am currently using it 2 or 3x a day depending on my level of dryness and I have noticed a huge difference and also haven”t had any reactions to the Lotion. I also love that there isn”t a greasy residue left behind! I received the product through the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  53. CourtLS

    This Cutemol lotion helped my skin feel silky smooth, but can be a bit thick going on and took a while to absorb fully. I did see improvements to my cracked and dry hands, especially when using Cutemol twice a day. I got in the routine of using it in the morning and at night on my body and more often after washing my hands and saw good results after just a few days! I would definitely recommend this lotion to those dealing with dry hands. I would like to thank the Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending me Cutemol lotion to try- it is a new part of my routine.

  54. Gratefulmama

    I got this lotion to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel, and have been using for a few weeks and I’m happy.
    It’s great for everyday, not greasy at all, dissapears inmediately leaving the skin looking healthy.
    Wish it was a little bit thicker, but is not super watery.
    It doesn’t have any smell, and ingredients look very clean and safe for sensitive skin.

    Overall very happy.

  55. hanks_mama

    As someone who lives in a very dry climate I have severely dry skin. I”m always looking for a lotion that will soothe and moisturize. I received Cutemol lotion as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I used it multiple times a day for a few weeks and noticed a subtle improvement in my dry skin. It felt soothing when applied but did leave a little bit of sticky residue after applying. It went away eventually and didn”t really bother me. I would recommend this lotion to someone with mild to moderately dry skin. It”s a thin lotion, not a thick cream but still effective.

  56. EPink

    My favorite part of this Cutemol lotion that I received from the Stellar Product Testing Panel is that the lotion absorbs into my skin quickly, and my hands don’t feel greasy after putting it on. I wash my hands A LOT throughout the day, so they are often dry, and when it’s cold outside they are often chapped as well. So the lotion I normally use is excellent for moisturizing and healing. The Cutemol lotion is not helpful for quick healing, but I really do appreciate that it is not greasy and feels light. It has been good for my kids, who have dry skin on their arms and legs. So I would recommend the Cutemol as a regular, everyday moisturizer. It is great for kids because it is quick and easy to rub in. If it came with a pump it would be easier to use.

  57. Aparis217

    This lotion has been a dream and my knees are summer ready! I”ve been keeping this lotion in the pocket of my bathrobe and applying it all over after my showers. It goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly without leaving any sticky or greasy residue behind. I”m so thankful that there is no noticeable scent as I usually avoid strongly fragranced products. Thank you to the Stellar product panel for sending me this lotion to try!

  58. mbenny

    To truly put this lotion, which I received as a part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel, to the test, I used it on my country girl-marathon running-never wearing shoes feet. And it worked wonders! The lotion felt soft and silky, not oily and sticky like many of the other lotions have felt. I was able to put this lotion on in the morning and at night. I would notice throughout the day my feet still felt moisturized and comfortable. All of the rough spots of my feet are now soft and it actually feels good to rub my feet in the covers (sorry for the overshare!). My only complaint about this product is the bottle that I received. I would have loved to have this lotion in a pump bottle.

  59. kan4887

    This lotion is a great daily use lotion. Not oily or greasy and rubs in completely. I love the fact it is fragrance free as I don’t prefer a heavily scented lotion. I use this multiple times a day. As my hands become incredibly cracked and dry during the winter, it didn’t quite moisturize and heal completely as my current lotion would on my hands. But it adequately moisturized my legs and arms as needed. I tended to use it mostly post shower and post hand washing. My favorite part of the lotion is that is is non greasy and doesn’t leave a residue. I would recommend this as a daily lotion! I was given this lotion to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  60. Acampy

    I”ve been using this new Cutemol lotion for the last month after my daily shower.
    I think my skin looks and feels more moisturized than it was before with my other daily lotion.
    Cutemol has a light weight texture and is white in color. It”s spreads with ease on my skin and absorbs pretty fast.
    It is fragrance free which is helpful for those with that sensitivity.
    My only complaint is that the lotion has a medicinal smell that could use some improvement.
    I also tried the Cutemol on my toddler and it took well to her sensitive skin type.
    Thank you to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this product to try in exchange for my review.

  61. g8trbre

    I have very sensitive skin with patches of psoriasis that is especially dry and cracked in the winter. I received this lotion from the Stellar Product Testing Panel and am pleased with how it works. After a few weeks of use my hands had visibly less cracks, felt softer and were not itchy. I usually apply lotion after showering and depending on the product, it can take some time for the moisturizer to rub in, but I did not have this issue with the Cutemol Lotion. It absorbed quickly and kept my skin soft throughout the day. I would reapply this to my hands after washing them throughout the day. My only rationale for not providing 5 stars is the fragrance (or lack thereof); it has a noticeable medicinal smell when it is first applied. The smell dissipates quickly and does not linger throughout the day. Overall, this is a gentle moisturizer that is very affective for people with sensitive skin.

  62. London526

    This is a great every day moisturizer.
    So light on my skin and absorbed quickly. Long lasting moisture and made me feel smooth and hydrated. Unscented and gentle enough for the whole family. I received this product to give my honest review from the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  63. veekaye

    No stickiness, no greasiness, no horrid smell. It”s does what it says it will do without all the unnecessary things other lotions put in to do exactly that. I have been using this on my legs and torso, it”s pretty dry here in Colorado especially during winter. My skin will often crack or shed all over my clothes, so it”s important I find a product that I like and will use daily. Ingrown hairs on my legs are my nemesis but I haven”t been getting them as often in the time I”ve used this lotion. I”with the results I have received so far, I plan to continue using it to get my legs in tip top shape for summer.
    While I received the product through the Stellar Product Testing Panel, it”s been a great discovery!

  64. ARobinson

    The Cutemol Lotion feels silky and rubs on smooth. It soaks right into your skin leaving it soft and moisturized. I use this lotion a couple times each day since I wash my hands so often. I also use this on my feet, legs, and arms daily. My husband loves using this lotion daily since it is unscented. We both love that our skin stays soft and doesn’t get dry so quickly! I would definitely recommend Cutemol Lotion to everyone.
    Thank you to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for giving us the opportunity to test this product!

  65. DanielleK

    Winter always seems to be rough on my skin. My heels, knees, elbows and hands seem to dry out the most. I used the Cutemol lotion to see if it could make a difference. I loved that it was very lightweight and not greasy. My husband, who is very picky about lotions because of the greasiness, even mentioned that it wasn”t too greasy. It seemed to work really well and moisturized my skin. My heels were the only area I didn”t see improvement. The only thing I didn”t love about it was the smell. I can”t pinpoint it exactly, and it disappears quickly, so it didn”t bother me much at all. Overall, I would purchase this again.
    I was sent this lotion to try by the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  66. Kiwi

    I have dry hands because I do a lot around the house and always forget to put on lotion after washing my hands. My cuticles are peeling and cracking most days and my feet are rough.

    I received this lotion through the Stellar Testing Panel and my cuticles did get healthier within the two weeks that I tested. I put this lotion at my desk and used it one to two times a day on my hands and feet. It”s a gel type consistency and I tend to gravitate towards cream based lotions as gel types give a strange after feel. This lotion however absorbed quickly and did not have the weird afterfeel that I get with other gel lotions.

    Overall, given the texture, I still would not use it as an all over body lotion but will continue to use as a hand and foot lotion.

  67. Mrsbrandt22

    Thanks to Stellar Product Testing Panel I was able to try out Cutemol Lotion, and I’m so glad I did. I was able to use the lotion daily on both my dry, cracked hands and my entire body as well on my son who has mild eczama. I found that it worked well for ALL of those skin types. Some lotions burn my son’s most sensitive, flaired patches but this product didn’t do anything of the sort. I loved that it was dermatologist created so that I could feel good about using it on any and all skin types. I loved that it was unscented so that I felt comfortable using it at my workplace that is a scent free environment. The lotion is a great consistancy- not so thick you can’t get it out, not so thin it runs right off your leg. My only criticism is the bottle itself. I would be more likely to use a larger bottle if it had a pump opposed to a tip and squeeze design.

    Overall I would recommend to others and use again myself!

  68. jessmomofthree

    I received this lotion to try from the Stellar Product Testing Panel. My hands get super dry pretty much year round. I have young kids, so I”m always washing my hands and this lotion worked wonders on my dry skin. My hands get so dry they crack and bleed and this lotion helps soothe them instantly. I would use it a few times a day and it definitely helped my hands feel much softer. I did use a bit too much a few times and it left my hands feeling sticky, but that was my fault. I didn”t notice any fragrance but my husband said it had a weird smell. Overall I loved the feel of it and how much it actually helped my dry hands. I will definitely be purchasing more.

  69. eburf

    I received a bottle of Cutemol lotion as part of a Stellar Product Testing Panel, but my review is honest and all my own. This is a great everyday lotion, very moisturizing without being sticky. It is light and non-greasy. I put it on after the shower and it soaked in my skin quickly so that my clothes didn’t stick when I put them on. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a really effective lotion for everyday use.

  70. Savvysync04

    The Cutemol was very mild and wasn”t too rough on my sensitive skin at all. I only used it once daily after my showers to restore moisture. The lotion spread on smoothly, without leaving a sticky residue. As far as moisturizing went, it seemed to get the immediate job done, leaving my skin feeling softer for a bit. If someone was looking for a basic unscented lotion, I would recommend Cutemol for them. Thank you Stellar Product Testing Panel for the opportunity to sample this product.

  71. Amanda123

    After trying out the Cutemol lotion for a few weeks now, and it works alright. I was thankful to receive this lotion through the Stellar Product Testing Panel and was hoping I would love it! I live in an extremely dry climate (cold in the winter months too), so I was excited to find something that would help my hands and feet stay hydrated. This lotion did the trick overall, but I’d say my hands and feet are about the same as before I tried this lotion.

    The lotion is listed as “non-greasy” but I felt that it was more watery than I would like. I prefer a thick feeling lotion to moisturize my skin. The packaging was sub-par in my opinion; It looks quite clinical and not luxurious. As a busy mom I don’t have many opportunities to pamper myself. Sometimes applying lotion is one of the few self-care steps I take in a given day! I also would have preferred to see some more natural ingredients on the list such as shea butter.

    When choosing an everyday moisturizing lotion this certainly does the job. However, I would personally opt for other options available on the market.

  72. PL87

    The Cutemol Lotion absorbed into my skin quickly and left it feeling silky smoothe. I used the lotion twice a day, with consistently impressive results. I live in a very dry climate but Cutemol Lotion rose to the challenge and kept my skin moisturized all day. I would definitely recommend this lotion.

    I received this product through the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  73. AshleyLorin

    I love this lotion! It truly has no smell. Other lotions I”ve used in the past claim that they are fragrance free but you can still smell them. Not the case with this one. It is silky smooth, non greasy, and absorbs quickly. Leaving lightly moisturized skin. I wash my hands a lot so I use it 3+ times a day. I”ve noticed the biggest difference in my elbows. Normally they”re pretty dry but not anymore. My favorite thing about it is you don”t need a large amount to get adequate moisture. I would absolutely recommend this lotion. It”s one of the few that stays on the counter and is not tossed in a drawer. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this lotion to try. Review and opinion are my own words.

  74. jbeckrich

    This lotion is effective for dry skin, but you have to apply it 3 times a day to get the most out of it. If you”ve got chronic dry skin then this is the lotion for you! It”s non-greasy, lightweight, and did moisturize dry patches around my ankles and elbows. I received this lotion as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  75. Emeeshea

    I received the Cutemol moisturizing lotion through the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I live in a very dry state, and even though lotion is not my favorite thing, where I live it is a necessity. This lotion was great! It is light weight and definitely less greasy feeling than other lotions I”ve used. It worked well on my baby”s dry patches and on my very dry hands and legs. It rubs in well and leaves my skin very smooth and soft. I love that there isn”t a long list of ingredients and is fragrant free. The only thing I can thing negatively about this lotion is the logo and packaging. It”s not a lotion that I would see at the store and be automatically drawn to. Which is too bad because I do think it is a good quality and effective lotion.

  76. Smimmonen

    I was sent a complimentary product and really like it for my hands. It works well and I will definitely purchase.

  77. Cdunn

    I received this lotion as part of a Stellar Product Testing Panel. Naturally I was super excited when I revived it and started using it everyday. I”m a ‘post shower” body lotion user and a multiple times a day hand lotion user.
    The Cutemol lotion felt really good going on. It was not too thick or greasy at all and it absorbed really well in just a minute or so. It did the job of hydrating my skin and keeping it hydrated. However it did not help relieve the dryness in any of my dry skin areas like my elbows, knees or ankles. This is not necessarily a deal breaker for me since I have never had a competing brand able to do that either. I was also really happy that lotion is unscented. Overall, I will continue to use this lotion and would recommend it to others.

  78. MrsR

    Cutemol helped keep my skin moisturized. It went on early in the perfect consistency (not too thick, or watery or oily). It is completely fragrance free. I used it daily on my legs and incredibly dry hands (all the washing and sanitizing). It worked well enough but I wasn”t blown away by it. I received this product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  79. afbear

    I received this lotion as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. Winter weather in the Midwest takes its toll on skin, so I was excited to try it! I used it once a day to help moisturize extra dry areas of my skin like hands, feet, and elbows. It helped prevent cracking and chafing as long as I used it every day, but I didn’t notice any long-term effects to support skin repair.

    I loved that it felt lightweight, smooth, and rubbed in easily. I did notice a slight sticky feeling that remained for a couple minutes after application. Since I’m hardly ever sitting still (mom of a toddler, here!), I didn’t like having to wait for it to fully dry before being ready to use my hands again.

    A bonus is that it’s unscented and the ingredients are all safe, so anyone in the family can use it.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to give this lotion a thumbs up to anyone considering it, but I’m not sure I’d recommend it of my own accord. It worked as designed, but I had no result drastic enough to influence me to change my existing moisturizing routine.

  80. tanyeahhh

    I tried this lotion on two separate occasions. It seemed like a familiar face lotion I have tried in the past. When my skin was not horribly dry it seemed fine, although I washed my hands an hour later and I could feel it all wash off and it felt almost slimy? I used it on my hands and arms. I typically moisturize with jojoba oil rather than a lotion, which I feel absorbs into your skin much nicer, especially after an hour I do not find it rinses off as this one did. I did not particularly like the smell of the lotion, although it claimed to be unscented. I am pregnant and very sensitive to smells right now. It is certainly not a strong smell. I like that it did not have added fragrance which of course would be hit or miss, but I am incredibly sensitive to artificial fragrances when added to products and I never use a chemical fragrance on my skin as my skin is incredibly sensitive. The second time I used this lotion I had just returned from vacation. My hands were cracked and peeling they were so dry. When I put on this lotion I felt a burning sensation! I believe it is due to the alcohol which is one of the ingredients in the lotion. I will never understand why something drying like alcohol would be added to a “moisturizing” lotion. Ultimately, I washed the lotion off immediately and went back to using jojoba oil for my “as needed” moisturizing. I think the lotion is fine for casual moisturization, but not necessarily for severely cracked dry skin. I received this product from the Stellar Product Testing Panel for free in exchange for my honest review of the product.

  81. Caroline G

    I apply this lotion generously to my hands, elbows and legs after my morning shower and then reapply in the evening before bed. Those areas of my skin are moderately dry, and I experience some eczema on my hands from frequent hand washing. My favorite aspect of this lotion is that it does not feel very thick and greasy like some do. There is a cool, water-like texture to the consistency that feels soothing when you apply, and within 20 seconds the lotion is completely absorbed with no residue. That is particularly nice if you need to get dressed quickly after applying. A lot of products tend to irritate my sensitive skin (especially my hands) but this product does not at all. If my skin is dry or itchy it seems to make it both feel and look better pretty quickly, but I found I do need to reapply throughout the day. It doesn”t seem to me (yet) like this lotion considerably improves my skin over time, but when I do use it it does work as promised. I also don”t use it on my feet because it”s not quite moisturizing enough for calluses, but it does moisturize pretty decently for the areas I mentioned above. I also like that the lotion is unscented so it doesn”t compete with my perfume I wear. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this lotion.

  82. AnaliP

    I received this product through the Stellar Product Testing Panel and was excited to try it. It promised great hydration without the weight of other lotions. After trying it for a good amount of time, I don”t think I would make this a part of my routine. I used this lotion as a replacement for my regular product, which means using it all over a couple times every day and then a few times throughout on my hands.
    There are two things that this lotion has going for it. 1- it really is thin and light, it sinks into your skin quickly. 2- the fact that it”s unscented is great, I don”t need my lotion to smell like anything, and it”s a good true no scent at all. Some unscented lotions actually have this sort of weird damp smell but this doesn”t have any of that.
    Now the one thing I really didn”t like and the reason I cannot recommend this product is the feeling as it dries down once you put it on. This may just have been my experience but as it”s drying this lotion makes my skin feel a little chalky or powdery. It”s a strange feeling but it definitely doesn”t hydrate my skin true way I feel oils expect it too. I have crazy dry hands and this brought me no relief, even areas when my skin isn”t that dry it still had that chalky feel.
    I think this lotion is just far too thin for actual dry skin. If you are sensitive to scents or your skin doesn”t react well to those additives, then this might work for you.

  83. Rina

    I’ve tried any number of lotions to handle the dry skin I seem to be plagued with so I was looking forward to seeing how this Cutemol lotion worked for me. After a few weeks use I found that some of the areas where I had dry skin showed improvement but that wasn’t the case for others. The dry skin on the back of my hands and on my elbows responded well to the lotion; the appearance was much better and the skin itself was much softer. The areas where I didn’t notice any marked improvement, however, were the sides of my fingers where I experience cracking and the areas on my feet, which was a bit disappointing.

    The lotion itself was easy to dispense and use though it was really easy to get more lotion out of the bottle than you wanted to use because the opening was a little bigger than expected. If your dry skin is on a larger area like you legs, however, this will work well for you. The lotion also absorbs fairly quickly and doesn’t leave any unwanted residue so if you’re using it on your hands, you don’t have to worry abotu anything you don’t want clinging to your fingers.

    One word of warning before use though: if you’re skin is anything like mine in terms of dryness, the very first use of this lotion is going to be fairly painful. I’ve had discomfort and/or pain with other lotions first being put on areas of extra dry skin but the fist application of the Cutemol lotion just BURNED. The pain lasted around 5 minutes before abating, and I didn’t have that sensation again, but I couldn’t help but be a little wary every time I went to apply some after that. I also found the scent of the lotion itself to be a bit off putting; it is an unscented product but all that really means is that there isn’t any extra scents added to it. The lotion had a more chemical like smell than I’d expected and while it does dissipate once absorbed into the skin, I didn’t like it when first applied.

    Overall, I liked the lotion for some things, but not others. I’m honestly not sure I would recommend it because I think this is one of those products were you’d have to try it for yourself to see if it will work for you and not everyone is going to be happy with it for one reason or another.

    *I received this product courtesy of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.*

  84. Sen

    The lotion is very effective. Don”t need a lot and moisture lasts for days. Helped with my small eczema patch as well. However, I”m not personally a fan of petroleum, which is a main ingredient in this lotion. I received this lotion to test through Stellar Panel.

  85. AJN717

    I received this lotion for free through the Stellar Product Testing Panel but all thoughts and opinions are my own. In terms of helping with itchy, dry skin this lotion was great. From overall dry skin to extra on elbows, heels and knees this did the trick. It went on super smooth and definitely not greasy at all. The biggest drawback, which makes it a deal breaker for me giving it a higher rating is the fact it”s not scent free. It claims to be, but it has a rather medicinal smell to it. My husband said I smelled like a nursing home whenever I used this, definitely not what I want to be compared to. I wanted to love this as a one size fits all for lotion but that smell was a big no.

  86. Seduffel

    I am very picky about my hand lotions and Cutemol Lotion didn”t pass the test of how it sits on my skin. I like lotion to leave my skin feeling clean, particularly when applied to my hands. This lotion leaves a light barrier, but my mind interprets it as residue that I do not enjoy. On my legs or on my upper arms, the lotion sits just fine and I don”t notice the barrier but for my fingertips, it is heavy enough to annoy me. As for moisturizing levels, it does seem to moisturize as well as my usual daily lotion but I didn”t want to reach for it because of the film-like residue it leaves on my hands. It has no added scent, however on my skin, it smells a little like play-dough, but it would still pass a hospital’s “scent-free” policy. The lotions consistency is really nice, not too thick and not too thin, a little goes a long way. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this lotion.

  87. Lalanie25

    I had really high hopes for this lotion since I had a really good experience with this brand”s foot emollient. Sadly, it just wasn”t up to par for me. It left my skin feeling sticky all day like my skin never fully absorbed the lotion. I can”t stand lotions like that as I feel like my skin can”t breathe. I would give 1 star but I”m giving 2 stars because the ingredients aren”t harmful and it was fragrance free (the only positives for me). I received this product for free to try from the Stellar Parent Panel and I”m really sorry this didn”t work for me.

  88. jlthomas1066

    I received Cutemol Lotion to try through the Stellar Product Testing Panel. While this lotion does do the job, I can’t say that I’m a fan. I don’t think this product is intended to be fragranced, but it smells medicinal, like something you would use to treat poison ivy. I used it daily after my shower and didn’t really like the way it felt and sat on my skin. Although it did end up moisturizing, I would not pick Cutemol Lotion in a lineup compared to other similar products.

  89. nrau

    At the beginning the Cutemol lotion was just fine. I used it on my hands, which get especially dry as I”m washing them frequently. The lotion helped my dry hands some, but not drastically. However the lotion felt very greasy going on and for awhile after application. The combination of a just ok result, and not liking the residue/feeling of it left me feeling only ok about it. Then one day I used it I broke out in a rash all over the tops of my hands. Wanting to make sure it was the lotion causing it I tried it again another day and had the same result. I will not be recommending this product to anyone. Thanks to the Stellar Panel for gifting me this product to test.

  90. SusieJ1028

    I was given this lotion to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. The first week I had it, I liked it. It went on smooth, wasn’t greasy or heavy feeling & left my skin feeling moisturized. The only initial complaint I had was the strange smell it has even though it’s supposed to be unscented.

    As I continued to use this lotion, I started to notice my skin stayed dry. It looked as though I hadn’t applied anything about an hour or 2 after application. At first I thought maybe my skin was just extremely dry and living in dry AZ wasn’t helping but I’ve been using it a month and still looking pretty dry. I was using it 2-3 times a day.

    I even tried using it on my two toddlers with the same result. I can say, one of my boys has very sensitive skin and he had absolutely no reactions to it which was great. I just wish it would have kept our skin soft and hydrated.

    I personally would not recommend this specific Cutemol product. I love some of their other stuff and was looking forward to an everyday lotion but unfortunately it didn’t work out for me.

  91. not impressed

    I received the Cutemol Lotion through the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I was really not impressed with this lotion. It did not absorb well into my skin and left a greasy feeling layer after applied. It also wore off quickly and did not leave my skin feeling well moisturized. I used it about 2-3 times a day for a week and I didn’t see a difference in my skin. I did like that it did not have a perfume sent. Overall, I did not like this product and would not recommend it.

  92. Laura B

    I was excited when I received this Cutemol moisturizing lotion from the Stellar Product Testing Panel to try in exchange for my honest review. I am always looking to find good lotions for my dry, sensitive skin. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with this product. With the exception of it being non-greasy as advertised, I did not like it at all. The bottle states that it is fragrance-free, but it smelled like baby wipes to me. I have very dry, cracked skin on my hands, and it did not really make an impact on it, even when I went to bed with gloves on right after using the lotion. I also used the lotion on the rest of my body. Although it initially felt nice on my skin, within five minutes, the skin on my arms and upper body became very itchy and red. I used the product on my whole body on two non-consecutive days, and I had the same reaction both times. I promptly discontinued use of the product.

  93. Terri (verified owner)

    A new mainstay for me. It works well!

  94. June B. (verified owner)

    Super product.

  95. JACQUELINE M (verified owner)

    Love it because it does not have perfume in it.

  96. Jeannette Burtnett (verified owner)

  97. Robert Rist (verified owner)

  98. Robert Domenick (verified owner)

    Developed a reaction to the cream

  99. Brittany M. (verified owner)

    I love this lotion. Non-greasy, zero scent, quick to absorb, and actually helps with my cracking skin (somewhat, doesn’t get rid of it completely but does help). I use it all over, especially in the winter, just not on my face. Doesn’t mean it can’t be used on the face, I just have sensitive problem skin and don’t want to risk breaking out.

  100. david nielsen (verified owner)

    Best yet for hands and face

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