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Professional strength dihydroxyacetone skin dye in a waterproof formulation that is used to darken light or unpigmented areas of skin affected by vitiligo, scars, or other causes. This formula is designed to stay pigmented for longer periods of time, and you can adjust the
pigment needed for your condition.

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Waterproof Skin Dye for Vitiligo

Professional strength dihydroxyacetone skin dye is used to darken light or unpigmented areas of skin affected by vitiligo, scars, or other causes. This unique waterproof formulation is designed to adhere to the skin and stay pigmented for longer periods of time, in most cases Chromelin can last for 3 to 10 days, depending on how much you scrub in the shower. You can adjust the pigment needed for your condition.

Applying Chromelin®

Apply a few drops to unpigmented areas with the applicator rod. Evenly spread Chromelin over the affected areas.

Allow Chromelin to dry completely. Do not wash treated area for at least 3 hours after application. In fact, we recommend you apply Chromelin before bed to ensure you allow enough time before bathing to allow the color to develop.

Be patient. It takes up to 6 hours for the color to develop.

Chromelin color and shade varies from person to person, so it may take some practice to get it to work just right for you. To achieve a darker color, repeat application instructions once or twice in 24 hours; more often if darker color is desired.

Chromelin will also darken pigmented skin. To prevent darkening of skin surrounding treated areas, take a damp tissue and gently wipe off any Chromelin that has overlapped onto normally pigmented skin.

Chromelin should always be applied by an adult or with adult supervision.


Dihydroxyacetone skin dye


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184 reviews for Chromelin Complexion Blender

  1. Gabriela

    This is the only product that I have found on the market, to camouflage my vitiligo white patches. Too bad for me because this product is really expensive and I go through a bottle in approximately a month. The stain only lasts about three days tops. Dy-o-derm is my preference but no longer on the market, sad to say. Chromelin is typically $20.00 for 1 oz, where Dy-o-derm was $20.00 for 4 oz. I don’t understand why Chromelin is so expensive. Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend because there is nothing else on the market.

  2. Retired teacher

    I purchased this product because of its claim to cover vitiligo spots in 6 hours, where there are several on my face. I was excited about something other than makeup to cover, so I ordered. It hasn’t done what it claimed to do. I used it on the spotted areas daily, but it tans it a teeeny, tiny bit which still has to be covered with makeup.
    I am African American, and it didn’t work for me. However, I’m going to use it all, but don’t plan to repurchase. This is one product of many that I’ve tried, and failed, including the prescription from the dermatologist.

  3. Quenos

    My problem areas are my hands, feet and elbows because of chromelin I am brave enough to wear short sleeve blouses. Before I did not and I was always very uncomfortable on hot days. Also now I wear sandals more often. My hands are a bit of a problem because it does wah off some as I do a lot of housework. Other than that I am grateful I have this product. It helps a lot as it camouflages my spots and I don’t feel so self conscious. Psychologically living with vitiligo is very difficult. Thank you for your product.

  4. Steveb

    I’ve used this product for a few years now mainly in summer to.cover vitiligo on my hands I’m a male, Caucasian normal light skin, this is the best colour match I’ve found, it lasts about 3-4 days, I found it best applied in the evening after a shower it’s a bit hard to judge application as it’s clear and you can’t see where you’ve put it but takes some pactice as its liquid not a gel you can get it on quite evenly, I use a makeup cotton pad to apply, a bottle usually lasts me up to 2 months, but it is a bit expensive, takes up to 8 hours from application to develop a colour change

  5. Boxerdad

    I have found it covers well . I does have a slightly darker orange tint but it fades to look very natural in a day or so . I swim a lot so I find it only 4-5 days but that is expected . I have tried self tan creams before but this seams to work best for me . For best results I have found to light coat on before bed works best and it does not come off on to bedding or clothes like others i have used . Just wish it came in a larger bottle .

  6. Rmcder2

    Two years ago I had a serious motorcycle accident. I was left with several scars and one of the scars on my forehead was pure white. A tattoo facial artist darkened the area but faded within two weeks. Repeat sessions provided the same results so I searched the internet for a skin dye and found Chromelin complexion blender. This kind of stuff never seems to work but I was desperate to hide the prominent white scar across my forehead. Well, it absolutely works! I CANNOT see my scar! Each day, (sometimes every other day) I make one swipe with the Q-tip type applicator on my scar. Takes all of 10 seconds to apply. Chromelin complexion blender absolutely works. I rate this product A+.

  7. JTJP

    I’m 62 years old and have used a variety of vitiligo stains since age 18. The best was probably Vitadye. Vitigone is similar, but they changed there formula and had problems with it. It is currently not available. Chromelin does hold it’s color the best of all the products I’ve used, but it takes much too long to for the color to develop and goes on unevenly because you can’t see it when you put it on. It does develop darker than I like so I now tend to dilute it with a bit of alcohol. Also, I still use the small brushes that I kept from the Vitadye product. Chromelin needs a brush. The plastic stick is pretty useless. When using the Vitigone product, however, I always mixed it with Chromelin (half & half) to get the color when applied, but a more permanent stain with Chromelin.
    I hope this review helps. I wish there was a cure, but until then, I will use the best products available. Thank you.

  8. EDLS

    The product helps to mask the vitiligo spots. The color tone does not match my skin but does the brown color is preferred to the white patches. The applicator allows you to be precise, however if you have too much of the liquid on the applicator it will run. You need to wipe it off or runoff will stain your skin. One application will last me 2 days and maybe 3 if I applied it heavily.I would like to see the development of a pen-marker type applicator. This would be very convenient to carry around and allow for easier, less messy applications.

  9. know of no one

    I’m really thankful there is a product available for people like me who have vitaligo…. I use to use Dy O Derm, was a good product also. I just wish the coloring process wasn’t so long.

  10. Aussie

    I have used Chromelin for about 2 years. I haven’t found another product like it, so I continue. I find it moderately effective especially in winter. In summer when the sun is hot and I tan it is less effective. So I would rate it as moderately effective. It should be applied at night.
    It is quite expensive and comes in stupidly small containers. I would prefer 50 or 100ml sizes.
    Some research needs to be done on methods of application, as the little brushes are not very good.
    I have been having Eximer 308nm light treatment ( UVB) which has started to be helpful. You will need to see a dermatologist for this, as it is not without risk. It may be a way towards a cure in the future.

  11. Penny

    This product works satifactorily. It covers well, blends with the complexion nicely and lasts between 3-7 days depending on how careful one is. I’ve been using it since the 1980s but I lost contact during 1990 – 2010. However, when other stains went off the market, I searched the internet frantically for it. I’m so pleased that I’ve found Chromelin again. Although I use it only on my hands, it makes living with Vitiligo more bearable. I trust that it will remain on the market to assist Vitiligo sufferers.

  12. Method

    My complexion is slightly darker than cardboard and my vitiligo is about the size of a dime on my face. Initially, Chromelin took about 3 applications to match over the course of a day (one dab per 8 hrs). Once it did 1 application per day maintained it. It also takes 3 days of no use to reset it back. Also the product gives a slight reddish hue underlying the brown. I am completely satisfied with the product

  13. Dubs

    I had tried many “stains” and cover up solutions / creams/ etc. on my hands which are an embarrassment when making presentations / eating, etc. I discovered Chromelin on line and thought I’d try it — By far the best solution to the white – non pigment blending that I’ve ever found. Introduced to my Dermatologist , and he’s now a believer, too. I buy 10 bottles at a time, and don’t want to ever run out of this miracle product.
    Thanks Summers Lab. for developing and making available.

  14. Blend

    I’ve been buying for almost a year and I love the way it works they are honest and say the coverage for vitiligo is not exact but let me tell you it is way better than wash off make up and it last at least 2 to 3 days before reapplying and having some color is way better than no skin color at all. I will continue to use – great product

  15. KimC

    In the spring before the sun is strong this product does a great job providing just enough camouflage for the bright white patches (vitiligo) on my skin – most notably my hands. (I am Caucasian with skin that easily tans). That said – if I miss a day of all body sun screen and my tan accents the vitiligo it is impossible to get a near match. When I use 4 layers of Chromlin it looks like an orangey brown island in the center of a beige brown hand.
    At the end of the day I recommend this product because orangey brown is lead noticeable than bright white – I can put a layer of makeup over it if need be- and I am so grateful this one company is helping us camouflage a distressing “front and center” problem. Thank you

  16. RRXL

    Chromelin was for me a complement of DYE O’ DERM . this last product gave immediate results. I have to wait 1 or 2 hours to see results with Chromelin.
    You should sell again DYE O’ DERM which has been discontinued..

  17. Bradley

    My name is Bradley. I’m a Salesman and i deal with high end clients. I have Vitiligo on a lot of my body. Hands, face, neck ect. This product has helped blend in and hide, horrific white spots. That normally, people stare at and make stupid comments about. I am very happy and super satisfied, to use this product and I highly recommend it, to any brothers or sisters out there, suffering from the same embarrassing problem.

  18. Craig

    Unless someone comes up with something better, this may be the ticket for now for us sufferers of vitiligo. It darkens the white skin to a darker tone…more applications means darker tones. HOWEVER, I am Caucasian so it works fairly well, but I don’t know how well it may work on those of darker races. There are a few caveats, however. It takes hours for the darkening to occur, and it does wear off after a few days. Also, knuckle, elbows, etc. take the dye unevenly compared to other skin nearby and appears a bit “orangish,” so be aware of that.

  19. Jean23

    I have been using Chromelin for about 6 years to camouflage my vitiligo. When I have a tan, it blends in pretty good; however, it sometimes looks too orange next to my non-tanned skin. The product works if you can apply it and then not get your skin wet for at least 4-6 hours. The best time to apply it is at night, especially on your hands. Otherwise it will be washed off in no time. Be sure not to put on too much or it will stand out like a sore thumb. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything on the market that actually works for more than a day or so.

  20. Adriano

    As a professional who deals with the public, I am plagued by the vitiligo which is notable only on my face. Recommended to me by my dermatologist, Chromelin is what gets me through the situation with minimal discomfort. Not a panacea, it nonetheless blends my skin tone in a way that makes the absence of pigment far less obvious. I use it every day and, when travelling, it is the first thing I put in my toiletry bag.

  21. tg99

    I purchased this product to blend vitilgo spots on my hands and arms when they stand out more during the summer. The product worked as expected for the most part and it does take some trial and error to get the application correct, especially since effects take hours to show up. Two less positives about the product are: 1) very expensive relative to the small amount you get 2) the applicator wand is tiny and not particularly practical. Another similar type product supplies a sponge type applicator that is much larger and more effective

  22. SunBaby

    Tried this product for our 7 year old who has minor Vitiligo. Kids were asking questions so we decided to give this a try. This product was very hard to use on small areas, especially with the given applicator. It was very watery, a thicker solution would have worked better to contain on vertical surfaces. Overlapping looks terrible. It came out very orange compared to her tan skin tone. We are very lucky to have a child with very high self esteem who finally told us it doesn’t bother her and prefers not to use it anymore…

  23. Hawk

    I live in Hawaii and am out at the beach often. This is the best product I’ve found so far to help hide my vitiligo patches. I had been using self tanner but that comes off in salt water. Just wish it came in larger bottles and was tinted so you can see where you’re applying.

  24. goldengirl

    I have vitiligo and use the chromelin to cover the areas. You can make it as dark or as light as you need…… sometimes being tanner than others. It blends the areas very well. It’s the only product that I have found that works. And I have tried TONS!

  25. Suzanne

    Great product. It would be perfect, however, if the applicator was built into the top. Having the application wand separate is a pain in your cosmetics bag, drawer, wherever you store it. Please consider this! Thanks!

  26. Osama

    Product is working fine but it has no color which resulted that some areas not paited and some areas painted twice. I suggest to add some light brown color to observe painted skin areas during uses.

  27. oceanlady805

    I have vitiligo, mainly on my hands. it bothers me to have people see that, makes me very self-conscious. I have been using this product for a couple of years. If you apply it to the troubled area two or three times a week, it gradually blends the white patchy area to blend in with your natural skin color. It does not rub off anywhere. Other products I have used are more of a make-up coverup and those products wore off and also got on my clothing. This is the best I have discovered.

  28. Petie

    My search to find a remedy to hide scars on my face ended when I found Chromelin! TG! A crazed dermatologist scarred my forehead in 3 places leaving me w 3 big white spots. I tried everything to hide them, but they were just coverups. This stuff is different it matches your skin tone very well and you just put it on once every few days! Fantastic! Wonderful! I’m thankful to SUmmers Labs for inventing this! Chromelin spares me embarrassment each day. It WORKS GREAT! Love It!

  29. Shiv

    I wish it stayed longer on the hands where I use most. I do wash hands, kind of normal, not hard rubbing, but it stays only a day.

  30. Girlie

    I bought this in the summer hoping to hide scars on my arms but the colour didnt blend with my skin as I had hoped

  31. Satisfied customer

    Significantly reduces the contrast between the spots that lack pigment and the rest of the skin. Love that it is water resistant. I take it with me anywhere I travel. Couple tips: in order to not over do it, I use the cap applicator (basically a plastic stick) to drip a couple drops onto the separate applicator that comes with the kit (that separate applicator was a great addition btw). The only feedback is in regards to travel – I have to keep the chromelin bottle in a ziploc bag due to the changes of pressure inside the airplane when I fly because the bottle leaks. Typically the bottle doesn’t leak when I’m not flying. Although I have a feeling that if I put the bottle in a backpack with a bunch of other stuff and then squeezed the backpack, there is a risk that chromelin bottle will leak. Just something to note.

  32. Dimples

    Its ok. Should come in larger sizes. Becomes very costly. Also can be a bit orange.

  33. Glenn

    I have been using this product for over 15 years to cover white patches from vitiligo which started after radiation treatments. This is the best product that I have found. I do wonder if in recent years the product is less concentrated. When I first began using it, after a few applications to achieve desired color, every other day application was enough to maintain color. Now I need to apply one to two times each day and the color seems to go away when I shower.

  34. Makeupmom

    I’ve purchased this multiple times.i have a section on my leg where it will not get pigment…like vitiligo, but not as bad as most. When I tan it is more pronounced. I use this before bed, it dries quickly, and the next day I will use a sunless tanning all over my legs. This works perfectly. It is a great color match for me when I do the above two steps. If I use alone, have to be more careful during application as too heavy and it looks too dark. Also can bleed into regular pigmented skin when filling in area. So when you get the hang of, doubt you will want to do without. Color lasts for a few days with me…sometimes you can do little dot touch ups. Like this better than covering with makeup because you have no fear of getting your sheets or clothes makeup “y” and when doing water sports, it’s not coming off. Used for years.

  35. Winnie21

    I brought this a couple of months ago because both elbows were white from skin removed from skating accidents. I was using make up but was a pain because it kept rubbing off onto my clothes.
    Did some research and found this on line decided to try it out, it works to a certain extent it gives my elbow some colour which looks much better than it did before I just have to remember to apply. I did buy other products but none works as well as this.

  36. Lucy924

    I bought this a few mo the ago. And the first time i used it i could see the difference. It only lasts about 2 days if u dont reapply everynite. But i didn’t di so because the bottle is very small and i didn’t wanna finish it all. But i really wish yall would sell bigger bottles at a good price because i can try to use it on my body. Like where i have big spots. Overall i like it. It really works

  37. Franki

    I used to use Dy-O-Derm that I could purchase from Walgreens. They quit selling it in our area so I went on line to see if it was available thru the web. I came across your product, read the reviews and decided to purchase it. The thing that caught my eye was that it is water proof and that it would stay on for several days.. It does work so I will continue to use it. .

  38. Choose Jesus

    I’m using this on a scar located on the edge of my lip where I had some skin cancer removed. It really helps darken the white scar making it very much less noticeable. So glad I tried it. Takes very little to darken, so it will last a long time. I am only using a very small amount each time though. Could be expensive if you have a large area to cover. It works though.

  39. Janey

    This is the first time I have bought this product, as my previous vitiligo stain became discontinued. I am extremely pleased with the coverage it provides and the applicator that comes with it helps to apply the liquid evenly. A little pricey, I thought, particularly the P&P. However, it doesn’t smell, it’s easy to apply on a daily basis and I will definitely buy it again.

  40. millie

    I have been using Chromelin for years to hide vittilago on my hands, even my dermatologist comments on what a good job I do at hiding it, both of my hands have no pigment on the backs them, it has also spread to my arms but I wear long sleeves (I live in FL so it is helpful not to get a tan or the white parts stand out even more) I gave my dermatologist the summers lab website so she can recommend to other patients with vittilago it is certainly not a cure but at least I feel more comfortable when I am in
    public situations. My mother had it and eventually it covered most of her body including her face, I know if I got a tan on my face the white would show up but I am very careful to wear lots of sunscreen and a hat. Hope this helps anyone that is considering the product, I have used it on my arms when I have had to wear short sleeves, I like it better than self tanners as it doesn’t rub off and it lasts through many showers.

  41. Bill

    After searching for years to find something that would camouflage my facial white skin cancer scars I finally found Chromelin. Laser treatments and other lotions didn’t work, but Chromelin, if applied regularly, colors the scars to make them less noticeable . In my case it has to be applied daily but that takes about one minute. I’m glad I found Chromelin!

  42. nene

    I’m asian so I have a fair complexion. It really works on my skin. I’ve been using this product for years now and it really blends in my skin color after a few hours. I don’t use it when I know I’ll be in the water like swimming in the pool or the beach because it looks so obvious on my skin when it gets wet but other than that it’s a good product. thanks

  43. Momma K

    I have been using this product since others have been discontinued. It works if you’re careful with the application. It starts off clear so you don’t know where it’s applied.. It bleeds to areas you don’t want applied to. It does what it’s suppose to do, I just wish application was easier. Having said all that, it’s the best out there to cover vitiligo.

  44. Charlie

    Had some skin lightening done on chest due to sun exposure in my youth. Clinic botched the procedure and the scar left the skin with very little pigment. The area is about 1″x3″. Chromelin darkens the area well. I have added a little food dye to get instant coverage until it has time to work. Once every two days seems to work for me. Great product!!!!

  45. DianaH

    I have been using Chromelin Complexion blender for years for vitiligo. The Chromelin is applied to the light spots to blend with my medium tone skin. With the many years of experience using Chromelin, I’ve learned ways to apply this product for a more even result. If Chromelin changed the applicator and it’s consistency it would be the ideal product!

  46. wintergirl

    I am a repeat buyer of this product. LOVE IT!
    What do I use it for: small vitiligo spots. This summer I tried something new and recommend it: I put the Chromelin in spray bottle, make sure its a mist-type spray, I used this to help blend the outside area. It worked great! Like a spray tan!
    Thanks Summer Labs! Keep up the great work!

  47. Dotb

    I was sceptical about this product at first but desperate. Make-up just doesnt work in the summer when you are swimming and boating. It goes on clear but each additional application darkens the white areas. I felt like I didn’t have to cover up and hide my skin. It made me feel more confident and relaxed about my appearance.

  48. IanK

    I have used this for 12 months, since Dy O Derm disappeared.
    I find it of only medium usefulness, but can find nothing better that is not make up at present {I am male}
    I use it more often than is suggested. It would be much more useful if it came in bigger bottles & I think it is expensive, especially living outside the US.

  49. Fishy girl

    I’ve been using Chromelin for many years. It’s the best product I’ve found for Vitiligo. I add food coloring to alter it close to my skin tone and paint it on my face with a make up brush. Then self spray tan and or my make up routine. I’ll use this for as long as I have Vitiligo. Which will probably be the rest of my life.

  50. mcmc

    I was actually using an eyebrow pencil before I found this. But this lasts about 3 days and the eyebrow pencil lasted a 1/2 hour. I am very glad this product exists. The only thing I wish is that they offered different skin tones. It looks a little orange in daylight – but still better than no pigment at all.

  51. always1

    I been using this for 44years now I have
    Vitiligo over parts of my hands and when I apply the solution on my hands it blends
    In so perfect you can’t tell it takes time putting
    the right amount of putting on to fit your skin..I’m lite skin black women don’t know if it
    works for all skin types..

  52. Pam50

    I have been using Cromelin for several months and it has helped to even out the vitiligo spots all over my face and neck. I have a medium skin tone, so it works well for me, but I must apply it to my light spots every day for the best coverage. I am so happy I found out about Cromelin!

  53. Bobby

    I purchased Chromelin because Dyoderm is no longer available. I have used Dyoderm for many years to mask vitiligo spot on my face and was extremely pleased with the results. Chromelin takes too long to achieve the results I want. I am now using concealer makeup rather than skin dyes.

  54. Charles68

    Been using this for years now. Helps a lot. Does not last very long when I play tennis: I think the sunscreen helps take it off in the shower. I notice it lasts a few days longer when I’m not playing. Recommend it highly. What I was using before stained my cloths, this does not.

  55. annamac

    This product does dye the skin and helps disguise the white patches. It is difficult to apply and the applicator stick does not work that well on fingers. I ended up using cotton balls to even it out. It would be ideal if it was coloured so you could see where you have missed.

  56. Julie

    I have a tan skin tone and white spots from Vitiligo. Chromelin helps to reduce the stark white color to a light brown, then I use less make up to cover the spots. If I apply chromelin too often my skin turns reddish so I try to find the right frequency of applications.

  57. nicki

    so far this has been pretty good , ive used it and it does cover the light areas really good after a couple applications , only thing is im african american dark brown complexion so its kind of reddish on my skin , but with some cover up it seems to work pretty good.

  58. veekay58

    Bought this product a few months ago, mainly for blending vitiligo spots on my face. The color did not match my complexion 100% but the results were still very good. I’m using it regularly and find it very easy/quick to use product to cover vitiligo patches.

  59. Maria

    I have been buying this product for quite awhile now. I apply it to the area at bedtime and in the morning the result is amazing! It’s a very natural appearance. I prefer to apply it with a Q tip. I am very happy with this product and highly recommend it!

  60. Kel6

    My results were not as positive as i hoped. After reading so many success stories, i decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, as thin as i applied it, it was always too dark and never blended in. The company however is wonderful to deal with.

  61. Dean1

    I have been using this product for over a year and it is great. It gives an even tone to the skin and blends in well with the others areas not affected by vitiligo. So now I can blend in and not feel self-conscious.

  62. Tigartales

    After doing extensive research I purchased this product for one of my grandchildren. I saw her again and her complexion is incredible now. She still has a way to go, but what a difference this product has made.

  63. BillBE

    I’ve used several bottles of Chromelin. It’s the only product I’ve found that can add color to white facial scars. I need to apply it daily to darken the scars enough to decrease their contrast with my skin.

  64. MarqMyWords

    I bought this product a few months ago. It was a waste of time and money. The product darkened the light spot, however was nowhere near my skin color. I didn’t even bother with the hassle of sending it back…

  65. Dasch147

    This product worked relatively well, however i am quite dark skinned and product came up Orangey after 2 or 3 applications.
    Better than the white patches,and definitely less noticeable when using Chromelin.

  66. Kazza

    I have been using for awhile now. I had lazer treatment on my face and took the pigment. This I used with a tannning oil. Splash a couple of both and it’s great. I was very pale and this stuff is amazing

  67. Archimom

    I have had vitiligo for over 40 years. This product works really very well. It blends naturally. I have olive skin, so it does not camouflage my vitiligo completely, but makes is much less noticable.

  68. Apr-55

    ……it isn’t any truer of a skin tone match for me than those but it lasts quite a bit longer and is easy to apply. I just have small areas that need coverage so the price is affordable.

  69. Shirl

    There was a product named dy-o-derm that as much better, but the manufacturer no longer makes it. Chromelin is okay but the wait time is frustrating and then it may be to light or to dark.

  70. Callie

    Purchased this product was ok. Stain did not last as long as i hoped, did not seem so waterproof either. Splotch and uneven. For that price, I will purchase the other product on Amazon.

  71. Caro

    It is not only overpriced but since you can not see the color right away it is very difficult to get etc a stafisfactory shade and evenness. . Save your money and just use self tanners

  72. Dean

    I’ve been using for over a month and i’m very happy this product covers the white.
    It would be good if there different shades of brown to choose from and if the product wasn’t so runny

  73. james

    It does cover very well just go slow when you apply to get the right shade,Don’t apply to the knucles as they tend to get darker.It does lasts a few days and you can reapply as needed

  74. Hazendo20

    It really works and excellent blender. I have been using this product for more than 3 years and I fully satisfied. I recommend chromelin for people who are suffering depigmentation.

  75. Fia 60

    I’ve been usingChromelin for a few years on my hands and am very happy with the coverage. It’s party waterproof and then stars to fade so I touch it up or scrub off then reapply.

  76. Osaama

    Product is wonderful but just me comment that formula should be added with some natural skinny color. This is very important to know the area which is already painted or brushed

  77. Library gal

    This product was very easy to use, however my vitiligo is mild and I have very fair skin, so this was a little too dark for me. It might work if you have a tan or darker skin.

  78. Scott

    This is the only reliable skin dye I have found that is resistant to water and does not rub off on clothing. I have used this for the last ten years and am very satisfied.

  79. Paul37

    I have effectively used chromelin in masking visible, unpigmented skin on my arms for more than eight years or so. Have not been able to find any product that is better.

  80. Pamster

    I use this product to blend my white spots. It works better on the smooth skin inside my arm. I think its hard to blend to skin color. I do like that it stays on long.

  81. Patty

    I’ve been using this product for years. I have a couple of vitiligo areas from childhood bike accidents that turned white. This helps camouflage these areas well.

  82. Archimom

    I have vitiligo and I’ve been using Chromelin for a while and it’s one of the best complexion blenders that I’ve used. It is a supple transition and really works.

  83. Jimbob

    I have a patch of vitiligo on my leg–about 1inch by 2inches. After a couple of applications at night I saw no improvement. Tried again another time and gave up.

  84. Chica

    I have been using chromelin complexion blender for many years to cover a vitiligo spot on my face. By using chromelin I am able to almost match my skin color.

  85. Craig

    Although I wish it were a tad more permanent, I really love this stuff. I’d suggest you use it in a small spritzer bottle as that makes edges much more real.

  86. latife24

    good to have something like this, weird that it doesnt work in some parts of the body, and better in others, but it is ok. Price I think it is too high,

  87. 198503

    Product last longer than a fake tan though it’s more orange then some fake tans though, my skin is light brown butngets quite dark in the Aussie summer

  88. RonB

    This product did not work for me for the most part but it may be because I my blemish may actually be more of a scar than a classic case of vitiligo.

  89. Hada

    Excellent product, you must use it continuous , follow instructions closely , i did notice when you apply it at night it covers vetiligo much better

  90. Mauro

    Because the clear color of you can not tell how much you applied and what places you have applied.
    In another hand, the color ending was to dark.

  91. dontknow1

    I like the product, I just don’t like that its clear and you have to wait for color results. Use to use Dye O Derm. where can I find this item?

  92. bridgett

    This product gets the job done spotlessly!
    Great product wish could be a little cheaper or website provide discount coupons for regular custumers

  93. Sassy

    I’ve been using this product for years to help even out the skin tone on my face. It definitely gives me more confidence when I go out in public.

  94. cynd05

    I’ve been using this product for over two years now. It’s make big different for me. I would differently referred this to any one with vitiligo.

  95. Tennis player

    Works well for vitiligo……however, it is not water/sweat proof. I play a lot of tennis and the color is gone when I am finished playing.

  96. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    You have to be careful not to apply too much but it covers some pretty unsightly vitiligo on the back of my hands, and on elbows and knees

  97. Leslie

    I have vitiligo and find it hard to cover my spots with makeup. This product is the best I have found to blend my spots with my skin tone!

  98. Not sure

    Pretty good skin dye, I use it almost every single night. It does go away gradually by how many hand wash you do or use water to the area.

  99. RDubb

    This product didn’t do what I expected. I have a scar and I used the product to blend my complexion with my scar and it did’t blend at all

  100. lucky

    like it but too expansive .I am dark skin ,this product does not go my color skin, still it is at least darken some what .so it is helping

  101. Rich

    I have been using this product for 3 years. It matches my normal skin tone quite well and lasts longer than coloring crimes I have tried.

  102. YolieR

    I purchase a bottle every month it is the best thing that works for my vitiligo on my hands no one even can tell I use it great product

  103. No one at present

    I have been using it for about three years. Has helped me to overcome any hesitation in meeting people. Social life continues normally.

  104. Pumpkin 82

    It’s a great product, it works since the first time. Once you get the color you want, you can use it every other day! Love it!

  105. Mark

    I have to say this product doesn’t work for me! Duo derma was a much better product and should’ve never been discontinued

  106. Bscole

    I found this product by searching for something more permanent than cover up. It has made my skin feel and look healthy.

  107. luigoluky

    After you become familiar with it as to how much to apply to try in match your own skin tone it boosts your confidence.

  108. Ali D

    Tried it for weeks does not work in darker skin so was totally useless … Good thing was I got refunded right away

  109. Ginagmoney

    I struggle with advanced vitiligo and recently it showed up on my face. This product allows me to hide the “white”

  110. Crocke

    Some sections it didnt do anything and i put a lot on it. And where it did work it had a funny orange color.

  111. sd213

    Excellent product and covers skin blemishes with high quality
    I increased my confidence in myself
    thank you

  112. let it 2 be

    it works for me, it blends good to the color of my skin, I have recommended this product to some friends.

  113. Patches

    Expensive and goes on looking terrible.
    This product needs to be in a user friendly base.

  114. Carolyn Trimble

    Have been using a few years good coverage and natural colour not orange on skin very happy with product

  115. Mahesh

    M happy with this product but for a big patches is not useful just for small pig mention it can depend

  116. patel

    used it for three weeks ,does not match my color ,some what darken it but not to my dark complexion

  117. sjolin1234

    I like the product. I do not like the way if comes off on my pillow. I wish it was more permanent,

  118. HAPPY


  119. Lucita

    I used it for several years and happy with it, but I would like it with a little bit of color.

  120. Fiona

    This is the first time I have used this product. It does make my vitiligo less noticeable

  121. PeteS

    It does help somewhat, but with my vitiligo it does not darken it enough around my neck.

  122. nene

    I’ve been using this product for a while now and this is one thing I can’t live without.

  123. Rodrigo


  124. saud

    Yes, the product is very magnificence. I restored my confidence in myself. thank you

  125. Juju

    This product does exactly what it claims. I use it on my hairline part…its great !

  126. catlover

    Doesn’t blend with my skin tone. Makes the vitiligo stand out as a different color.

  127. Boggs

    I am pleased with the results so far as the product has done what was advertised.

  128. Blended

    The product works well. I would suggest the product to anyone looking to blend.

  129. Ste174

    Sorry, I must be in the percentile that it does not work for. I had no changes.

  130. Asdfghhklgh

    I am very happy with the product. The service is perfect. Thank you very much.

  131. Maria12

    I have using this product for severial years is the only option works for me.

  132. Skin products

    Great product. Worked for hands. Still used make up but made blending easier

  133. RSSS

    How can I make this compound lighter? Should I add water, alcohol, vinegar?

  134. AliY

    It works for me. I tested few others and nothing works as good as this one

  135. Rick

    I am using this product for a couple of years now and highly recommend it!

  136. Missy

    I tried many times, it made no difference at all. Waste of money and hope

  137. I do not have

    Very easy to use and waterproof. Very convenient to pack when traveling.

  138. DCAmaxx

    Have been using this product for a while. Very effective and easy to use

  139. Henry

    My husband us it for years. Nothing else works.
    Will continue using it

  140. Lupita

    Very helpful. I am medium light complexion and it helped me very well.

  141. Mendi

    I’m so happy with the results and what a blessing to find the product!

  142. Fia Robo

    I have been using Chromelin for years I’m very happy with the results.

  143. Bailey 124

    A waiste of time and money this product did not live up to its claims.

  144. Joel

    Chromelin works great on my skin and would love to continue using it

  145. No one at present

    I have been using it for several years and found consistent results

  146. Nene

    I’m so happy that I found this product. It works for me perfectly!

  147. Dummy

    I am using this product for many years to cover my pigmentations

  148. Shiv

    Excellent product; I use mostly for hands and am very satisfied.

  149. Sally

    Very satisfied with the results. Would recommend to my friends.

  150. Alm27

    I have been using Chromelin for several year and will continue.

  151. josand

    Product is fair. When it fully drys it’s too Orange on my skin.

  152. Frank

    I am Happy with the product. it works as expected on the skin

  153. MrAl

    I’m on my second bottle and I find it very good for my needs.

  154. Vikkie

    Too orange in colour and it cannot be used for any skin tone.

  155. rudy

    Provides great cover while blending in with total skin area.

  156. Kuwaity

    Help to start your life thank you very much it’s excellent

  157. Not recommende

    I bought it litle more than a month ago, but no effect

  158. JPobey

    tried a few times. can’t get the colour to match.

  159. luey

    I Bought this and it is as described, works great.

  160. Anonymous (verified owner)

  161. Claude Pather (verified owner)

  162. Carolyn Gai (verified owner)

    Great product … best for loss of pigment on face

  163. Ken (verified owner)

  164. Craig (verified owner)

    I am a long time customer and know that Summers Laboratories makes quality products.

    But I do think their shipping/handling prices are too high. By way of comparison I ordered a 3.5 pound item from Costco. They charged $3 for shipping. I ordered a item from Summers that weighed a few ounces and the cheapest shipping was $7.95! They should sell their stuff through a fulfillment provider like Amazon.

  165. Inder Bahl (verified owner)

    Didn’t receive yet

  166. Anonymous (verified owner)

  167. Dean (verified owner)

    Does exactly what I wanted it to do, cover up my vitiligo.

  168. David M. (verified owner)

    An excellent product; I’ve used it for years for treatment of my hypopigmented patch.

  169. Lynn M. (verified owner)

    Works well and works quickly. Company is a pleasure to deal with.

  170. Joseph Polewaski (verified owner)

  171. Robert Kelso (verified owner)

    i have been using the product for several years and it works for me. Service is excellent as well. You guys were really outstanding dispatching the product during covid. Thank you

  172. David G. (verified owner)

    This is the only product that I know of to effectively cover up my vitiligo. Yes, it’s not cheap, but it does exactly what I need. And when I combine it with tinted tanning lotion, it allows me to expose my skin with confidence. I’m a big fan of Chromatin Complexion Blender.

  173. Elinor Month (verified owner)

  174. Adan Monroy (verified owner)

  175. Vishal Agarwal (verified owner)


  176. Inder Bahl (verified owner)

    It should be more natural skin colour instead of orange

  177. David (verified owner)

    I’ve used this product for years. Outstanding quality and very effective.

  178. Gary A. (verified owner)

    Good Product, and Good Service with Fast Shipping!

  179. McKenzie (verified owner)

  180. Adan Monroy (verified owner)

  181. Donna Bell (verified owner)

    Hard to control colour and doesn’t stay on long colour fades within a day or two

  182. Susan (verified owner)

    I’ve used this product for years and think it’s excellent. My only wish is the same as so many other reviewers’…there needs to be a spongy applicator attached to the top. This would make the application process so much easier.

  183. Adan Monroy (verified owner)

    buen Producto

  184. Harry Byars (verified owner)

    Very well packaged and speedy delivery

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