Happy Skin Rewards – FAQ

Why does Summers offer a rewards program?

We started Happy Skin Rewards to give back to our most loyal customers. You are automatically enrolled when you create an account on our site. If you’re an existing customer with an account, you’ve automatically been enrolled. It’s free to join. Sign up or log in.

What are the rules for earning points?

Points are earned for purchasing our products. Points are also awarded when you create a sumlab account and when you make your first purchase. Writing product reviews, referring a friend, and other activities are also ways to earn points. The complete list can be found on your Happy Skin Rewards Dashboard on the My Account web page.

Sometimes, points may take 48 – 72 hrs. to be credited to your account. Some activities have a monthly or annual limit on point earnings.

How do I redeem my points?

Simply log into your account and click My Account to see your points balance. Click Redeem Rewards to choose from the Rewards available to you. Choose a Reward and you will be given a Reward Code to apply when you’re in the shopping cart and ready to check out. Copy the Reward Code, and when you’re done shopping, paste it in the Promo Code spot in the shopping cart. Click Apply and you’ll see it show up in your cart. As you accumulate more points, additional rewards of higher values will become available.

Do my points expire?

We reserve the right to close your account at anytime if there is no account activity for a period of three (3) years. Points are lost when an account is closed.

Can I use points on my first order?

Absolutely! As long as you have a reward available to redeem in the cart. (Note, the number of points available to you won’t include purchase points for what’s in the cart.  Those will show up in your account after your order is complete.)

How do I know how many points I have?

Sign into your Account and click My Account and your points balance will be displayed on your Happy Skins Reward Dashboard.

Do I have to be registered on the site to earn points?

Yes. Registration is free and easy. Start earning points today!

What if I already have a sumlab account?

Current sumlab account holders were automatically enrolled in the program and, as of August 26, 2019, could begin to earn points.

How many reward points will I earn on my purchase?

Summers Laboratories awards 1 (one) reward point for every dollar spent.

What happened to my available reward code and/or available points after I didn’t complete my order?

If you didn’t complete the order and check out, your reward code can still be used. Simply log-in to sumlab, and click on My Account. Click on the Redeem Rewards tab. You will see that the available reward and corresponding code is listed and still available for redemption. Simply copy the Reward Code listed and paste the code into the Promo field of the shopping cart. Click Apply and the reward you claimed will be displayed in your shopping cart. Proceed to checkout. Once you complete the checkout process, the Reward Code you used is no longer active.

I want to earn points by writing reviews.  How does that work?

The accuracy of reviews is very important to your fellow customers.  For that reason, we ask that you only review products you have purchased and used.   An independent 3rd party checks all the reviews on sumlab before they are published to be certain they meet industry standards for language and FDA regulations.   Points initially awarded for writing a review may be subtracted from the member’s point total if the 3rd party determines that the review cannot be published.  Your honest opinion matters and your product rating is not a factor in whether or not you receive points for your review

Points are awarded for one review per product.

Can I earn Happy Skin Reward points when purchasing from a retailer?
Yes, if you saved your receipt. Click the Upload Receipt link found at the bottom of sumlab.com. Follow the instructions to scan or photograph your receipt and upload it to your account. It may take 72 hours for these points to be posted to your account – so save your receipt until the processing is completed.

How long after my store purchase do the reward points post to my account?

Summers will post earned reward points from sumlab.com purchases on the day of the purchase. Points previously earned can be applied to this purchase as long as a Reward Code is available and used in the cart. Points from a new purchase can be applied to your next purchase.

When you upload a receipt for a purchase made elsewhere – at an online or brick and mortar retailer – it can take up to 72 hours for the points to be available.  Hold onto your receipt until you see the points in your account.

Can I upload my Summers Labs receipt for points?

When you purchase on sumlab.com your receive points for your purchase.  You may not upload your Summers Lab receipt for bonus points.

Are my reward points transferable?

Points are not transferable and may not be combined with Rewards from other Happy Skin Rewards Program Members.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for additional information about Happy Skin Rewards.