Cutar Emulsion


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Steroid-free alternative to help control itching, redness and flaking from psoriasis. 7.5% LCD (1.5% coal tar) in a pleasantly scented emulsion base. Can be used as a leave-on lotion for localized thickened skin lesions and plaques or mixed with water for bathing and hand/foot soaks.

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Why use Cutar Emulsion?

(Or any coal tar for that matter!)

If you have been to a doctor for your psoriasis, you were probably prescribed a topical corticosteroid. Steroids are anti-inflammatory drugs used to help control psoriasis. Basically, the goals of using a coal tar psoriasis lotion like Cutar and topical steroids are the same: to control itching, scaling, inflammation, and redness. Tar generally takes longer to work than topical steroids and has a characteristic odor. However, steroids can have undesirable side effects that are causing more patients and their doctors to take another look at Cutar. Dermatologists often recommend this psoriasis lotion in addition to steroids to help control the following steroid side effects:

Steroid Rebound – Sometimes when patients stop using topical steroids, their psoriasis returns quickly and often worse than the original outbreak. Cutar will generally keep skin clearer for a longer period of time after you stop treatment. However, it generally takes longer for Cutar to begin showing results.

Tachyphylaxis – Your medication stops working. Often patients will have success with a certain topical steroid, only to have it become less and less effective over time. Patients who get relief from tar, generally stay better for longer periods of time, during and after their course of treatment with tar.

Skin Atrophy – thinning of the skin. Using topical steroids, especially more potent ones, for prolonged periods, may cause skin atrophy where the skin becomes very thin and more susceptible to damage. A good psoriasis lotion like Cutar will not atrophy the skin.

To avoid or decrease the likelihood of side effects, many dermatologists recommend the use of coal tar either alone, or in combination with steroids to get the benefits of both products. Some patients can control psoriasis outbreaks rapidly with steroids, and then maintain clearing with coal tar over the long term, avoiding steroid side effects. Cutar can be used either as a medicated psoriasis lotion or as bath oil for therapeutic soaks.


Apply to affected areas one to four times daily or as directed by a doctor.

As a medicated lotion:

Gently rub a small amount onto affected areas. Blot off excess with a tissue to help prevent staining of clothing or linens.

In the bath:

Pour a liberal quantity (6 to 10 capfuls) into the tub, making sure Cutar is well mixed. Soak for 10 to 20 minutes, or as directed by your doctor. After treatment, pat skin dry. GUARD AGAINST SLIPPING.

As a hand or foot soak:

Add 2 to 5 capfuls to a sink or basin. Mix well and soak for 5 to 10 minutes or as directed by your doctor.


Active Ingredient:

7.5% L.C.D. (equiv. To 1.5% Coal Tar).

Inactive Ingredients:

Water, Liquid Petrolatum, Extract Of Lanolin Alcohols, Mineral Wax, Beeswax, Acetylated Lanolin, Isopropyl Myristate, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Sodium Tetraborate, Imidurea, Allantoin, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Fragrance.

⚠ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including coal tar and cocamide DEA, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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6oz, 1-gallon

95 reviews for Cutar Emulsion

  1. teresa105

    I used to get a tar based product from my pharmacy that required a prescription. My psoriasis had returned due to an injury on my hand from a motorcycle accident. Within a month, it was completely gone! I was truly amazed. I purchased the liquid and the shampoo, as I still have psoriasis on my scalp.

  2. rossy

    My father has had psoriasis for more than 60 years. Several years ago, the product he used most for his skin was no longer manufactured. A doctor recommended Cutar. We live in a small town and it was only available in the small bottle, and the price was ridiculously high. So he asked me to search for it on the Internet. He is so glad I found Summers lab. The cost of the large bottle is practical, shipping is fast, and we haven’t had any problems. Cutar is the only product that actually makes his winters bearable. In the past, his skin would split and bleed in the cold. Also the former product would stain the bathtub and his skin, and the smell was strong. Cutar is non staining, and the house doesn’t smell like a road is being paved through it when he bathes.

  3. p123

    So happy my dermatologist gave me a sample of this to try. I’ve had psoriasis for years and could not find anything that made a substantial difference. Was using over the counter moisturizing lotions just to mitigate the itching and flaking. Upon using Cutar for a couple of weeks, definitely noticed a difference. Took a couple of months and a few of the more recent psoriasis patches completely cleared up (100%), most other patches cleared to 70-80% (to the point people don’t notice them), and a couple have only slightly shrank but its much more comfortable (maybe because they don’t get exposed to sunlight. Product is easy to use and does not stain clothing as long as you rub it in. Good Luck!

  4. Pbalt

    I had pustular psoriasis for years on the soles of my feet and after 5 dermatologist number 6 was my savior.
    I got off all of the steroid ointments and soaked my feet 3 times a day in Cutar emulsion for 2 years and finally my feet cleared I still soak 3 to 4 times a week because it feels good.
    One of the dermatologist said my feet would never return to a normal state…he was into bio meds caused hair loss which was the worst of the 2 evils?
    So after I found number 6 dermatologist and Cutar I was cured of pustular psoriasis.
    YEAH! You have to be determined to be cured and using Cutar I was and it paid off!

  5. skeets

    I have been using Cutar emulsion for many years now and am totally satisfied by my results. I had problems with my hands splitting/cracking which was very painful and body itches that could not be resolved. After seeing several dermatologists and allergists resulting in no resolution, I saw this product in a doctors office & decided to try it. Well, I no longer have painfully cracked hands or itches. When necessary, I put Cutar in my bath water and soak or make a mixture in a bowl and just soak my hands. It is amazing the results I get after two uses in one week. I do not plan to be without this product.

  6. Buba

    I am a 72 year young woman with psoriasis. I used the Cutar Emulsion for the first time in the bathtub. For the first time in a while, I slept through the night! I was never a big fan of baths, but using this product has changed my mind. I saw instant results. My psoriasis is gone from my back, chest, arms and legs. Only took about a month. Palms of my hands and soles of my feet are taking longer. They were in really bad shape, but are much improved. When not soaking in the tub, I just soak my feet and hands for about 10 minutes. Then use medicated ointment and Cutemol (which I love also). I purchased the gallon size of Cutar (saved a ton of money with this size). I also have given people I know who suffer from Psoriasis some of the Cutar to try and they had good results also This is good stuff folks. Try it you’ll love it!!!

  7. Ernie

    I have used Cutar for years. Its not perfect but it keeps Psoriasis in check better than all of the prescription topical treatments and it is not costly and risky like all the new “hot” drugs on the market. Even when the disease flares up, there is a cosmetic effect with Cutar. It hides it and works on it at the same time. Also, since the active ingredient is already several million years old, I don’t think this stuff has an expiration date.

  8. Mandy

    My son was diagnosed with psoriasis when he was 4 years old. He is now 6. When we first saw his specialist doctor, his body was about 80% covered in red itchy spots. She recommended he soak in this every night for six weeks. With doing that and his prescription creams he cleared within 2 weeks. It just helps balance out all the steroid creams he was taking. We use it now whenever he has bad breakouts. Seems to help clear a little faster.

  9. None

    Cutar is the best emulsion that I have ever used on my skin for psoriasis. It is very soothing and much better than the cortisones that I have used for years. No staining of skin or clothes or sheets. It is a great product

  10. Trickrider

    I have dealt with moderate psoriasis since 1984. I’ve had light therapy, tried various medications, super expensive topical steroids, but none of it ever really worked. My dermatologist suggested Cutar and gave me some samples and I saw immediate results. I bought a gallon and after only a couple weeks the stubborn areas I had fought for so long were clear. I have maintained clear skin with minimal use. It is the easiest to use, most cost effective and successful product for me.

  11. Corky

    I have been very pleased with my order of Cutar from Summers Lab. The rich, yellow color is an assurance that you are getting the pure product.

  12. LMay

    It created a softening of the skin (feet) that was incredible

  13. jchun

    I first bought a couple of small bottles of Cutar over four years ago to try on my doctor’s advice. Two little bottles didn’t last very long. It instantly took my dryness and ichiness away. I’m now on my seventh gallon, yes gallons and free shipping, best deal available. Twice a day. Sometimes more depending on my condition. No staining on clothes noticed. Little to no smell. I’ve had psoriasis for over thirty years now and have tried numerous products.

  14. Delo

    This product was prescribed by my dermatologist to aide in a condition that is similar to psoriasis on my feet. I had been on a lot of steroids for several months and did not need to keep taking more. I have been soaking them everyday for a over a month and it has helped to exfoliate the dry scales on the bottom of my feet. I ordered the gallon size since this condition will take some time to calm down. The smell is a little strong but not offensive.

  15. MrBigMan

    I have been soaking my feet in Cutar with water for two months. With psoriasis on my feet, I got to a point in the day when I couldn’t step straight on the floor. That’s when I did my soaking with Cutar. It has done wonders for me! Let me tell you, it not magical! You have to be patient, but its doing its job. Now, i have been using Cutemol to get rid of all the skin growth. This one is even better. I am very satisfied with your products.

  16. Chrissy

    I was recently prescribed .by my dermatologist, Cutar’s Emulsion for an ongoing skin condition . This condition was ten months old and I was at my wit’s end, within days my skin problems were over. This miracle saved my life, this rash was making me insane. I ordered from Summer Laboratories and it was delivered the next day. I could not be happier. Thank you thank you thank you

  17. SailorJohn

    I have severe psoriasis on the bottoms and sides of both feet. My dermatologist recommended soaking for 10 to 15 minutes per day using this Cutar with 5 or 6 capfuls of the emulsion in about 1 inch of water in a small tub. Gradually my feet have improved quite significantly, to where I may be able to skip a daily soak for only every other day or so.

  18. Doug

    I’ve had out-of-control Psoriasis for about a quarter of a Century. And refuse to use dangerous Biologics or other dangerous treatments. I’ve been using Cutar daily for about a month, and for the first time in a long, long time, I’m again wearing short-sleeve shirts. I’ve bought this product by-the-gallon since it’s considerably affordable this way.

  19. Marlene

    Purchased Cutar Emulsion about 4-6 weeks ago and I can honestly say, I have found some relief in my psoriasis symptoms. It lessened the pinching and burning I came to experience every single day and sight. Cutar Emulsion gave me a soothing relief, as well as minimizing the redness and dryness I experienced. And I am so thankful for that.

  20. Kathy

    I use Cutar at night so that it reduces my overall itching from Psoriasis. It also helps with the reduction of scaliness from the lesions.
    I use disposable gloves so that my hands don’t get discolored but my skin really doesn’t get any residual color. I thought that it would smell but the odor isn’t really that obnoxious

  21. Trickrider

    I have been using Cutar for approximately two years and it is by far the most effective psoriasis control product/medication I have ever used. It is simple to apply, very effective, and a gallon container lasts me for at least a year or more which makes it by far the most cost effective treatment I’ve ever used.

  22. Ellen

    I have been using Cutar Emulsion as part of our dermatologist’s plan to work on psoriasis. In the morning a prescription medication is used. In the evening Cutar Emulsion is applied. We’ve been extremely pleased with the progress being made. Also, we’ve had excellent service from this company.

  23. Nothing

    I have used this product now, for three years and can’t live without it! It works very well on my severe psoriasis that I have, in the past had to use a different product that is no longer in production due to some kind of litigation. It has been a real life saver! Thank you

  24. curtdogg18

    WE have used this product for our son since he was about 18-months old. He is now 4 years old and we continue to use it daily for his severe psoriasis. We can tell a difference if he goes a few days without his Cutar baths. We love having this non-steroid option for him!

  25. Carole

    Have not been able to buy any product in Canada since Balnetar was discontinued, so when I heard about Cutar I thought I would try it. Have psorisasis on the bottom of my feet. After soaking my feet in the solution for a week it got better. Am very happy with the product.

  26. Raulmass

    My Dermatologist gave a sample of your product (Cutar Emulsion – Psoriasis Lotion). and it worked , that is why a bought more from you, I don’t know if it is working because I’m using in combination with other medication, but the fact is that is helping me a lot

  27. Max E

    First, I would like to start by saying that I have no affiliation with Summers Lab.Second, I suffer from psoriasis and have for many years with the several spots, but the worst on my scalp. I say it’s the worst since I can cover most anything, but my scalp is another matter.My first experience with Cutar was in 2006 having gotten a sample from a doctor and have been using it ever since. I apply it at night for usually 3 nights in a row, and can then go for about a week before having to do it again. I work hard to not overuse it. It works great to say the least keeping the flakes and itching under control. I had previously tried many other treatments that were more aggressive and didn’t like any of them. Since Cutar is very mild, I have no fear of causing some of the issues that are less than acceptable. The only negative and this is very minor is that with my gray hair, it can yellow my hair so I use a shampoo that takes the yellow out. I would recommend this product to anyone and consider it what I would call a life savor….

  28. ToryG

    I bought Cutar and started using it twice a day and my psoriasis almost went away. I used prescription steroid cream’s for 15 years that cost me several thousands of dollars and this product out performed all the prescriptions!
    Thank you Cutar!

  29. Franny

    I found Cutar a few years ago and rely on it at times, very soothing and calms my skin flare-ups. Most pharmacies in my area don’t carry it, so rely on mail-order. Kind of expensive, sadly, but hopefully can be used sparingly in bath water.

  30. Shay

    I bought this 2 months and it’s a very good substitute for the steroid products. As a soak, it’s exceptional. It’s a nice cooling feeling from the burning itchiness of psoriasis. Unlike steroids you can use it often safely..

  31. suemike

    I use Cutar lotion and Tarsum shampoo. Both have made a dramatic improvement in my psoriasis on my body and scalp. I have tried several prescription medicines that did not help at all. These are the only products I will use!!

  32. Nick1776

    As a long time customer I am always happy with the results I get from Cutar Emulsion. Thanks for providing this product for so long. It’s easy to order and usually arrives in a couple days. I’m very pleased as usual.

  33. cgettes

    I’ve been using cutar for 10 years now. As an OTC topical therapy it is the only treatment that keeps my moderate psoriasis at bay. I am able to avoid needing prescription based topical and oral medications as a result.

  34. Shla

    I’ve used Curtar for years, suggested by a dermatologist. It keeps the itch and inflammation down and doesn’t have side effects. I use cortisone ointments here and there, but they can cause skin thinning.

  35. Alicia

    Cutar has helped me greatly in alleviating the redness and roughness of my skin caused by psoriasis. Soaking my body in warm water and two capfuls of Cutar has been very helpful. I do it every other day.

  36. DonnaLKN

    An extreme case of psoriasis, because of the cost of prescriptions we asked the doctor if there is anything we could try… She said: Yes, Cutar Emulsion. It has worked wonders. An amazing product.

  37. Danfromthebrightredmud

    This product provides relief from psoriasis. It is best when used on successive days. If you have the time a bath two or three days in a row will substantially reduce inflammation and itchiness.

  38. billy713

    have been using this product for over a year ,on moderate well, is readily absorbed,less greasy and less odor than other tar products.highly recommend for psoriasis sufferers.

  39. Jeffrey

    My mother has long been soaking her feet in this solution to help with her psoriasis and it really does the trick! If you haven’t already tried this “medicine”, I urge you to do so soon!

  40. Mara L

    I find that 2 to 3 ounces of CUTAR mixed with bath gel and added to a warm bath is very effective at quieting psoriasis outbreaks. Used once or twice a week usually prevents outbreaks.

  41. Southern DIY

    great lotion, I use it for bath and skin cap spray for topical. I wish it was a little less expensive since I have a walk in tub it takes more of it, but it is very beneficial.

  42. Silas

    Cutar is very good for controlling psoriasis. It reduces the amount of scaling and itchiness. I’ve been using it for several years in the bath, and am pleased with the results.

  43. CP24

    Recently I was suffering from a skin information. I was thrilled to find this Cutar product online. This product offers soothing Comfort which I cannot find anywhere else.

  44. Lorrainemae

    I keep a supply all the time. I use it after I shower in the morning and also apply a thin layer of Cutemol an emollient skin cream. It keeps my psoriasis at bay.

  45. Sarasota Sue

    It does the job without the messiness and odor of tar products. Soaking in this emulsion feels good and definitely shows some improvement the day after.

  46. cjand

    We always by Cutar in the gallon container. We received it quickly and was glad because we were headed on vacation and did not want any deliveries.

  47. Al811

    I have been using Cutar Emulsion to combat moderate case of psoriasis for years and find it very effective

  48. Clearerskin

    I bought this a month ago and have seen a significant change in my Psoriasis, especially my feet

  49. agent

    Using Cutar in conjunction with cutemol is very effective in keeping my psoriasis under control.

  50. Ronnie

    Not only that it works, your service is great!! Thank you for shipping to the Hawaiian islands!

  51. Greg M

    This product works as described. Added bonus to be able to purchase in 1 gallon containers.

  52. Jbt2016

    If your looking for a non-prescription product for Psoriasis, this is it. It really works.

  53. Lisa

    This is the ONLY thing that helps my psoriasis, it is clear for the first time in 25 years

  54. Kathi8888

    My husband uses this on a regular basis for his psoriasis and it works great for him!

  55. Judy

    Have ordered the gallon size twice which is a big savings and lasts for a long time.

  56. Geared

    Their Cultsr Emulson is very effective. They have prompt delivery and great service.

  57. Tita

    Been using this stuff for years. ou can dilute with water and soak or use directly

  58. Sheryl

    My husband has been using this for years for his psoriasis and it does a nice job.

  59. BobbyL

    I pour a little into my bath twice a week and it keeps my skin smooth and clear!

  60. NAWAZ

    For the last almost 1 year I am using and result is completely satisfactorily.

  61. Charlie4329

    GREAT ITEM, i order it twice a month and it supresses my psoriasis condition

  62. Isla

    I have been using Cutar for awhile, really helps. Recommend this product.

  63. A cutar solution user

    It was a very helpful product, good recommendation from my dermatologist.

  64. Bonnie

    As far as I can tell, I have had zero benefits from this product.

  65. Shan

    I have been using this product on and off for the last two years.

  66. B Rad

    The best bang for the buck. Great product, fast shipping, thanks

  67. Fred1227

    Corrected my problem with no side effects and gave me relief.

  68. Clear Now

    I use almost every morning
    What a difference it has made

  69. Nance

    It works. Fabulous product! Use regularly. Just amazing!

  70. jfeff

    And the customer service department is very responsive!

  71. Chaz1175

    Great product, always shipped fast in a timely manner

  72. Happy Customer

    I first discovered the Cutar Emulsion (Psoriasis Lotion) about 15 years ago. It was very affordable and was very effective in clearing up those terrible red patches. Those of you who have psoriasis, know exactly what I mean!
    When I misplaced the bottle of Cutar Emulsion lotion I had, I resumed using the very expensive lotions and creams that were prescribed by my dermatologist. One or more of my prescriptions, which I won’t name to protect the innocent, was priced at $800 per tube! That is absolutely ridiculous! It should be considered a crime!
    Fast forward to a couple of months ago. My son was looking through some boxes in our garage, and actually found the bottle I had misplaced years before, and was about to discard it. Surprisingly, there was some lotion left in the bottle. I immediately began using the Cutar lotion, applying it to one stubborn spot on my leg. I am being totally serious, within two weeks of use, that spot was clearing up nicely. My smooth skin is back.
    I’m sorry if my review is a bit lengthy, but I wanted to paint a clear picture. This Cutar Emulsion lotion is a blessing. It is affordable and works like a charm. A lot of people with psoriasis absolutely cannot afford the outrageous prices of some of the creams and lotions that are prescribed.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this review, and please at least give the product a try. You will be amazed!

  73. Mary Toomey (verified owner)

  74. Mary F. (verified owner)

    Taking a bath with about 1/2 cup of cutar emulsion keeps my psoriasis under control. I recently started rubbing some on my most resistant spots before I get in the tub and they are now almost completely gone. Now I’m at the point where I can skip multiple days and still remain clear. Highly recommend!

  75. Janet (verified owner)

    This product really works. It works better than any prescription product I’ve used before.

  76. Gary (verified owner)

    I always appreciate your timeliness in shipping my order.

  77. Margaret OKeeffe (verified owner)

  78. Martin (verified owner)

  79. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  80. Robert Redmond (verified owner)

  81. Karen G. (verified owner)

  82. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works as designed

  83. Steven H. (verified owner)

  84. Matt (verified owner)

  85. FRANCIS VONMOLL (verified owner)

    Have been using for years. Very worth while.

  86. Gary Zahorsky (verified owner)

    It was thinner than normal.

  87. Gary (verified owner)

    The emulsion is not as thick as it once was. I prefer that.

  88. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Cutar is a good product for psoriasis and nice to use in the bath. Takes the itch away. Buying the gallon size is the only way to go. I sometimes combine it with an oil product, like almond oil.

  89. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

  90. Robert L. (verified owner)

    Excellent Product. I have been using it for almost 20 years now!

  91. Bob (verified owner)

    I have mild psoriasis and this product effectively treats it.
    My dermatologist started giving me physicians samples of Enstilar which is very effective and easy to use. So I switched. All good things come to an end and while the prescription was approved, wonder of wonders, I had already ordered a gallon of Cutar.
    The two downsides of Cutar are: 1 they only sell a small size and the gallon (I would love to see a quart option) and 2. I have to add 30 minutes to my evening shower routine to apply, sit around, and rinse off.
    But it is an effective product.

  92. Jordan T. (verified owner)

    It’s great to have something for my Psoriasis with no steriods. Works great!

  93. Jess M. (verified owner)

    This product is truly a life saver when it comes to itchy skin

  94. Christopher (verified owner)

    This solution is a great comfort to me.

  95. Karen Y George (verified owner)

    Relieves inflammation and discomfort on my skin.

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