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Rich emollient base with natural beeswax for the most severe dry skin. This unique formulation with natural beeswax is proven effective and stays on the skin longer and leaves a protective barrier, which helps manage the skin’s water loss and to maintain the natural skin barrier. This provides immediate relief and long-term healing. Dermatologists have recommended this product for 20+ years for moderate to severe dry hands from frequent washing, cracked fingertips, hands, feet, soles, heels, and severe dryness associated with eczema and psoriasis.

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Cutemol Emollient Dry Skin Cream Description

Cutemol helps preserve the skin’s natural moisture and is most effective for, but not limited to, dry hands from frequent washing. This honey bees wax based eczema cream uses nature’s beeswax to lock in moisture and prevent flaking.

Cutemol Emollient Cream helps some of the following conditions:

  • Cracked skin on fingers
  • Dry, cracked skin on sole of foot
  • Cracked and dry palms
  • Uncomfortable dry skin on elbows

Cutemol’s rich formula helps replenish these symptoms of dehydrated skin and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue.

Cutemol Emollient Cream Features:

  • Protects and helps heal skin damaged by frequent hand washing.
  • Provides cuticle care and helps heal them
  • Prevents flaking after application
  • Long lasting

How to Apply Cutemol

  1. Gently rub a small amount of Cutemol over the affected area 3 to 4 times daily and at bedtime.
  2. For dry hands from frequent washing, use a small amount of Cutemol after each wash.
  3. If using with DermaNail for dry, broken, cracked, or brittle nails, apply a small amount of Cutemol to your cuticles after application.


Water, Mineral Oil, Microcrystaline Wax, Acetylated Lanolin, Beeswax, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, lsopropyl Myristate, Sodium Borate, Allantoin, Imidurea, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, and Fragrance.

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2oz, 8oz

303 reviews for Cutemol Emollient Cream – Best Lotion for Dry Skin

  1. Kathy7

    I have tried other products over the years, but Cutemol works the best for me. I use it on my hands and feet. When used daily, the skin on my feet is soft and has no cracks. (They look perfect in the summer when wearing sandals.) I apply it at bedtime, or before putting on socks, to the entire bottom of my feet and concentrate the most on the heels and edges of my toes. It even keeps calluses smooth and I have never had to use any other kind of treatment on them. Daily use is the key for optimum results with Cutemol.
    The large container lasts a long time for me (for one year) and that makes it a great value for cost and effectiveness.

  2. Barb

    This cream is fantastic. I have given it as a gift to many of my friends and family. It has helped me and people who I care about who have severe chapping of hands. In some cases it is due to overexposure to water from cooking for a large family, and another who had severe chapped hands due to chemotherapy meds. Everyone loves this cream who tries it. It doesn’t burn, even if skin is very rough and is extremely dependable. Hands don’t feel greasy at all after use. The customer service of sumlab is very reliable in every way.

  3. Peggy

    I bought this lotion over a month ago and I am back to buy more! This is the only lotion that helps keep my hands soft and cracked free during the cold dry winters here in the northeast. I have been plagued for years with dry cracked hands, fingers and heels and nothing I tried helped to cure it, that is until I started using this amazing lotion. I am also on Chemo and one of the side effects of the medication is eruptions of the hands and feet, and again this is the only lotion that helps keep my hands hydrated and soft. I would definitely recommend this lotion to anyone who suffers from severe dry hands and feet.

  4. camperbob

    In the fall &winter my eczema starts its cycle. The first couple years I dealt with using lotion, creams and moisturizing. But with me always washing my hand it was a losing battle.
    The third season I decided to start going to dermatologists for help. I ended on steroid creams and the dermatologist recommended using Cutemol and looked for it but could not find it.
    So I ordered it on your web site. And started using Cutemol and notice the difference after two weeks and liked how long lasts after hand washes. My next appointment with my Dermatologist bought another tub of Cutemol.
    As time went by I ran out and started using Cetaphil but after my out breaks of eczema started Cetaphil did not help. So when I went back for a follow visit I bought two tubs. My only complaint with your product is it’s hard to find and high priced. So I would appreciate if your company could send me some discount coupons. I would highly recommend your product to my friends and family.

  5. Hankster

    I suffered from dry, painful, cracked and bleeding hands and fingers for years and used every cream and lotion on the market. I would use liquid bandage on open wounds then wrap bandaids on them also. My cousins wife, who had suffered from psoriasis, introduced me to cutemol several years ago and I’ve not been without it since. I’ve tried other products that have hit the market since I started with cutemol but they never measure up. As long as I use it regularly as directed I have no problem with my skin. I have recommended it to friends, family and co-workers.

  6. Sara

    I had a fingernail fungus where the nail was receding from the bed and the nail itself had become very dry with definite ridges. The dermatologist recommended Cutemol and DermaNail. Over time the nail stopped receding but the ridges and dryness continue. However, I use Cutemol on my feet for extreme dryness on my heels and toes and that has helped tremendously. I really like the creamy feel which is not greasy at all. It absorbs quickly. Since I have to wear support hose every day, there is no air circulation and Cutemol really works well on my feet. This is the best product I’ve found. I wish it worked as well on my fingernails. I guess the difference is that my hands are in water throughout the day and my feet are not.

  7. Adams Mom

    I have been using cutemol for a few years since being recommended by my dermatologist. Although pricey, it’s well worth it and a little goes a long way. Living in a dry climate can take a toll on my skin but haven’t had one issue since switching to cutemol. My dad has issues with exzema so I gave him some to try and it really relieved his symptoms. Definitely worth trying if you have challenges with dry, cracking skin. Added bonus, my nails no longer split, they are the healthiest they’ve ever been.

  8. Elizabeth II

    When the small tube of Cutemol was empty (came with the Derma Nail product), I purchased the large tube. This cream is so thick and dense it is absorbed into the cuticle bed quickly. I apply it when I go to bed and use the cream during the day for my hands and cuticles. My cuticles are no longer dry and cracked. This product works. My only comment on using the tube: while it is convenient to have a tube for portability, unable to control how much is dispense, so times I have too much, but I do use the extra on elbows and knees. Next time, will order the jar.

  9. SHalfBet

    Cutemol Emollient Skin Cream worked quickly on my severely dry, cracked hands. I noticed a difference after the first application. A little goes a long way and it’s very easy to apply a dab smaller than the head of a Q-tip right after washing and quickly drying my hands so that they were still a touch damp. My hands haven’t looked or felt this good within 24 hours of starting to use Cutemol. It was truly amazing!

  10. AlaskaNan

    Cutemol was recommended by my dermatologist to help with my dry nails, which worked, but I’ve found so many uses for it. I use it an an eye cream – pat gently, please – to help with dry, peeling patches on my face, as a cuticle cream and to smooth heavy calluses after a pedicure. I also use it as a lip balm, as I can’t use most lipsticks or glossers. Definitely worth the small price; you only need a tiny amount, so It lasts a long time.

  11. Change Diva

    I was given a small sample by my dermatologist last fall. It worked so well I went out and bought several at a local store. Unfortunately, the store no longer sells this item so I will contact the manufacturer for further product. This product absorbs and you don’t have to use as much as with other products I’ve tried in the past. My fingertips and heels have not split at all for over 6 months!

  12. marky52

    I have been purchasing Cutemol regularly for the past 5 years or more. I find it effective enough keeping my plaque psoriasis at bay. The psoriasis doesn’t go away but I find daily applications of this product on the affected areas keep it checked and doesn’t get worse. Sometimes the affected areas go away all together. Easy to apply and softens the skin.

  13. Yoginijk

    When I started with this product almost 2 yrs ago, I had had a severe rash on my hands for about 10 yrs. Steroid ointment helped on and off but most days I woke up feeling like my fingers were sausages and my palms and fingers burned. I put this on at night with gloves and resolved not to scratch or pick at the scales. I’m not sure how long it took but my hands are much better now & my fingers are all back to normal! I wake up with no thought of my hands! I just have a stubborn patch on the outer corners of both hands (where it started, oddly.) I had seen many Derm MDs, had a biopsy which showed it was not psoriasis or eczema and tried Aquaphor (greasy!), Eucerin and Many other products, even at night with gloves. This is the most relief I have found. THANK YOU!

  14. Sallie

    I started using Cutemol in 2010 when it was recommended to me by my dermatologist. It is the only cream that keeps my eczema from flaring up. The first night I used it I slept better than I had in years. My arms and legs didn’t itch. Neither did my back. I always have it in the house.

  15. Zhenia

    I purchased Cutemol cream about a month ago and started to use it on the old crack that did not heal for a year, on my mom’s foot. My mom is 85 years old, has rheumatoid arthritis, and for its treatment takes Metotrexate – all these factors are contributing to the problem. During past year we tried many different medications, conventional and folk medicines, without any success. When Cutemol arrived, we applied it approximately once in 2-3 days – first I rubbed small amount of cream into the skin crack, and then put small cotton ball with the cream on the top of the crack, and secured it with the band aid. Within a month year-old crack has gone (I hope, forever, but we still continue to use the cream once in a while for prophylaxis).
    Cutemol is unbelievably effective! Thank you, Summer Labs!

  16. Choose Jesus

    I use this every night with cotton gloves. It keeps my hands soft. It is a little greasy if you use a lot. Use very little in the day or you will have fingerprints on anything you touch. A little goes a long way.

  17. arved

    my dermatologist recommended that I use it on my nails which were flaky and very dry. The improvement was very quick and I still use it for maintenance, even now.

  18. KarenWS

    Cutemol gives far more relief than any other product (we’ve tried so many) for my teenage son’s eczema – love that stuff, worth the price!

  19. Rooks

    My Cutemol ran out and I couldn’t afford any. I tried everything but there is nothing to compare to it. For my hands And my feet.

  20. Agent A

    This Cream is emollient and thick. You can use it on your cuticles or any dry area.

  21. vickyb

    My dermatologist had suggested I use Cutemol for my severe dry skin. I tried it and couldn’t believe how well it worked. It’s a little heavy but once you start to use the cream you will never try anything else! I also recently traveled overseas where the climate was so dry. I took the smaller version and it really helped. I have introduced it to my family and friends and they too love the product. A lot more dermatologist need to recommend Cutemol to their clients.

  22. Lucy19

    I was on the site to buy some TriplePaste — another winner that was recommended by my dermatologist. I spied this and gave it a try. I am on my third tube, and am back for the tub. I use it at night, and it relieves the dryness and cracks from cold weather and hand washing. Have tried many creams, and would not be ordering one by mail if it were not just that good. Highly effective. You do not need much, I use a slightly larger than pea-sized dollop.

  23. Abimael

    The many medications that I am on severely dries out my skin, plus my allergies and on-and-off-again eczema were really making me look grey and dirty. I use Cutemol each day applying it to all over, especially those dry problem areas and my skin has never looked healthier. Golden brown, soft, and everyone asks where I tan! I love it so much and talk about it’s effectiveness that I have even given it out as gifts—Christmas and Mother’s Day.

  24. Vickie

    I have extremely dry skin especially on my hands and feet. My feet would have large cracks in them, and my hands actually uncomfortable due to their dry state. A dermatologist recommend Cutemol which I tried and have now been using nightly for over ten years. This miracle cream does not feel greasy. For special treatment, I will wear gloves/socks to bed after applying the cream but this is rarely necessary any more!

  25. engineman 2nd

    I had an on going case of severe psorisis, 4 years, there wasn’t anything else that gave me relief. Other lotions burned me pretty bad and caused welting. I used a big container every month to soften and condition the skin on my hands and feet. Eventually the Dermatologist was able to determine the cause and get it stopped. We keep a tub of it on hand all the time now. My wife likes it for her skin a bedtime.

  26. Gigi70

    Have used this for several years on cuticles and fingers. Also indispensable on chapped lips. Started with a sample size from my dermatologist. My only reason for only four stars instead of five is that I carry it in my pocket when I go out and the tube it comes in is too bulky for that. I wish I could also buy the product in the small sample size as well as the larger size and currently it is not available

  27. Bruce

    I have had a serious dry / cracking skin problem on three fingers on one hand for about 20 years. This is a chronic problem that dermatologists were never able to treat successfully. Thankfully I happened upon a sample of Cutemol in a dermatologist’s office many years ago. I tried it, and it offered relief. I have tried every emollient cream on the market, and Cutemol is the only one that works for me.

  28. First_Time

    My Dermatologist recommended Cutemol Emollient Cream for my cracked dry skin. The splits at the corners of my fingernails were extremely painful, so, after trying many other ointments and creams, I decided to give Cutemol a try. I thought it was expensive, but it really works better than anything else I have used. Thank you for making it available to the public and selling it online.

  29. Boaty Girl

    I really like this creme for severely dry skin. It is the only one that I can recommend to use for eczema to calm down the itchiness and redness. While visiting the desert I have used just about every moisturizer on the market, including making my own. This truly is the only one that will keep me moisturized all day long. It is important to remember to apply it to damp/wet skin.

  30. Sunny

    This is my second season using the product and I’m very satisfied overall. I live in the Northeast where my skin split open at my knuckles and bottom of my feet during the winter, causing a lot of pain. Fortunately, this no longer happens with Cutemol. This product lasts a long time per application as well. My only two complaints are the cost and the lack of attractive scent.

  31. the cande lady

    My Doctor provided me with a sample. And, what a difference it made. I went on line and ordered a supply. I continue to get the best results with my dry cracked lips and hands. I have since recommended it to a close friend and even she is amazed. She loves it as do I. Thank you for a product that works. And customer service that is good as well.Kathleen
    Brooksville, FL

  32. Barb B

    I purchased this cream a few months ago. I use it and so does my husband .
    I no longer have hard, dry and cracked feet. I use to get such heavy calluses it would hurt to walk. My husbands fingers use to crack and split open.
    The only downfall is that you do have to use it everyday to get benefits. (Hahaha)
    Love this cream and I will definitely be ordering more.

  33. Bayah75

    This product was introduced to me with the purchase of another Summers product.
    The sample worked so well, I never forgot it. My husband and I are both avid gardeners, and cutemol rapidly soothed and healed our garden ravaged fingers and hands. We love it. Use it on elbows, knees, anyplace that feels dry or sore.
    Thanks so much for this wonderful product.

  34. sheddinglight

    I use this as a face cream a couple of times a day. My skin is very dry and this cream gives it a youthful appearance. It is inexpensive considering the size of the jar. I also carry some I had put in a very small container that fits in my purse. I put a small dab on both cheeks and blend it across my face a few times a day depending on the weather.

  35. BeagleGirl

    I am a nurse and the many times that I am required to wash my hands or use harsh sanitizers left my hands dry cracked and bleeding. I purchased Cutemol about 5 years ago and it has been the ONLY hand cream I use since. It does not wash off at the next hand washing and keeps my hands soft and supple. I recommend this cream for any hard working hands.

  36. Sherona

    I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago w/ “planter’s psoriasis” on my palms. I had laser treatments, injections, and was given 3 samples of different creams to apply. Only one thing worked, and it is Cutemol. I have been using it religiously for 2 yrs. and the palm issue remains resolved as long as I apply the cream nightly and wear cotton gloves. I’m happy! 🙂

  37. QueenBee1

    I am a avid gardener, cook and bottle washer. Consequently, my hands take a beating. Last winter my nails kept peeling and splitting, until my dermatologist recommended Cutemol Emollient cream. It was a life saver! My nails have stopped splitting, my cuticles look normal and my hands no longer feel like velcro. Love it, love it, love it.

  38. Milehimom

    Have used Cutemol for years and it remains my only choice for hand and foot creme. I have shared it with so many and they too have come to love how well it works toward relieving dry and chapped skin. Live in a dry climate and have family members who suffer from eczema and cutemol provides great relief. Highly recommend this product.

  39. DC66

    I have been using this for two years. It is the best cream out there. I have used every one on the market and this one really works. In two days my feet go from sand paper to silk. I forgot about this cream and my feet got dry and scaly. I used this for two days and now soft as silk. Just can’t find it in stores. Had to get online.

  40. bevy

    Last winter I had VERY dry hands and brittle nails. I began using Cutemol several times a day, taking care to rub the product into the nails and nail beds. I could tell a difference rather quickly. This winter I have continued to use the product and have not had any issues with either hands or nails. I love this product. It works.

  41. Not applicable

    I have been using Cutemol since 1997. I use it every night year round. In the winter I use it often throughout the day to prevent chapped hands and split thumbs. It is not greasey and keeps my hands from being dry and rough. I love the product and highly recommend it. By the way I am a nurse and I wash my hands frequently!

  42. Suzieq

    I really like your Cutemol cream. It keeps skins soft for days; however I see it has parabens and wondered how much it has? Parabens, as you know, are not supposed to be healthy in large quantities like you get from slathering them all over the body. My dermatologist pointed out the issue when I brought her the cream to try.

  43. Kelly27

    My dermatologist recommended using this for my dry cracked hands. I had a crack in my thumb for an entire month. I used this for two days and now it’s gone. I would not have believed it had it not been for the samples that they gave me at the office. Just went out and bought the big container and one for my mother-in-law!

  44. joan

    I suffered with cracked skin on my hands for over 40 years. I started using Cutemol in 2010. Since then my skin does not crack and bleed on my hands. Cutemol also has given me healthy, strong nails! My nails are no longer brittle and thin but strong and beautiful. People comment on my nails recognizing them to be real.

  45. Linda14

    I have been a fan of this since my Dermatologist gave me a free sample of this some 10+ years ago!!! I use it on my heels of my feet ! I also use it on my hands as they benefit from the dryness and constant washing . I would recommend this to anyone who has dry hands and feet or any other dryness on their body!

  46. donna7

    This product is truly great. I would recommend this cream to anyone who has dry skin or cracked heels. I used to have cracked heels. I used many different creams and nothing seemed to work until I found Cutemol. I use it twice a day and my feet have never been softer, no more cracked skin and no more pain. A+

  47. Linobf

    Recommended by my dermatologist for severe eczema. It was very instrumental in healing deep cracks in my feet. I have dealt with skin problems for over 70 years and have tried many types of lotions and creams but Cutemol Emollient Cream has been easy to use and extremely effective.

  48. Cosmin

    I have bought 2 Cutemol creams for my 76 year old grandfather, where he tried several different creams and the doctor gave very few chances to improve, the cream worked perfectly his hands now are almost healed! His diagnostic was psoriasis and the cream did the job. Would recommend!

  49. HappyLife24

    Cutemol provides the best soothing and healing for my very dry hands and feet! The product becomes instantly non-greasy after dabbing with a little water—it is the most effective hand cream and foot emollient I have ever used. I thank my dermatologist for the recommendation!

  50. dont have one

    I have been using this for a few years at the recommendation of my dermatologist. It was great for my dry skin especially in cold weather. Then I read on the jar that it helps peeling nails. My nails were terrible so I began using it on them. My nails look great now!

  51. CLN37

    Have been using Cutemol products for psoriasis on & off for several years in between trials with RX foams & ointments and methotrexate. I am now using it combined with photo therapy and the result is better in 2 weeks than 2 months on the rx regimens. Love this stuff.

  52. Love2Read

    I’ve been using Cutemol for over a year and it works for dry skin and brittle nails. Nothing else has helped and I’ve tried numerous skin moisturizers. One jar will last many, many months as I only need a small amount to give my skin and nails the relief they deserve.

  53. Dotty

    Some time ago a friend gave me a tube of Cutemol to try on my very dry hands. I could not believe the difference it made on my the way my hands softened. I used every last drop and then ordered not just a tube but the large jar. I am ver happy with this product.

  54. Dick

    My work requires that I wash my hands very frequently, perhaps several times an hour. I have developed extremely dry cracked hands and fingers. I apply Cutemol at night and cover my hands with cotton gloves. I am very happy with the results.

  55. ROMI

    Cutemol was recommended by my dermatologist a number of years ago!! It works wonders on my dry skin – cuticles, heels, all over! I have shared the wonders with family and a few friends who were also in need of a non-greasy emollient cream!

  56. LoveSumsLabs

    I got this for my niece who has had severe eczema since birth. I was so blown away by how hydrating and non-greasy the cream was. I ended up getting a tub for myself! I highly recommend this product to anyone dealing with dry skin.

  57. Candy

    My mother in law turned me on to this product for my feet. I just love it and use it every night. I even bought one for a friend of mine for her feet and she will be ordering from you as well. Thanks you so much for this product.

  58. Sue Sue

    This is the only thing that I have ever found to make my cuticles look healthy and human! I stopped for a while because of my funds but I saw my nails regress. It is Worth it to me to always have Cutemol and I Absolutely Love It!

  59. Heavy D

    Cutemol does the trick for my dry hands! It is definitely the best emollient cream I could find to take care of periodic dry spots on both thumbs, the index finger on my left hand and the ring/fourth finger of my right hand.

  60. mdh2017

    After four years of dealing with dry, itchy skin on my hands because of Graves Disease, I found this. It keeps my hands so soft and smooth; I keep a container of it in the kitchen, the bedroom, and a smaller one in my car.

  61. Sharonmpnj

    I have used Cutemol cream for softening of my cuticles at the recommendation of my Dr. & am very happy with the way it has softened the hardened areas around my cuticles so I no longer have to trim with them with clippers

  62. Franco

    I suffer with Psoriasis for a long time, my wife purchased this product for
    me because the areas where my Psoriasis appears gets very dry and scaly.
    I use this every other day after showering and it keeps my skin moist.

  63. Janie

    I bought this for my 21 year old daughter, and she has severe skin problems , and this stuff works great on her skin. She has psoriasis and it takes away all the dead skin that builds up on her skin. She loves it.

  64. Lindy

    Extreme dryness around nose and corners of mouth. Very small amount of Cutemol daily has improved the problem 90%. If I don’t apply for a couple of days, some dryness returns. Only product that works so well.

  65. Kang8885

    I’ve been using Cutemol for years now for an unusual auto immune dermatitis. While it does not cure the disease it helps prevent cracking and drying of my skin better than any other skin products I had tried.

  66. Eileen M

    I discovered cutemol while working in Dermatology. I have dry, cracked skin on heels and fingers especially in winter. Cutemol was the answer. It softens and heals perfectly. I highly recommend this product.

  67. JMorris

    Great long lasting,, thick consistency that goes on smooth into every wrinkle of my dry over-used neglected hands. Because of the thickness of this product its stays where applied. I can not be without it!

  68. Pat b

    This is the only product I’ll use on my hands and feet, it really works for severely dry and cracked skin! I have tried so many hand creams and lotions over the years this is the best and it’s not scented!

  69. komatsumama

    Purchased Cutemol after using a sample from a dermatologist office. Heals cracked hands and feet better than anything else. I gave a container to my daughter in law who has eczema and she loves it too.!

  70. DrySkinSufferer

    I bought this three months ago. It’s the best treatment for dry skin I’ve found in America. I have found similar stuff with similar ingredients in Denmark, but they are not allowed to export to the U.S.

  71. Mary G

    Fixed my horribly cracked heels. I have been using it for more than 5 years. I found it when it was recommended to me by my dermatologist. I continue to use it for maintenance on my heels and my cuticles.

  72. JJAJr

    I have struggled with eczema and dry skin for over 30 years and used multiple emollients, creams, and lotions. Cutemol is the first product that actually made a difference. I highly recommend Cutemol.

  73. Chesbay1ah

    My dermatologist recommended this for my feet that suffer every winter from dryness. He was right. Incredible difference in about 10 days. Woudn’t be without it now. Cheap at twice the price.

  74. Buba

    Love it! Love it! Love it!!!!! I use this every day for my psoriasis on my hands and feet. Doesn’t cure it, but sure makes it easier to live with. Thanks for an amazing product!!!!!

  75. Julio

    Thank you very much I bought this lotion for my mom and she loves it because it helps with a problem she has on her skin for so long. I will keep buying every time she runs out of lotion

  76. PJ G

    I’ve been using Cutemol for several (at least 5) years! Not only is it great for dry skin, I’ve noticed my fingernails looking healthier and growing longer, even in the cold winter.

  77. Gram

    My nails were splitting and weak. I’d tried lots of products, but this is by far the best. I keep tubes in my car console, in my purse, in my house. I try to use it frequently.

  78. Junebug

    I was searching for help for my dry cuticles. A friend recommended this and it has worked wonders.
    I had tried others, not as good.
    Only need a little, goes a long way.

  79. Old lady

    This cream is moisturizing. However, it is very sticky. I have used it for very dry heels. It’s necessary to wear socks overnight. Only product I am not thrilled with.

  80. lniczay

    I can’t live without this cream. My eczema is kept under control, and as a knitter it makes my fingers more supple with the yarn. This is a ‘must have’ in our house.

  81. Trish

    I am thinking maybe I used the wrong product. I have a finger nail that splits up the middle and I thought the Cutemol would take care of the problem but it didn’t!

  82. LoriJ

    I use Cutemol nightly before bed on my nails. It keeps the cuticles and hands from cracking in our dry arid climate of Wyoming. I won’t use anything else. Thanks

  83. wezzie

    Having severe eczema I decided to try it on the recommendation of a friend. It works and doesn’t cost what some prescription drugs cost. I am on my third jar.

  84. KOTTO17

    I have psoriasis on my hands and this time of year is especially tough. Cutemol keeps my skin from drying out and cracking. It quite literally saves my hands!

  85. KayS

    I have been using Cutemol for more than 20 years and it is the only thing that has worked for me. I tried many other products and nothing works like Cutemol.

  86. Patnewhydepark

    I use this all year long. It’s especially good on elbows, feet, and cuticles. I put it on right after a shower and carry a tube in my purse to use while out.

  87. Psoriasis since birth

    I’ve used it for years. If you have psoriasis there are really only a few serious Emiliano’s you can use. This product is among the best and I try them all!

  88. rosey

    This was my 2nd purchase of “cutemol” and it will not be my last. I have dry skin and this product is wonderful. The “best” ever!. I recommend it highly.

  89. Caroline

    I really like the richness of this product since it was first recommended to me by a New York dermatologist 14 years ago. I definitely recommend it.

  90. melanie

    I have been using this cream for years. It is the only product I have found that works for the dry skin on my hands. A little goes a long way.

  91. destan

    I bought this cream with little expectation that the cutemol cream would work I have dermatitis and the cream keeps my skin hydrated. Thanks

  92. Messymert

    I bought this cream to relieve extremely dry skin on my hands, elbows and feet. I could see and feel the difference with one application

  93. Paul H

    This is the best product that I have used. When applied 3-4 x a day in the winter it keeps hands smooth and prevents them from cracking

  94. cutemolfan

    Started using years ago for eczema on my hands, and for me, this was the answer to keep eczema away. I use just a little almost daily.

  95. mackey

    This was recommended by my Dermatologist to help with extremely dry skin (hands)
    It has really helped. I would recommend this product.

  96. Lili

    I’ve used this cream for years now. NOTHING ELSE WORKS….. I have very dry hands and sometimes they crack… Cutemol is my cure!!!!

  97. Neti

    My niece has psoriasis and this cream is awesome….she no longer has plaques!!! I have heavy callous on my feet but not anymore!!!

  98. Emac

    I use it frequently for dry feet. I have diabetes and it is a great product that keeps my feet smooth and not dry and scaly.

  99. BAM99

    Cutemol stopped my hands from cracking and bleeding. They have healed up and no longer hurt. I’ll never be without it again.

  100. Lacydee

    My husband swears by this product and uses it every day for his hands he says nothing else works half as good as this does

  101. VIC SIP

    Cutemol is the only product that helps emollients deep into my skin and last longer than anything else that I have tried.

  102. Fredrocks

    I have used this for over 18 years..Best product out there for dry cracks, split fingers or dry patches on your skin.

  103. Pam45

    I have been using Cutemol cream off and on for quite a few years. It is a very rich cream and it helps with dryness.

  104. Joyful

    This is a great product! Especially good for hands and feet during the harsh winter months. Keeps dry skin at bay!

  105. Vickie Lyn

    I have been using Cutemol for many years (maybe 10?). It is the cure for extremely cracked heels, hands and elbows!

  106. Suzie

    I’ve been buying this hand cream from Cutemol for years and have never found anything better for softening my hands!

  107. Jan J

    I use it every night at bedtime and it keeps my hands and other dry areas from chaffing during our dry winter days.

  108. Belinda

    I starting buying this to use on my dry cracked heels. It really helps. I have recommended it to many friends.

  109. Doreen80

    I have been using the cream for a couple of months and am truly satified with the relief it gives my dry skin.

  110. Rita

    Its wonderful!! I have used a jar of it,and recommended it to many friends!
    Now im ordering another jar…..

  111. gofer1968

    This is the best product I have found for keeping cuticles soft. I’m a needleworker, so that is important.

  112. GrimGram

    I have been using cutemol for one month and the results are amazing.My
    hands are super soft and supple.

  113. Ella

    Been buying this product for going on ten years and there isn’t any other cream out there quite like it.

  114. Treesa

    This is the ONLY product I have ever used that really works on dry, cracked heels and split fingertips.

  115. agent

    I tried Cutemol and am extremely happy with the results. My skin is so much better, not dry and flaky.

  116. cindy

    I have dry feet, I put this on every night with disposable shower caps and my feet are so moist now.

  117. Ed Heb

    I use cutemol daily before putting on my socks. I have been using it for over a year and I like it.

  118. Selly

    Product was recommended to me over a decade ago by a dermatologist. I am still using it – daily!

  119. Patb

    I’ve been using this product for a few years its the only hand cream I use, it really works!

  120. kathmath88

    The only product I have ever found that has fixed my dry skin. Love it, love it, love it!

  121. Cathey

    I am a longtime customer that continues to come back because of the quality and results.

  122. 1940plym

    I’ve been using for several years and it works better than ANYTHING else I’ve ever used.

  123. slrader2

    I have stress and weather related eczema. Cutemol really helps minimize the discomfort.

  124. blank


  125. DebG

    I get excema every winter on my hands, my doctor suggested this and it works great.

  126. Vera

    My cuticles get dry with painful cuts and Cutemol Emollient Cream truly heals.

  127. Carol

    Since I started using cutemol my skin is so soft and supple. It’s fantastic.

  128. RFLSV

    I have used cutemol and derma nail for several months now….its WONDERFUL!

  129. Glenna

    I use this product every day for eczema. Works great as well for dry skin

  130. Eliot

    Cutemol has been a great product for my hands and cuticles for years

  131. Stpgourdgal

    My dermatologist recommended this for my dry cuticles and I love it!

  132. Russell

    The most amazing cream. I have been using it for about 4 years now!

  133. HEM1

    It really works. A great moisturizer for dry skin. Absorbs well.

  134. jw16

    This product is vital to managing my patchy skin. Thank you!

  135. Fred

    The best dry skin cream on the market – highly recommend!

  136. Mary78

    My dermatologist recommended this product and I love it.

  137. sam123

    I bought this a month ago and I am so happy that I did

  138. perenceja

    Cütemol Emollient Cream is good. Helps with dry skin.

  139. Boni

    Awesome cream. Works great during winter months!!

  140. Rebecca F. (verified owner)

    It works! I put it on each nail after the derma nail dried. Significant improvement !

  141. S G. (verified owner)

    This lotion works wonders on skin that is severely dry eczema skin. Make sure your skin is completely dry and rub a bit at a time. Great lotion, thank you!

  142. MommaT0109

    This cream is absolutely mind blowing!! I’ve suffered with severely cracked heels for over a decade. I would be so embarrassed when summer time rolled around and I felt like everyone was staring at my cracked heels when I wore sandals.

    Thanks to Stellar Produce Testing Panel, I was able to try cutemol skin cream. This product is just what I’ve been looking for the longest time. This ultra-rich and long-lasting cream improved my heels tremendously. One of the ingredients is beeswax and that allowed my heels to heal and then hydrate.

    It is recommended to apply this cream to damp skin. One of my favorite parts of the day would be to take a towel and run it under hot water. Then I wrapped that hot towel around my feet. This allowed my skin to seal in the moisture even faster. After applying the cream liberally to my heals, I would put on pair of socks to protect my skin. The first 2 weeks, I applied this cream 3 times a day. Then I dropped the afternoon application and continued with the morning and bedtime application.

    After a month, my heels have never felt better. I still have some cracking, but it is significantly better. I will continue to use this product on a daily basis.

    I highly recommend this product to anyone who was severely dry or cracked skin.

  143. SSemi

    I was given this cream to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel and it could not have come at a better time. During the last year, between having a 1 year old, being pregnant, and the pandemic- my hands have taken a beating from hand washing, sanitizing and the antibacterial wiping of things that enter our home. My skin was peeling, red, itchy, and sore. From the moment I received cutemol, I began applying it 3-4 times a day on my hands. After a couple of days, I needed it less often, 2-3 times a day, and then only 1-2 times a day. Now that it has healed my skin, I only use it once a day to maintain hydration. I loved the effect it had on my hands so much in fact, I began to also use it on my feet, elbow, knees, back and even my face! I have sensitive skin when it comes to products that go on my face- often breaking out or getting a rash when I try a new product. I had tried a new face wash that left my skin so dry it was chapped- and my “go to” lotions were not helping. I was ready to see a dermatologist before nervously deciding to give the Cutemol a try. (I say nervously because the cream feels really heavy and a bit sticky for about 5-10 minutes when you first apply it- and that felt like a recipe for a breakout.) But I applied it at night and when I woke up the next morning, my skin was healed and not at all broken out. I now use it on my face once a week as a hydration mask and I have not seen any signs of a breakout since first trying it a few weeks ago. Cutemol works and will become a staple in our home for dry, chapped skin.

  144. Milla J

    I have suffered with eczema and dry skin all of my life. I have tried prescriptions from doctors and store bought dry skin “remedies” and nothing worked quite like this cutemol. I received this product from stellar panel and tried it on my extremely cracked and dry feet. The first night I used it with no socks and my feet were so soft the following morning. The next night I put socks on to help and the deep cracks in my heels were pretty much gone. I hadn’t had a pedicure in almost a year and this product made it to where I didn’t need one for the cracked skin. I was a little skeptical about the beeswax but it is surely a godsend in this product.

  145. Meljoy

    I suffer from severely dried skin on my hands due to over washing. My hands crack, bleed, itch, and become very swollen and inflamed. I have been dealing with this for five years since becoming a mom of a medically fragile child. My hands have been so swollen I needed to cut my rings off! I have to use prescription ointment when the flare ups are very bad. Having said all this, I am ALWAYS looking for promising products that treat this issue. I have tried at least 10 different products that promised results. Well, results never happened, until now!! Cutemol delivered results after the first use. The cream is luxurious and does not sting! Most products sting right away and cause serious discomfort on my already inflamed skin. This cream rubs in nicely and is not greasy. After the first use I felt like my skin was finally able to heal. My hands felt soft and moisturized. I apply Cutemol cream to my hands at least twice a day. I love this cream so much that I now use it on my cracked heals as well- results quickly followed. The only thing I would change is the scent, it leaves more to be desired, but that is only a minor detail! Thank you Stellar Product Testing Panel for choosing me to test this product!! I will be using this product long term!

  146. Lindsey LaBar

    Wow! This cream is life changing and I don’t see how I can ever use any other product again! I love how thick it is, I feel like I need less product so a little bit goes a long way- hands, feet, elbows, arms and even a little dab on my face in a super dry spot! This product is insanely moisturizing. It also spreads so nicely and my favorite part is it dries quickly, without leaving a greasy residue. I even use this on my toddler who has been experiencing dry skin on her legs! My hands have taken a beating with all this hand washing due to COVID-19, so I keep this cream close by and apply 2-3 times a day! It’s honestly saved my cuticles and knuckles that dry out and crack. Anyone looking for a product that actually works at an amazing price point, this is for you! 100% recommend, as I will also be repurchasing. I was given this cream to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  147. Stephaniewhiteran

    My first thought after trying the cream was that the texture was very thick, it did not have a bad smell and it was not runny. From the moment I washed my hands then dried them and put the cream on my hands they were so moisturized and felt amazing. I then tried the cream on my elbows and heels and boy did I get excited after seeing the dryness disappear and they stated moisturized thoughout the day.I used the cream throughout the day and added it to different body parts. My hands are always dry because of how much I wash them so they were the worse at being dry and cracked.The best part of the cream was that the cream never messed my clothes up after applying it. It was not runny and dried very good. I really love applying it to so many dry areas of my body after I shower and it keeps me feeling moisturized all day. My skin looks amazing and I love the size of the bottle because I get to carry it around with me. I would definitely recommend this cream to my friends and family as many of them have dry skin due to washing their hands so much. I am extremely grateful and can’t thank the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this cream. My skin feels great and I can’t wait to share my results with family so they can try this product as well.

  148. lp23

    Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this Hydrating & healing skincare cream for severely dry skin. I wash my hands quite often and tend to have very dry hands. This cream is wonderful and I use multiple times throughout the day. It not only helps to moisturize and sooth my dry hands, but it is very easy to use. I like that the cream is relatively thick on application, absorb in my skin very quickly and doesn’t leave my hands greasy like other lotions tend to do. I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a cream you can count on to protect your dry skin. After using the cream my hands smooth, feel well moisturized and protected. I will definitely purchase in the future.

  149. lauren122694keith

    Ok, so let me start off with thanking the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this cream to try. I love this stuff!

    My SO has really tough patches of skin on his knees from his profession. He would always slather hand cream all over ( not just knees and especially winter ) and it really never did anything to take it away, even slightly. Bring in the cutemol. I have never seen anything even touch the skin on his knees the way this did. He also recently changed professions and is outside a lot more and ended up with cracked skin on his finger, and was using the cutemol, which took care of the finger. He like it so much he ended up taking one of the tubes for himself! He applies it after his nightly shower and as needed with critical areas like his knees, hands, etc . . . He’s sold!

    For me I had a rough patch on my elbow ( from leaning on the corner of my desk ) and hand cream wouldn’t do much. The cutemol worked it’s magic and all gone after dealing with it for quite a while. I loved the beeswax lip moisturizer, as well. I usually only used a certain brand and nothing else made my lips feel decent, but this was actually better then what my lips are used to and have been using for years.

    It does in fact do a much better job then what we have tried and settled on over the years. It moisturizes, heals and soothes, everything you throw at it! I think the best result was his knees and cracked finger and my elbow. It has a slight fragrance, but nothing overpowering. I have very sensitive skin and it didn’t bother me one bit. It is a thick cream and slightly greasy ( minimal and definitely not a deal breaker based on the job it did! ), but once it soaks in you don’t even notice it doing it’s thing while working magic. A small amount is all you need, teeny tiny, it really does go a long way! Can’t say enough about this amazing product and we both would highly recommend!

  150. Amber S

    I received this product through the Stellar product testing panel and the results have been astounding. I have suffered from chronic dry and cracked heels and severely dry skin my whole life. I’ve tried it all and nothing consistently works. However, this cream is the real deal! It moisturized my problem areas and healed my heels! For the first time my heels don’t cause friction when putting on my socks. I applied twice per day and I have new feet, not to mention my super soft hands and cuticles which happened unexpectedly as a result. If you have dry hands and feet this is the cream for you! It’s thick but still easy to apply and absorbs well.

  151. L Murphy

    I am a personal chef and mom of 2 little ones so I am constantly washing dishes and my hands. Especially in the winter, the backs of my hands are often severely dry and raw to the point of bleeding. This cream is super thick, emollient and moisturizing without being too greasy. It takes a bit to absorb into skin, but in a great way. It’s so thick that it keeps yours hands moisturized while it sinks in. I haven’t used the lotion on other parts but I am a huge fan of it as a hand cream. Thank you to Stellar Product Testing Panel for the opportunity to try out this product, I probably would not have found it otherwise and I will definitely buy it for myself moving forward.

  152. Woohooitscrystal

    This cream is healing for dry cracked hands.
    Easy to keep using and non greasy. This works great for heals too. Long lasting. My hands were smoother after using.

    I received this product for free to review from Stellar Panel.

  153. Leah0821

    For 37 years I have never had smooth skin, it has always been cracked, extremely dry, and sore. I passed that same skin on to my children who suffer with cracked lips and dry skin all over. One that needed extreme medication to calm the itchy ness. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this cream, I was finally able to get some amazing results not only for myself but for my children.

    This hydrating and healing skincare cream and chapstick has been amazing. I will tell you what worked for me and then also my kids. For myself I found that one time a day was not enough. It was when I started to use it two times a day was where I found the best results. I used morning and night and only needed a small amount in the palm of my hand. It was never greasy or uncomfortable feeling and it absorbed very quick.

    For my children they were in tears because of their chapped lips. I was able to convince them to let me apply the chapstick and within two days my sons lips were back to normal and I think even he was shocked. It was a lifesaver for him because they hurt him thru the night and this has been the only cream he has left on to let his lips heal.

    I would recommend this cream and skincare to anyone suffering but also as a preventative cream to prevent dry skin especially in the harsh months. Also as a healthcare worker I took one tube in my car with me and because I constantly washed my hands at work, on those days I would sneak in one more lathering of the cream to my hands and arms and it prevented the cracking around my fingernails and between my fingers from using the harsh sanitizer and soap.

    This is an unbelievable and safe product for an entire family. There is no scent and it has all natural ingredients which is important to me. I have been rationing my amount because I don’t want to waste one drop of this liquid gold for the skin. I say everyone regardless of their skin needs this product, it’s a must.

  154. ElleQ

    I’ve struggled with compulsive hand washing since childhood. The worst part of that is my dry, cracked and sometimes bleeding skin. So when I received this product from Stellar Product Testing Panel I was excited but cautious because I’ve tried everything. After applying 3 times the first day I could feel a difference in my skin. The thick creamy texture feels amazing and although it almost feels oily there is not oil transfer onto clothes or fabric. After the second day they began to feel so much better and I really began to look forward to the relief of applying right after washing. Now I’ve used an entire tube and my skin is soft, moisturized and no more cracks or painful raw spots. My only regret is not having this product sooner. Now I use it on my small kids and the eczema they developed on their elbows and it’s almost completely gone. This is a new family favorite at our house and I can’t imagine myself ever going without it. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family.

  155. Miya

    I was delighted to have the opportunity to try out the Cutemol products from Summer Labs. I suffer form very sensitive skin and my hands often get rashes from touching things that I’m allergic to, such as metals. I wash my hands multiple times a day as well since I have children, so they always feel dry. I always have lotions with me because I can’t stand my hands feeling this way. The Cutemol lotion is very interesting – it looks like regular lotion, but it feels much thicker and hydrating on the skin! Because of this, I often preferred to use it at night before bed, so that it had adequate time to really penetrate my skin. I haven’t suffered from any skin sensitivities since I’ve tried out this lotion, so it must be doing it’s job protecting my skin. I also wake up with very soft hands! I am really happy with this lotion, and the very nice lip balm that it arrived with. Both products feel super lush and moisturizing. I received the product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel – thank you again for the opportunity!

  156. stryker49

    Living in Arizona, dry skin is a part of life, and it’s hard to get rid of; so I was skeptical to how well this cream would actually work. Upon first opening, the package was the perfect size- not too small, but not too big; the cream smelled good and it was very soft and immediately moisturizing.

    It is tempting to want to use more than a pea size amount of this product at a time, but it is not necessary. The formula goes on smooth and begins working almost immediately. My favorite spot to use this is on my dry, rough feet. Before using this product, I had given up on trying to get beautiful, soft feet again, but after just one use, this product has made it to where I can wear sandals again and not be embarrassed!

    Thank you Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this cream, and helping get my skin summer-ready!

  157. Kndutcher

    Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this cream. I have bad eczema flair ups and I’m prone to very dry skin in the winter, so I was super excited to try this cream. The cream is thick and moisturizes dry skin right away. It does take a little bit of time to soak in however you can tell it’s keeping the moisture in. I tried washing my hands after applying one time and the water ran off my hands as if I had just dipped my hand in wax. The cream took slightly longer and a couple daily applications to work on my very stubborn eczema spot. But I can see results and feel pretty confident that this product will help me control flare ups. I would definitely recommend this product to others with dry skin and eczema. I know I will keep it in my routine!

  158. Bayka99

    I wasn’t quite sure what to do think, as initially coming out of the tube and how you have to work it in, it was almost like Eucerin for me. But what I really like about this, it doesn’t make me look grey, which I feel happens with the other name brand. Once you work this in, I don’t feel sticky or greasy either, and I love that. A little goes a long way.
    Prior to trying out Summer Labs cream, my hands were painfully tender and dry throughout the day. Now, I use this only at night kind of like an overnight hand treatment, and I also use it on my left elbow which is weirdly very rough.
    I have definitely noticed a vast improvement on my weird rough patch, but only additional time will tell if I can get rid of it with this product. I should use it more often but lately I have only had the luxury to use it once at night, but I’m excited for the results.
    I did get this free through the Stellar Product Testing Panel for review purposes, but I was especially interested in this product as my hands are very prone to cracking and were in horrible shape due to my eczema prior to use. My reviews are always written honestly and not biased; if it works, it works and if doesn’t, it doesn’t! But this stuff really does work and help for extremely dry hands and other dry parts of your body!

  159. Lrobertson

    I am a RN and my hands get so dry from constant washing and hand sanitizer. My knuckles always look dry, even after lotion, so I was excited to get a free sample, thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel. This reminded me off a cross between sunscreen and ointment. Going on white and thick, but once it’s rubbed in it makes your skin look hydrated! Doesn’t feel greasy either once it’s rubbed in. There’s a slight medicine scent, but nothing you notice (unless it’s right on your nose). I keep one in the kitchen and one on my bedside table to remind me to use often. My hands look great! I’ve included a before and after pic to show how much better my knuckles look even after one application. Once it gets warmer out, it will be great for knees and heels too! P.S. try out the lip balm too! It’s amazing!

  160. Momof3

    This cream really helped heal my skin and restore it back after flare ups. At first I was weary of the consistency but that’s is what eventually won me over. The consistency was think and dense which helped keep my affected area moisturized for longer. I used the cream multiple times a day in all my sensitive areas with flare ups and extra dry skin and it help me make them softer and less noticeable within days. I was able to use the cream on my heals, elbows, and dry hands. I like that it was so versatile and it actually soothed my skin my skin felt relief after I put it on! I would definitely recommend this product! Thank you Stellar Product Testing Panel for delivering yet again a great product.

  161. HCMom

    I’m a mama to 2 little kiddos so I’m constantly washing dishes, washing my hands, handwashing stained laundry, hand sanitizing, you name it! I was given this cream to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel and I’m so glad because my skin desperately needed it! I really like what this cream does, it actually helps moisturize, heal, and soothe skin! I have super sensitive skin and a ton of skin issues, as well as super dry skin (hello Midwest winter!) so I’m always feeling like I’m looking for a better product than I’m using to help me out. I tried this cream on my legs, arms, hands, and feet. I will say, when you first put it on it has the consistency of baby bottom ointment, so it feels just so wrong. It takes just a few minutes for the appearance of the “baby ointment” white cream look to go away, and once it does your skin feels super hydrated and nice! It works wonders on cuticles, mine were a hot mess, and putting this on every night before bed really really makes a huge difference! I love this cream and it’s definitely my new go-to lotion. Their lip balm is also fantastic! I highly recommend both to anyone, I have severely sensitive skin and I had zero issues using this cream, so I feel like I can definitely recommend this to anyone needing a good cream for dry skin! Thank you to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this cream to try, I’m now a customer for life!

  162. JayleneG123

    Being a stay at home mom of 6 kids and being a diabetic I am constantly washing and sanitizing my hands. Which has left them cracked, dry, bleeding and burning. I was thankfully given this cream to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. After just the first use my hands felt immediate relief and after using it three times a day for a few days the redness, burning, and cracked skin was gone. It is easy to apply, does not leave my hands greasy or sticky, it absorbs quickly leaving my hands feeling immediately refreshed. I have continued to use it twice a day and as a result my hands have never been softer.

  163. EveW

    I received this cream from the Stellar Panel for review and was blown away at how well it works. This cream provides long lasting moisture and provides immediate relief to dry and cracked skin. The tube gets the cream out easily without a mess. The cream has a pleasant but very faint smell, not exactly scented but if you’re sniffing it you’ll notice. This cream is extremely thick and you need very little each use so a little goes a long way. I mainly used it on my hands which are always dry and frequently splitting due to frequent hand washing. Even with cracked skin there was no burning or stinging, just relief. Typically I have a use a lotion after every hand wash, but this cream lasts long and I did’t have to use it every time. The texture is a bit sticky at first but it rubs in extremely well. After a flare up of extremely itchy dry skin on my legs and arms I tried the cream on my body after a shower. It worked well and I found that I needed only one application that provided relief for at least a day until the patches disappeared. I would recommend this product to anyone that is constantly fighting their dry skin. This cream works quickly and has long lasting effects, it really is a game changer.

  164. Amy Y

    My daughter and I have extremely sensitive skin and get dry cracked hands in the MN winter and they were worse this year because of hand sanitizer use. I love this cream. It helped moisturize, heal, and soothe my skin’s problem areas — dry hands and fingers fingers as well as eczema spots on my elbows. I used this cream multiple times per day after washing my hands and after taking a shower on my hands, elbows, and heels. My favorite result was that my hands were no longer red or dry at all. My hands look awesome now and I would highly recommend it to my family and friends. I just gave a bottle to my mom who has really bad cracked heels and my brother who has bad eczema.

    I received the product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. Thank you Stellar Panel!

  165. Christine87

    I was given this cream to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I have very dry skin. My hands get really dry and my skin cracks around my nails. I used this cream every night before bed and in the morning on my hands, feet and elbows. It works really well. It moisturizes without leaving a greasy residue. The cream helped heal the cracks by my nails and left my feet and hands feeling so soft! The only negative is that the cream is very thick and takes awhile to fully absorb. I would definitely recommend this cream to anyone with dry skin.

  166. zocefus

    Although I struggle with areas of dry, patchy skin, I tend to shy away from most products intended to help with this problem. Why? Because they usually don’t work. Or, in the off-chance they do work, they end leave my skin feeling clogged or oily. So when Stellar Review gave me the opportunity to try a new one, I wasn’t exactly excited. However, I wanted to remain open-minded and optimistic about trying something new. And this was definitely new to me. Summers Lab was not a company I was familiar with before starting this trial period, but I was impressed with what I was able to read about them upon receiving my box.

    After trying it for several weeks I have to say that I’m very pleased. One difference that you’ll notice right away is that the consistency is a little bit thicker than a lot of other creams. You may need to keep that in mind as you’re spreading it around as it can be a little harder to get even coverage. Once applied, I couldn’t even tell that I had it on. I was able to go about my business in complete comfort. I mostly applied it to my hands and feet but also utilized it on a few spots on my shoulders, at least once a day but twice when I was able to do so.

    My feet and hands feel so much softer and look so much better now. I’ve even noticed my nails and cuticles looking more healthy. I would, without a doubt, recommend this product to anyone looking for a cream to help with dry skin, especially if they’ve tried others without much luck.

  167. readerreader

    My toddler son, my husband and I all have various issues with dry skin. In particular, my toddler and my husband have issues with cracking feet, and I get cracked skin on my hands. I wash my hands a lot because I have a newborn, and the Cutemol cream moisturizes my skin faster than any other cream I’ve used so far. In my experience, one use of Cutemol goes much further than even multiple uses of regular lotion. I have been the most impressed in how it has helped my toddler’s feet. He had dry skin on all of his toes, and cracks on the pads of one of his feet. Using Cutemol multiple times a day was able to clear it up quickly, leaving him with smooth skin in relatively short amount of time. I was so grateful that it worked so well, and prevented the cracking from getting to the point of pain. Since it has healed, if I see any hints of dry skin on his feet I just throw some of this cream on and it softens up within a day. I plan to keep this cream in rotation with my family to keep all of our skin in better shape! I would definitely recommend Cutemol to others who experience similar skin issues! I received this product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  168. meglemon

    I loved this moisturizer! I was given this cream to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel, but I’ll be purchasing another tube to keep with me at work. Working at a hospital in the middle of a pandemic means lots of hand washing and sanitizing! This lotion worked wonders on my over-dried hands. I use this multiple times a day and put a thick layer on my feet before bed for my cracked heels. It works like an ointment, but feels like a lotion! It’s really thick, so a little goes a long way. One small tube has lasted me a month so far!

  169. Andrea Anderson

    I received this product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel and this cream came at the most perfect time. I had just returned from a trip to Arizona, where my skin never fails to get dry and flare up my eczema in the dry heat. I came home, lathered up my hands and feet with the cream and even after one day/use, I noticed a pretty immediate improvement. The cream goes on thick, but not sticky like other intensive skin creams I’ve tried, and it absorbs super well, lasting through several hand-washes. My skin feels hydrated, smooth, and the tightness I usually feel in my hands is totally gone. It also helped heal my heel-cracking within days, which I’ve always suffered from. I even gave a tube to my mom who also suffers from pretty severe eczema on her hands (and it super sensitive to products with fragrance, so this unscented cream is perfect for her) and she felt immediate relief as well. I’m so hopeful that this the last cream I’ll ever need for my dry skin and absolutely plan on recommending it to everyone I know who suffers from dry skin/eczema.

  170. Holly F

    Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this cream. I’ve always struggled with oily but severely dry skin, and whatever lotion or moisturizer I tried, it would just sit on top of my skin, feeling extra oily and never really soak in. However after letting Cutemol sit for five minutes, it actually soaked in, without feeling oily or heavy, and provided relief to my dry and cracking areas without a burning feeling. Let’s face it, if you have super dry or cracked skin, like the balls of my feet that had a legitimate crack down the middle for 4 years, most lotions sting when you apply them. Cutemol doesn’t sting! It provided instant relief and healing, and I only needed to apply it before bedtime to feel the lasting effects the entire following day. I would whole heartedly recommend this to others as it completely repaired one of the balls of my feet and almost has the other one back to 100%! This is a great product!

  171. JessicaM

    Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this Cutemol cream. I was really excited to try this cream since I suffer from eczema and have dry cracked hands and feet. I used this product on my cracked feet after a shower and before bed and wore socks over them. I was impressed with the overnight results! Of course, you still need to continue to use it daily to see great results, but after one day I was able to notice the slight improvement. Since this was on my feet, I only used it once a day.

    This product is very thick and oily/greasy. Using this product on my hands is not one I would recommend for daily/everyday use, unless it’s at night with gloves on. I could not perform daily activities with this lotion due to it being so greasy. It leaves my keyboard all stained, and sleeping with this product without any gloves on leaves grease stains on my clothing and sheets. It also made my hands feel sticky afterwards. I understand that eczema products need to be this way, but that’s what makes it difficult when it’s your hands. My skin is very sensitive with different lotions, and sometimes certain lotions make my hands feel like they’re burning. Unfortunately, Cutemol made my hands feel this way. I still definitely recommend giving this product a try if you suffer from eczema or dry skin. You never know what works for you if you don’t at least try.

    I am amazed at how it made my feet look and feel! They even look smoother and shinier! Putting socks on over my feet after rubbing Cutemol on it does indeed help with dry cracked heels. Thanks Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending me this cream. At least my feet can be ready for summer now!

  172. Linseykay

    I had the opportunity to test Cutemol Emollient Skin Cream through the Stellar Panel, and I’m so thankful I did. We’ll definitely be purchasing more.

    My son and I both suffer from severely dry skin and rashes caused by eczema. The Cutemol arrived just as we were both having flare ups, and we’ve been using it 2-3 times daily for several weeks with excellent results. I’ve tried dozens of topical skin products for eczema, and I can honestly say that Cutemol is a clear winner in effectiveness. The Emollient Skin Cream significantly alleviated my rashes and itchiness, allowing my skin to heal. The bottoms of my feet, my knees and elbows, and around my lips are especial problem areas. In each case I saw marked improvement with Cutemol compared to the two other products I use regularly. It has been a real lifesaver!

    The nature of this cream is that it serves as a barrier, allowing the skin to heal underneath a protective coating. Be forewarned that it is thick, white and somewhat greasy, and consequently, not the easiest cream to apply. However, I feel this is a small price to pay for such an effective product! I recommend giving your skin a few minutes to absorb the product before going about your day. I found that applying it before bed was very helpful, and also wearing socks and gloves after applying. I like the simplicity of the ingredients. The smell is not offensive, and I prefer it to artificially scented products. Also, this is the only cream I’ve applied on my son during an eczema flare up that has not caused a burning sensation. I feel that speaks highly of Cutemol. We’ll definitely be purchasing more, as we’re nearly out. Thank you for an excellent, effective product!

  173. nursemama

    I work in health care and I’m really picky about the products I use. When I saw this came from the makers of my preferred triple ingredient diaper cream, I was immediately reassured this would be a good product, and it is a great product. I’m very picky because I know too much – lotions are the equivalent of putting powder on your skin… sometimes creams are too. Ointments are the way to go, and I would say this is a mix of the best of creams (not as oily, easily absorbed and rubbed in) with the best of ointments (mild pleasant scent, and actually traps in moisture). If you have a rash, eczema or VERY dry skin or know you’ll be washing your hands often, this is a great cream to have on hand. It’s thick, so it’s best to put on and give it a minute, but you aren’t left with greasy hands. And, they are right, it’s best to apply to damp skin because it traps moisture in so well. If you like lotions you’ll probably find this is too thick, but it will definitely work better than a lotion if you need sustained dry skin protection. I was happy with the way it worked and if I wasn’t a flake about all products I think my skin would really reflect regular use. Even with irregular use, it’s worked well. It’s thick enough and I’m impatient so I wasn’t great about using it many times per day, ever. My young sons are weird about textures and liked it when I put it on them, but they do prefer something lighter… which I’m trying to get them to get past because I think this would really help their dry little hands if they would let me use it everyday.

    Mineral oil – great way to trap moisture, beeswax – yep, good to have in there.

    I was grateful to try this product as part of the Stellar Testing panel, but the review is my own, and at this price point I would definitely buy it again.

    Note this contains parabens. The fact of the matter is there is a reason these are in beauty products – they work. But, I get that’s problematic for some people as there are some concerns for safety. I try to avoid them, but I will definitely keep using this cream when I need to… because it works.

  174. Dohdoh

    I received this product from the Stellar Product Testing panel. I was initially impressed with this skin cream. It helped to moisturize my dry patches. It was also able to begin the healing stage more rapidly. My irritated patches were soothed very fast. It did not burn my problematic areas. I have dry patches that will occurs on my forearms and my hands and fingers will crack. Especially with the cold seasons. I used this cream 3 times a day and found that I did not have to reapply as often as I am used too. I loved how this did not burn or hurt already inflamed skin. My skin feels so moisturized now after using for a few weeks. My skin began to heal and look a lot better as the weeks progressed. If you have severely dry skin this product may be very beneficial for you. I highly suggest you try this out!!

  175. Raquel87

    I recieved this product as a part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel and I absolutely love it. My skin was cracked and dry and after using this product my hands are back to normal. Healthy and hydrated. I use it twice a day usually in the morning and at night but on bad days I will use it a few times throughout. It is a nice and thick lotion which is my preference when it comes to lotions. I also started using it on my feet and they are so soft and silky feeling, no more scratching or scraping on my blankets while I sleep. I highly reccomend you try this product! Cutemol will literally make your skin like new.

  176. zmontes27

    I received Cutemol through the Stellar Product Testing Panel and was so happy to be given the opportunity to test this product. I have terrible eczema where the skin on my knuckles cracks and bleeds. I was skeptical about Cutemol, but was amazed at the results. Usually only prescription steroids help, but Cutemol helped my skin start healing in just a few days! Now I keep using it as a precaution to avoid a future flare up. I keep this lotion at my work desk and another bottle in my purse so I can moisturize after each hand wash. I am a 30 year old female and was very self conscious of my hands and usually covered my cracked skin with bandaids. My skin not only healed, but also prevented any scarring! I’m usually left with ugly dark scars, but those went away too after using Cutemol. My 18 month old also has dry patches and I dabbed a little Cutemol on his dry patches on his arm and saw those dry patched disappeared. I would recommend this product to anyone that struggles with eczema.

  177. Bombcheese

    I am a stay at home mom of 3, with one kid still in diapers. Before kids, I worked in healthcare as a nursing assistant. I have chronic dry skin that is exacerbated by very frequent hand washing. When I was still working, the skin over my knuckles would begin cracking and bleeding in the wintertime. Now that I’m a mom, this is a year-round thing. Lately, I’ve been getting a rash on the backs of my hands, too. I’m always on the lookout for a promising hand cream.

    This cream is different from any others I’ve tried. It feels somewhere between a cream and an ointment when applying. It takes a little longer than others to fully soak in, but when it does, it leaves the skin feeling velvety and soft.
    This product stays on my hands, even after hand washing with soap. I use it at least once a day, and besides the dry skin benefits, I’ve also noticed an increase in my skin’s luminosity. I’m very thankful to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for the opportunity to test this cream. If you’ve tried other brands of hand cream that leave something to be desired, give this brand a chance.

  178. Bowz773

    This cream is amazing! I have been suffering from extremely dry skin for years and this cream is a life saver. After only 2 days of using it I saw a huge difference. No more cracks or dryness. It moisturized and soothed the dry skin I already had. My hands and feet feel amazing now and words cannot express how happy I am. It was embarrassing to go out with cracked dry hands before and now my hands even look healthier. I use the cream 2 times a day, morning and night, and during the day if I see troubled area. This product met my expectations and brought my confidence level up 110 percent. I would definitely recommend to everyone with dry skin issues and thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for allowing me to try this wonderful product. I will definitely be buying more!

  179. Katie

    I suffer from severely dry skin on my hands and feet. Oftentimes, my hands are cracked and bleeding because I wash them frequently. I’ve incorporated this cream into my nightly routine, and I have been using it for several weeks. My hands are silky smooth, especially in the areas between my fingers. Since there are no dry areas, they no longer bleed from washing them! My heels are smooth and the cracks in them have almost healed completely. I only use the cream at night because I found it very greasy. However, with consistent massaging, the cream is completely absorbed after a few minutes. The very first time I used it, I was worried and hated the consistency; but once it was absorbed, I immediately saw the positive effects and was hooked! I highly recommend this product! Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this cream.

  180. Astacy84

    I am so impressed by how well this cream works! It doesn’t feel greasy when it goes on and doesn’t sit on the surface of the skin. This cream soaks into your skin nicely and hydrates so well! It’s unbelievable what a difference this makes if you use it consistently for a week or so. So awesome! Thanks Stellar Product Testing Panel for the chance to try this out!

  181. Mariposa76

    I was skeptical about this cream with another claim to help heal my irritated, cracked skin… but a little goes a long way! It absorbs well, helps hydrate my over washed hands, soothes my redness and helps my feet also feel fantastic. My husband uses it before bed, I use it multiple times a day and am so glad to have been able to try this! A huge thank you to the Stellar Product Testing Panel, our skin has been revived and renewed!

  182. laurenoland

    We love this cream received through received the Stellar Product Testing Panel!! My son and I both have incredibly dry and sensitive skin. Finding a non-steroid based choice that doesn’t burn and also helps heal eczema is next to impossible and this is one of the only products that works so well. I mostly used it for hands, feet, and ankles. I also used it in my son’s wet wraps for eczema at night. It’s so wonderful that even when his skin is cracked and bleeding, it still doesn’t burn his skin! I am bad with routine, but having a few of these around in our home now that I have purchased additional bottles has made it helpful to remember and honestly, not seeing my son crying because it burns makes it less intimidating to use nightly for treating his eczema spots. We use to all over his body after baths to keep the non-problem spots at bay. I mainly just use it for my hands which get dry and itchy both from allergies and my work. It soaks in well which makes it easy to get right back to work! I would highly recommend this product to others whether they struggle with eczema or not. Everyone needs high quality moisturizers around!

  183. cdemi1270

    These before/after pics say it all. My hands and feet get extremely dry and chapped, especially during the winter months. Cutemol’s hydrating & healing cream delivered noticeable results and marked improvements in my skin faster than any product I’ve used previously. The speed with which it worked and the lasting results it delivered (my skin condition didn’t immediately deteriorate if I missed a few applications) really set it apart. I’m not a fan of how it feels directly following application, especially during the day when I worry about transferring the product to clothes or other surfaces, but it’s worth it for the improved condition of my skin. It’s heavier and feels like it creates a protective barrier as opposed to absorbing into the skin, and based on the results it clearly is penetrating and changing my skin. I prefer using it at night but appreciate that I can apply it only once at the start and end of my day and still see results. For anyone new to this line, I recommend following the instructions on the packaging. Applying it to damp / freshly washed skin makes a difference and does seal in moisture. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for the opportunity to try this product! I’m impressed and looking forward to cuddling our new baby with softer skin.

  184. Kim21

    I was very excited to receive this cream through the Stellar Product Testing Panel, as I suffer from very dry and cracked skin. When I first tried out the cream, I applied it to my hands, which were cracked and quite painful (and also itchy). Immediately, I noticed the consistency was very thick, yet I didn’t have any issues with it absorbing into my hands. After applying to my knuckles about two to three times a day, I noticed an improvement after just one day, and within a week, my hands were completely healed. I also applied the cream to my elbows, where I was suffering from some eczema, and it definitely helped with the healing. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone suffering with dry and cracked skin and I will forever be a customer. This was the only product to finally give relief to my cracked hands after a very rough winter.

  185. angelwing75

    I have a condition that causes dry, flaky patches all over my skin, so I’m always on the lookout for a good moisturizer to keep them under control. But I hate the greasy feel of lotions and ointments. I can’t stand when they soak into my clothes and feel sticky. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel, I found my dream emollient! Just a little goes a long way, and it takes a minute to “sink in,” but once it’s on, it doesn’t feel yucky and it doesn’t stick to my clothes. I put a tiny bit on my patches at bedtime and by morning, they’re smooth and barely noticeable. After a day or two, they appear to be completely gone! My skin feels baby soft and smooth. I love that it feels like a cream but acts like an ointment. It stays where I put it and the results are immediate. I finally found my go-to dry skin cream.

  186. DinaP

    I would definitely recommend this cream!! It helped keep my hands soft and smooth after many hand washing each day. Being a teacher in a classroom during covid, I was washing my hands multiple times a day and my hands would become very dry and red. I used this cream every night before bed and I wouldn’t have to apply it again until the next night! My hands are no longer red, dry or irritated. I have now given it to my husband because it has worked so well with me. At first I thought this cream was greasy but after I learned how to use this cream correctly it is great! I recommend only using a very small amount and only using my finger tips to apply the cream. When I originally got it on my palms, I had to wash them because it felt greasy and heavy. Now after avoiding my palms, there have been no issues! Overall I highly recommend this cream for any type of dry skin. Thank you to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this cream!

  187. Meghatty

    I received this product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel program. I struggle with dry skin in the winter, especially on my hands and feet, so I applied this cream multiple times a day. It goes on thick, but absorbs fairly quickly and does not feel greasy. I love that there is no harsh smell. It definitely moisturizes and provides relief, though I didn’t see improvement in my cracked heels and fingers until after a few days of regular use. Overall, I am pleased with this product!

  188. Renee6girls

    I’m always looking for products to help sooth my dry skin patches. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel, I got to try Cutemol for free.
    I suffer from dry, itchy patches on the inside of my arm, at the crook of the elbow. I applied Cutemol to the area morning and evening. Within 24 hours, my skin showed great improvement. Most of the redness and itching was diminished.
    The only thing I did not care for was the consistency of the cream. It feels a lot like a diaper rash cream, very thick. If I had to put this all over my hands, I think I would find it uncomfortable. That’s why I only give it 4 stars. It was fine for the area I needed however, and I would definitely recommend this to others with dry skin issues. It worked quickly to relieve my problem areas.

  189. Annienicole7

    I received Cutemol emollient skin cream from Stellar Product Testing Panel in exchange for an honest review. I have suffered for a few years with dry cracked hands and dry feet. I have tried many products and was very excited to try this one. When it first arrived the box drew me in with the quotes from previous customers. The directions said to apply to damp skin which is something I’ve never heard of but was willing to give it a shot for results. The cream itself feels very smooth and thicker than other cream I’ve used. I started using it in the mornings and at night and noticed by day 3 that the itch I usually experience accompanied by redness was slowly fading. My hands felt and looked more smooth, even being a frequent hand washer. My husband actually noticed how much better my hands looked after a week of use. My feet feel better, but I am active and on my feet a lot so the results aren’t as noticeable as my hands. I have recommended this product to my father that also struggles with cracked, dry hands and he is also noticing great results. Thanks Stellar Product Testing Panel for the opportunity to review this great product. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future.

  190. Livsmom

    This stuff really works! My hands have become parched from all of the hand washing and sanitizing lately. Along with my dry heels and elbows, I needed some help! This cream goes way beyond the regular lotion that you find at the drugstore. It’s thick and protectant instead of just absorbing right in. In fact, the texture takes a little getting used to. It’s a bit like petroleum jelly- sticky. I prefer to use this cream at night so it has time to soak in. Once you get over the texture, it works so well that you’ll keep using it, at least I did. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for the trial.

  191. AnnaR

    This cream is fantastic! I only used it once a day (at night) and it fixed my super dry and cracked hands only a few hours after the first use! The only reason I didn’t give the cream 5 stars is because it’s SO thick and sticky when you put it on, and it stays that way for a good hour. I found that I could only apply it at night right before bed since I wasn’t going to be using my hands for a while after that. I would have liked to use it also in the morning, but wasn’t able to because of how thick and sticky it madeuu my hands and I couldn’t touch anything for a while after the application. Overall, I loved this cream and would highly recommend it does severely cracked and dry skin! I received this cream from the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  192. Lola8353

    I used this cream regularly on my toddler’s skin, since she suffers from eczema. The cream worked to resolve her particularly bad spots quicker than any other non-prescription option I’ve tried! The only negative is that it’s very thick–much more like an emollient than a cream. Of course, this is probably why it worked so well! But it was a little messy and I felt like I had to cover the area with long clothing to avoid it getting all over the place. Overall, a small price to pay. Thanks again to Stellar Review Panel for the opportunity to try this product!

  193. DallasReviews

    My daughter is 4 and has had severe eczema her entire life, mainly on her hands. We have seen dermatologists and allergist and we have tried a lot of lotions and creams with little success. Her hands are itchy, dry, cracked and often have sores. We signed up to test cutemol emollient skin cream through Stellar Testing Panel with the hope it would be the secret weapon to beating my daughters stubborn eczema. Although it did NOT perform any better than other products we have tried .. the thick texture allowed my daughter to apply the lotion herself and visualize where the product has been applied so she can see the spots she skipped. The product helps her apply the product herself and have an active role in caring for her eczema. She’s less likely to make a mess because the packaging is easy to open and squeeze also.

    So although it isn’t a magic bullet for her eczema, she is using it more and independently applying it herself, which is a win in my book.

  194. JessD

    I received this product as part of a product review program for Stellar Product Testing Panel. This cream made a noticeable improvement on my dry, cracked heels almost immediately. My daughter has used it on a particularly stubborn eczema spot, as well. For ordinarily dry skin, it seems just as effective as many other lotions, but a bit greasier. I will definitely continue using it on my heels, though!

  195. Mapes84

    I have extremely dry, flaking skin on the backs of my hands and my knuckles. I have tried so many creams and lotions, and I can honestly say Cutemol cream is not like the other things I have tried. This cream is extremely thick, and it really locks in moisture. It lasts for a long time without the need to constantly re-apply. It made my skin feel much more comfortable, in addition to looking healthier. The only reason I gave this product four stars is that this cream feels very greasy and tacky, and it is difficult to rub into your skin. However, I believe these properties are necessary for it to work so well. I got to try this product for free, thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  196. MominMaine

    Maine winters get SO dry, and my skin suffers every year. My husband also has really bad eczema, which is made worse by having to wash his hands so often working in foodservice. We were able to try the Cutemol Hydrating and Healing Cream through the Stellar Product Testing Panel and it worked wonders for my husband’s hands and the dry spots on my ankles. The cream relieved itching right away for my husband’s eczema, and actually resolved the dry spots on my ankles completely after using it daily for about a week. The only thing I didn’t love about the cream is that is is very sticky and takes a while to soak in to the skin. This is a good thing in that it truly hydrates the skin and provides long-lasting relief, but it made me want to use more at bedtime when I could apply it and then let it soak in overnight vs. when I’m out and about and don’t want my hands to feel greasy or sticky. Another thing we both liked about this product is that the scent is very neutral and clean and not flowery or artificially scented.

  197. mstreesa

    This is certainly the best product that I’ve tried. Not perfect, as there is not a perfect moisturizer out there yet, but the best. I’ve been able to get away with not having that need to reapply moisturizer after hand washes so often. When I first apply the moisturizer, it kind of just sticks to my skin and requires me to smooth and blend into my skin. I think because of that, it absorbs more quickly than the other products out there. My hands also remain a little greasy, but guess that is the give to not have dry skin. My skin does feel soothed and “healed” from the dryness shortly after application. My 6-year old uses the product on her dad’s cracked soles and my husband has reported that it seems to hold up quite well. If the grease didn’t remain on my hands well after application, I would reach for the lotion more often during the day. However, not wanting to have to deal with getting grease all over everything I touch, I oftentimes reach for the less greasy and less effective lotion as a temporary fix. I attempted to document the “stickiness” and shine/greasiness from the lotion on my skin in the photos. I would definitely recommend this product to others with severely dry skin who do not have the luxury of just relying on temporary fixes. One area of improvement I would recommend is the scent. My 6-year old noted that it smelled like her grandmother’s bathroom. I take it to mean that it smells a bit medicinal. I received the product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  198. nmcclintock

    I received this cream from the Stellar Product Testing Panel, and it is effective at protecting and moisturizing very dry hands. The downside is that it is extremely thick and is a bit difficult to rub into your hands. It’s best for use right before bedtime since it leaves your hands greasy

  199. RavenChance

    The Hydrating and Healing Skincare Cream works well for moisturizing dry and scaly skin but it seems to not absorb well leaving a tacky, greasy feeling. It works perfectly as an overnight cream for areas that need a little extra attention and was a big hit with my three year old for dry spots around her nose. It clears up random dry areas in a few uses even using a thin layer of product. I would recommend this product as an overnight use cream for problem areas. Thank you to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending me this product to try!

  200. arporter

    This was a great product. It was a thick emollient cream, which took a while to absorb but really work well. I used it mainly at night so it would absorb over night. It didn’t work so well during the day because it left my hands greasy for a while. I wished I had this during the winter to help with dry cracking skin. I look forward to trying it out next winter. It cleared up the eczema that my daughter had very quickly, unlike the other brand we had tried. Thank you Stellar Panel for giving us the opportunity to test this product. This will be our go to product from now on!

  201. MrsB

    I was given this cream to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I was excited to try this out on my heels are they are the most troubled skin area – my heels are always really dry and will crack from the dryness. I began using this cream once a day before bedtime and after a few days of use, I began to notice a difference in my heels. They were no longer cracked and are beginning to get softer after continuous use.
    I really think that if I would use this cream more than once a day, I would have even better results but I’m bad at self care routines.
    The only thing I do not like about the cream is that it’s a thick and it does not absorb in the skin quickly. You actually have to rub it in a lot (which is why I give it 4 stars instead of 5).
    I would recommend this cream to others to try on severely dry skin as I do believe it works well, you just have to put a bit of work into it (frequency of use and rubbing it into the skin for a good amount of time until absorbed).

  202. Carmenush

    The Cutemol hydrating cream is excellent at treating extremely dry and cracked skin. It really does lock moisture into the skin as advertised. I have severely dry winter skin which often cracks. Since I began using the Cutemol cream, I have not had any issues with dry or cracked skin on my hands or heels. I do have to say that this is a cream that I use at bedtime because of its thick and slightly sticky texture. I read the directions on the package and it states that some dermatologists recommend applying the cream to damp skin, which I have tried but the moisture from the water makes it more difficult to apply. This is not a cream that I would carry in my purse for application throughout the day, but it is a treatment that I now use before bedtime. I have also applied it to my young daughter’s hands with great relief of her dry, cracked winter skin. It only required a couple of consecutive applications to heal the dry skin and now we use it as needed. There is no scent to the cream which is great because when my skin is at its driest, fragranced lotions and creams cause a burning sensation. I received the cream as part of the Stellar Product Trsting Panel.

  203. Julie Pilcher

    I received this product as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. This stuff worked pretty well. I have eczema on my hands, the worst on my fingers, and they tend to crack and bleed. This stuff did help a good bit. My only “complaints” is how greasy it is and how often I would have to use it to make a huge difference. The greasiness it leaves makes it impractical to use frequently, as everything you touch would leave greasy finger and hand prints. Other than that, it was a good product!

  204. TRES16

    We received this cream as part of the stellar review testing panel. We were very excited as we have multiple people that suffer dry skin and eczema. This skin cream did a good job for moisturizing however it was greasy. Four of us used it twice per day and it did improve dry skin and dry heels. Everyone’s skin improved and is softer and feels smooth. We really liked it and would use it again. I would also recommend it to others who are struggling with eczema and dry heels.

  205. Jguinn

    I loved this cream. I have super sensitive skin and have a hard time moisturizing my legs after shaving. Everything breaks them out. This cream was amazing! It has no smell and is super thick (a little goes a long way). My legs do not break out with this and stay smooth even after my next shower. My super dry hands are no longer screaming for moisture and my heals look great! I’m plagued with eczema and super dry skin. This stuff is amazing. My only complaint is it is super thick and kinda hard to rub in. Once you do though it is awesome! So thankful for the Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending this to me for review.

  206. Ephel7hf

    After a year and a half without a pedicure, my feet were cracked and flaking. When I received this product as part of the stellar product testing panel, I was excited to see what it could do. I wore the cream overnight with socks on, and even just one day made a huge difference. Because it’s an emollient, it’s is thick and greasy, so it does make me hot, especially when wearing socks–but the outcome is so worth it.

  207. Gwrightcassone

    I have extremely sensitive skin that seems to dry out within minutes of not drinking enough water. With winter and washing hands more than usual my skin was beyond dry, itchy and painful. When I got this cream I put it on before bed and immediately felt it soothing my skin. I also used it on my feet with socks on overnight and found it made a big difference in the morning. The one thing that I struggled with was the thickness of the cream for daytime use. It’s definitely not greasy but because of the thickness it was hard to have it on my hands while doing dishes, cleaning and taking care of our kids. I do have to say that using it just at night though made a huge difference and I continue to put it on before bed to keep my skin nourished and hydrated. Thanks Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending me this great product!

  208. Ademarco4

    Thank you to Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me this cream.

    This was a very thick and moisture providing cream. I was surprised how long it lasted.
    I wash my hand many many times a work in Healthcare so this was a welcome relief.
    I liked that there was no heavy sent.
    My skin did not feel oily.
    There was no film.
    Would definitely recommend this lotion

  209. Abby W

    This hand and foot cream is VERY soothing! I have hand eczema and this really helped to heal a few spots I’ve had for a while! As soon as I would put it on it would sooth my hands and make them feel moisturized immediately! It is a little greasy at first, but it absorbs if you give it a little bit of time and it truly does help!
    I received this cream from the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  210. peskyguard

    I was given this cream to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I found the cream provided instant relief from itching and irritation from dry skin. It is a thick cream, so a little of the product goes a long way. I also found that my skin was a little greasy after application and occasionally had to rinse the area after application during the day. Therefore, I prefer to use the cream before bed to fully reap all the hydrating benefits. The cream does not have any particular scent. Overall, the product worked well and I will continue to use it at nighttime.

  211. Clovejoy86

    This cream definitely helps moisturize dry, cracking skin. I used it a few times a day on my hands and mostly my knees, which were so dry from the harsh winter cold that they were cracking open. It helped heal them in just a couple days. The texture was an issue for me. It left my skin feeling sticky and it didn’t soak in like I had hoped. Overall it works and I would probably recommend it to anyone with severely dry, cracked skin. It just wouldn’t be something I’d use on a regular basis due to the stickiness of it. Thank you Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending me this creami to try!

  212. TeanyT

    I was so excited to try this new product through the Stellar Product Testing Panel. We live in a cold city, ride public transportation and my kids go to school. We’re constantly washing our hands or applying hand sanitizer. Needless to say our hands are cracked and feel like sand paper. The results are immediate and you can feel the emollient coating your skin. I apply the cream to my hands and my kids hands in the evening. It’s really thick so we only use it on our hands once a day. After a week you really begin to see your hands healing. The tiny open cuts from excessive sanitizing is no longer stinging out hands. Other problem areas for us is our backs. For some reason that area is always dry. When applying to other parts of the body I apply twice a day. Your skin stays moisturized all day. The cream is really thick and does take some time spread. I would recommend warming it up between the palm of your hands before spreading it on your body. I would definitely recommend it and plan to purchase more.

  213. CarlaH0217

    From a young age, I have always had dry skin, and unfortunately most of the year, my legs have a crackly, snake look to them. I had the opportunity to try Cutemol as a part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel and I was so excited to try something that would turn my skin around. Let me tell you, this cream is THICK! I used it fresh out of a shower and got a coating of the cream on. It absorbed relatively well but it took some working to get it to fully dissipate and even when I followed the instructions of adding a little water, it still thick and took some work. With all of that said, I really only had to apply once and it would last all day, compared to other brands I have tried that have left me looking and feeling dry after an hour. If you have extremely dry skin, I’d definitely give this a try!

  214. LaceyO

    Cutemol Emollient Cream is absolutely amazing. After just one use, I noticed a significant difference in my dry skin. The emollient cream made it soft and supple. And after continuous use (twice-a-day, over two weeks) the overall texture of my skin changed.

    When using, you only need to apply a small amount for each area. The product easily spreads. The only set back of the product is the texture/thickness. When not fully absorbed it leaves a greasy residue. I recommend applying at night and early in the morning before getting dressed.

    Thank you to Stellar Product Testing Panel for the opportunity to try out this product.

  215. TG613

    The Cutemol cream helped my severely dry cracked feet. My skin was so dry that it absorbed the moisture quickly in the problem areas. I used the cream a minimum of once a day but I could’ve been more diligent in using it 2-3 times a day if I had had more time. The only thing I didn’t care for about this product was how thick its consistency is, but it does absorb into all of the skin eventually. I’d compare the consistency to a diaper rash cream more than a lotion cream. A little bit can go a long way with this cream too. My favorite result after using this cream is how my heels feel. It was painful to walk on them before using this cream and even after using it just once a day, the cracks started to heal and it didn’t hurt to walk anymore. My feet look softer and the cracks are on their way to being fully healed. I would recommend this cream to anyone with dry, cracked and painful skin. Thank you to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this cream.

  216. Lionpsu05

    The cream was very moisturizing and left my skin feeling hydrated and smooth. Easy to apply and did not leave my skin oily and there was no residue. I used the skin care cream and chapstick throughout the day when my skin needed it most since it was my hands a lot! My skin felt super soft to the touch. No bad smells or chemicals and I like how my hands were soft. I also used on my base of my feet and my foot soles were super soft and kept soft throughout the day. Overall, I feel my skin is so much more hydrated and soft to compared before I was using the cream. A little cream is all you need to cover a large area. I would highly recommend this skin care cream to others who are in the market for a skin care like that is natural and easy on the skin. I received this product through the Stellar Product testing panel.

  217. thekaliadams

    I suffer from severely dry skin, so I was extremely excited when given the chance to try this new product.
    This cream was thick, so it went on great to help alleviate the issues (burning, cracks, peeling) that are associated with dry skin. The product did leave a bit of a residue, so I used it more on my elbows and heals than I did my hands.
    However, the product did an amazing job at healing my dry, cracked heels with repeated use. After using for 7 days straight, my skin on my heels was no longer cracked. With continued use at 2 times per day (in the morning and before bed), the dryness itself began to dissipate. I have never had this luck with another product.
    I absolutely recommend this product to anyone who is suffering with dry skin. The smell is a bit odd, but the results of using the product, in my opinion, make up for that.

    *I received this product as part of the Stellar Product testing panel, but all opinions and thoughts contained in this review are my own.

  218. Cmholder

    I received this product to test from the Stellar Product Testing Panel. This cream is excellent for severe cracking. I used it on some general dry spots on my elbows and hands and it worked well, but the really impressive result was on my husband’s foot, where it healed a very deep crack. The only downside is this cream is very thick to put on, but well worth it for very dry skin.

  219. FletcherFamily15

    When I received a notice I would be trying this product thru the Stellar product testing panel I was SO EXCITED! Ever since I was pregnant with my daughter (2017) the skin on my knuckles gets SO DRY. I am talking cracking and bleeding dry. I was skeptical at first but it is so nice. While I am not a fan of the diaper paste like feel it does a great job. It creates a nice skin barrier and helps keep your skin hydrated! I’ve used it on my elbows and noticed a good difference as well. I could tell I didn’t look at my hands as much as usual and I couldn’t feel the sting or pain of the cracks when I wore this. HUGE win with me. My hands healed so much faster compared to usual length of time it takes. Elbows dont need lotion as often. Oh and a little goes A LONG WAY. I def will be recommending this to any friends with bad dry skin to severely dry.

  220. Kasey

    This cream has been terrific. It’s thick, so it provides lots of moisture, but isn’t as sticky or goopy as an ointment. A little goes a long way! Due to how thick it is, it didn’t work well as a hand cream for me, but it was great for my feet or other dry patches that may develop. My kids frequently get dry, red patches and this has been one of the few things that didn’t sting when applied, even to cracked skin. If you are looking for a thick moisturizer, this is a great option. I received this product through the Stellar Product Testing Panel to test for free.

  221. MessyBunMom

    This hydrating and healing skincare cream helped hydrate my dry hands and heels during these winter months. I used it in my hands, heels, and elbows to try and keep them moisturized after showers. I also applied the cream throughout the day especially after frequent hand washing to prevent my knuckles from cracking. The cream seemed to keep my skin moisturized for several hours before I would have to reapply. The only reason I gave it a 4-star rating was because I didn’t like the way the cream felt on the palms of my hands. It had a thick, sunscreen-like consistency that I personally am not fond of, but this is very subjective. If you don’t mind the consistency of the cream, I would recommend this product. I feel as though the cream does moisturize and heal dry problem areas with continued use. I was given this cream to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

  222. CasMcMahon

    I received the cream for free through the Stellar Product Testing Panel. It is very thick and lot definitely goes a long way! It definitely helped with my dry skin but I also felt that it was really easy to use too much and it often left a residue even if the tiniest bit was used. My hands are often dry and sometime crack at the knuckles. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the feel of the ointment on my hands but it did help with the dryness. I would recommend for use on the hands is to apply it before bed or not to touch anything after applying it. It does have some stickiness to it!

  223. Zoemom80

    I received this product free from the Stellar Product Testing Panel to try. I’ve been dealing with cracked heels and cracked skin on my fingers for many years. The product was soothing but wore off quickly. Maybe my condition is more severe than most. It make work better for others.

  224. ashbash2631

    I received this cream as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. This cream was okay. I have moderate eczema on my hands and when I have flare ups the backs of my hands itch and become red and irritated and the palms and my fingers would peel. After trying this several times daily for a couple weeks I didn’t notice a whole lot of difference in my eczema or the dryness. But i did notice that they stayed moisturized for a few hours after using it. I only gave it three stars because it is really greasy and it stays greasy for awhile after. I couldn’t touch anything without leaving greasy handprints everywhere.

  225. Liswhi

    If you or your kids have skin like mine, you’re constantly on the search for a cream that works for dry spots. I have assembled quite a collection of creams, hoping to find the “perfect” one. So when Stellar Product Testing Panel offered me a chance to try this cream I jumped at it!.
    Unfortunately, it just didn’t do it for me. The cream is thick/emollient and absorbs well (not immediately, but didn’t leave greasy residue and absorbed quickly after a minute of rubbing). My dry areas that I treated though didn’t get any better with several days of use, so I continue my search for the perfect product.
    It may work better for you!

  226. mas282

    I was sent this cream to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I was initially impressed by the wealth of information provided with this cream – I received two small tubes of the cream and a bonus beeswax lip moisturizer to sample. I was eager to try the cream in particular as I’ve suffered from extremely dry hands this season. I found that it was best used as a nighttime moisturizing mask for my hands given the thickness and texture of the cream. I put a thick layer on both hands and then wore cotton gloves. My morning, my red, patchy fingers looked much improved, though I still experienced some redness. I did find the cream a bit thick for daytime use, but plan to continue using it at night. Unfortunately, the extent of my dryness has only fully responded to prescription creams from my dermatologist, but I am glad to find another cream that appears to be made with recognizable ingredients and clear usage instructions. My only concern is that a few of the ingredients (propylparaben and fragrance) are poorly rated by the Environmental Watch Group, a group I rely on to make sure the products I use are safe. The lip moisturizer was a nice bonus that made my lips feel soft and hydrated with regular use. Thanks again to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this cream and lip moisturizer to sample!

  227. Benokm1

    I received this product through the Stellar Product Testing Panel to try out and review. This lotion is very thick, slimy, and sticky. I used it every night before bed (because it would rub off onto things if I put it on during the day) and I don’t feel like it helped a whole lot with my extremely dry and cracked hands.

  228. Kcbellaem

    I was given this cream to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. I have had issues with dry, cracked heels and patches of eczema all of my life. In addition to that, I work as a nurse and

  229. TiffWade97

    I didnt really like this cream. I used it multiple times a day for an entire week. It works well if you use it multiple times per day; the second you stop using it, it makes the dryness 10 times worse. The cream itself is super thick and leaves a greasy film, making it harder to work into your skin. I wouldn’t recommend this cream to others, but thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for giving me the opportunity to review this cream!

  230. Terri (verified owner)

    A superb product that makes an excellent holiday gift for me… oh, and other people too!

  231. June B. (verified owner)

    This product is the best I have ever used .

  232. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I have used Cute ol Emollient Cream since 1997. It keeps my hands from becoming chapped and my fingers tips from splitting and cracking. I have recommended Cutemol for years.

  233. CLYDE MOONEY (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  234. Gail M. (verified owner)

    The most luxurious skin crème ever. Indulge!

  235. Alice C. (verified owner)

    This is the best emollient for hands that work outside in the garden. Now during the winter when the air can dry out my skin this cream works well on both hands and feet.

  236. Melodi (verified owner)

    This is such an excellent product…I gave it as Christmas gifts to several friends!!!

  237. Jamie A Cancro (verified owner)

  238. Don N. (verified owner)

    good price for a quality product that really works. I have a psoriasis problem, especially in winter. Cutemol keeps it under control.

  239. Margaret OKeeffe (verified owner)

  240. Brad Mickatavage (verified owner)

    Works wonders

  241. Mark E. (verified owner)

    Product is good, my wife has a serious skin condition and your cream is the only thing that helps. We are not getting the discount we use to get and you eliminated the point program – both disappointing.

  242. Joseph B. (verified owner)

    Best treatment for dry cracked skin I have used and I have tried them all

  243. DAVID HORTON (verified owner)

  244. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love cutemol!

  245. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This cream is fantastic!! It really helps cure cuts in fingertips.

  246. JACQUELINE M (verified owner)

    I have been using it over 38 years. it is wonderful for almost any part of one’s body.

  247. Anonymous (verified owner)

  248. Moses Johnson (verified owner)

  249. Margaret E. (verified owner)

    The cream is invaluable to keeping my feet comfortable and my cuticles from tearing and cracking. The service was prompt and easy. The only place to improve might be win the packaging, though it’s more of a USPS problem than yours. The package arrived sort of squashed which force the lid down onto the jar itself making it very difficult to open. As I said, its more of a post office problem though.

  250. Christine Saunders (verified owner)

  251. Anonymous (verified owner)

  252. Victoria (verified owner)

    It’s thick but works wonderfully. I will definitely buy it again.

  253. Sharon Prochaska (verified owner)

    Best ever!!

  254. Phyllis G. (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the Cutemol and use it several times a day. I have found no other product that helps my skin to feel and look as healthy as it does. People are always asking me what I use and I tell them “Cutemol” and give them the website!

  255. Charlotte (verified owner)

  256. Virginia D. (verified owner)

    As my Dad developed Cutemol for SUMMERS LABS I have always used and loved the product. The Derma Nail is new. I like it too. Life gives your hands a beating, CUTEMOL has been there for diaper rash, chapped faces and lips to face protection against the elements.
    I have two chairs that used to be in the office. They are unique.

  257. russell hatton (verified owner)

  258. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Your shipping is fast and your products are wonderful.
    I have been using cutemol cream for years. It is the only product I can use that helps heal my dry hands in the winter months.

  259. Donald Nance (verified owner)

    Cutemol is the best skin cream there is. I use it for dry and cracking psoriasis. Use as instructed and it works.

  260. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My wife is extremely happy with this product. Uses it for patches of troublesome dry skin several times a day.

  261. Melanie Hansen (verified owner)

    I have Graves disease and this is the ONLY hand cream I’ve ever found that works.

  262. Mary D. (verified owner)

  263. Joseph G. (verified owner)

    I have been using Cutemol for many years now. It is by far the best treatment for hard working hands and feet….and elbows and shins.

  264. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Thick, but not greasy. Feels good after you put it on.

  265. Belinda R (verified owner)

  266. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love the product it’s a real lifesaver for my nails

  267. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  268. Anonymous (verified owner)

  269. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    I recommend Cutemol to many people.

  270. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    The nail strengthener and emollient cream are amazing. For the first time in many years, I have been able to grow my nails. They are much less fragile and much less subject to breakage.

  271. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    I see the improvement after only a few uses.

  272. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It works very well for eczema if applied every time after washing hands or feet, or after a shower.

  273. Phyllis G. (verified owner)

    I have used this product for years. It is the only product that works on my very dry skin. I recommend this for everyone!

  274. Eileen Todd (verified owner)

  275. Nancy Lazzaro – Comer (verified owner)

    Any of the over-the counter hand creams. Did not work. I am very satisfied with Cutemol.

  276. Joseph B. (verified owner)

    This product is amazing

  277. Jess M. (verified owner)

    Just another great product better than dermatologist recommend from my experience

  278. Jeanette Kucharczyk (verified owner)

  279. david nielsen (verified owner)

    Searcher for my dry skin and lasts for hours

  280. Joseph L. (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Cutemol for quite some time. it really works great on my dry hands. I recommend it to my friends.

  281. Mary Fran Cherry (verified owner)

    I have been using this cream for 20-25 years at night. It is the BEST cream to use for my hands. Nothing else comes close.

  282. Donald (verified owner)

    I have used Cutemol for over 10 years for severe skin drying and cracking on my hands, they used to bleed, using Cutemol every night has solved that problem!

  283. cHERYL D. (verified owner)

    Works great! I bought the two sizes so I gave one to keep in my purse. It’s a little sticky but worth it. Great for cuticles too!

  284. Joan D. (verified owner)

    Cutemol is wonderful for dry hands and feet. Using this product every day during the winter makes a BIG difference!

  285. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent seller and totally wonderful product.

  286. Jeremy Gibbens (verified owner)

    My fingertips crack in the winter. This is the best product I have found to alleviate this.

  287. Vickie Shults (verified owner)

    I have used Cutemol cream for over 15 years. My hands and feet are very dry year-around and my dermatologist suggested this product. At bedtime, I apply it on my hands and feet, and in the very dry winter I add cotton gloves and socks. Cutemol is a miracle product!

  288. Rosemary (verified owner)

    Best cream for dry skin.

  289. Charlotte M. (verified owner)

  290. Mary Ellen (verified owner)

    My hands have always been dry, and even thought I wer gloves, they are frequently in water. Cūtemol is the best dry skin cream I have ever used.

  291. Phyllis (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Cutemol for several years and it works better than any other lotion or cream (OTC or prescribed). You don’t have to use much as the emollient goes a long way!

  292. Moses Johnson (verified owner)

    I have a dry foot problem on the bottom of my feet. This lotion resolves the problem for me lasting the whole day. The whole day.

  293. Anonymous (verified owner)

  294. Gabrielle (verified owner)

  295. Isaac (verified owner)

    This was recommended by my dermatologist. I have been using it for a few years successfully.

  296. Rita (verified owner)

    This stuff is a wonder.

  297. Deborah (verified owner)

  298. Tara Moreiko (verified owner)

    This cream is perfect for extremely dry skin

  299. Diana L. (verified owner)

    Too thick for my liking.

  300. Sunatillo Rahimov (verified owner)

  301. Anonymous (verified owner)

  302. Hannelore Liberatore (verified owner)

    Very rich creams for nails and skin!

  303. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is the absolute BEST heavy-but-not-greasy cream I have ever used… and I have spent many hundreds of dollars over the years with my chronic dermatitis. Highly recommend!

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